22 09 2015

Berlin heartthrobes Bikes are brilliant. They are a proper rowdy and obnoxious band. Their sound is part Iggy and The Stooges and part drunken street brawl. The songs are awfully short (like myself) but don’t let that be a deterrent. They’re one of the finest bands doing this kind of music. What kind of music is it? Oh it’s just noise to the outsider, but anyone else would realise very quickly that it’s a stroke of potential genius. The G word is lobbed around too often, so I’ll say it is potentially genius, but in my heart I know it has already reached that point.

When I find a band like Bikes I feel like I’ve won the lottery. However if you saw my bank statement you would probably think I’ve been a victim of fraud. Truth is, I’m shite with money. I found a new record store to venture in next week when I get paid, but today on my lunchbreak all I could do was lustfully look at it as I walked past. It didn’t help that my uncle (he’s on holiday in Canada) sent me a photo of two records he bought today (The Cramps and Fucked Up.) My time will come next week on pay day.

Money woes aside, Bikes are the kind of band you go to when you’re broke,bored and unsure. They’re the right kind of loud and they just make you want to pack up your stuff, and escape to Berlin. As you make your escape, you decide that Bikes are going to be your soundtrack and you throw yourself into their scene. Bruised and sore, covered in various shades of booze and sweat. They are the epitome of a good time for those who want to throw themselves into the unknown. Their sound is a mixture of weirdness, Punk and Garage Rock. All the typical things that I adore rolled into one to make this incredible sound.

They’ve been going for quite some time now, and I’m foolishly only just now discovering them. I first heard them about half an hour ago, and I knew I had to try write something about them, even if it makes no sense. I’ve never planned any form of writing, and I’m fairly sure it shows. Bikes are the tyrants that are coming to save you. Their menacing and infectious sounds can pull anyone through the worst day of them and are just a real joy to the ears, and soul.

You can do a whole bunch of nothing to this band or you can go on a journey of self-discovery, regardless of your mood and general state of being, Bikes are a band to really get behind and play as loud as you can stand. They’ve got a song called Ocean Penis, that’s pretty great.

All you snotty nosed brats and restless adults, let Bikes be your soundtrack.

Get the tunes here:

KINGSLEY CHAPMAN AND THE MURDER- The Old Blue Last. 21st September 2015.

22 09 2015

Sometimes a band can fully justify all you feel, and when you see said band on stage it is like all you’ve built up inside has finally come to life although said feelings may be better off away from you. But these are the things that make us who we are, regardless of what others may think.

Kingsley Chapman And The Murder are made up of some of the most talented musicians this country has to offer. The way they play as if their lives depend on it makes you fully believe in every word and every note. You feel each song was created just for you and in a whirlwind of emotions, you can’t believe that such talent is playing a tiny venue for free in London.
Over time we have witnessed great frontmen in bands. From Moz to Joey Ramone, if they’ve got something that grips you instantly, then you just become a fan for life. As I watch in awe of the band and Kingsley’s brilliant ability to scare the crowd shitless with his deathly stare and astounding delivery of lyrics, I can’t help but think I am truly watching one of the greatest bands I’ve ever seen. I’m not just saying this because Kingsley’s a pal, but because friendship aside, this band are what I look for in music. They are dark, romantic in the way that isn’t typical, they make you feel like you’ve been adopted by the devil and you don’t feel like some weird fucker who doesn’t know what the hell is going on. Sure they’ve had the Nick Cave comparison thrown about, and their last song of the set Kill That Man is on a par with Stagger Lee. If you were there, you will hopefully know exactly what I mean. It was like the devil came out to play and we all joined a cult. It was bloody brilliant.
The song they played before Ghosts,Second Best Man was powerful. Did I cry a little? There was something in my eye, shut up. With a lot of the singers I love, it is the way you can hear their accent in their vocals that grip me. The way you can pick up the way certain words are pronounced make you click with the music more. Of course, as this band are from the North makes me love them even more. They don’t make music like this in London. Last night felt like home you know. I was seeing a band I adore in my favourite London venue, it just felt right. As I was watching the band I really had a hard time working out why they aren’t signed, but I guess in a way that’s what makes you treasure them even more.
I’ve been to some memorable shows in my time and a few have left a lasting impression on me. Some have made me get my shit together and others have made real life make some sense. What have I taken from the show last night? A wealth of things. Some that I really don’t want to share, but the main point is I was just really really proud of my friend. When I first saw Kingsley he was in a band called The Chapman Family. Their shows consisted of him wrapping the mic chord a little too tight around his neck. Last night, he did the same but the grip was a little less tight. The urgency in the songs could make the most dubious a believer.
The crowd was nothing short of gorgeous. Apart from the few behind me who felt the need to talk throughout (surely you’d go somewhere quiet to talk?) This was their first headline show in London, and I sincerely hope next time the venue is again packed with sweaty bodies screaming along as if their lives depend on it. Last night I could have gone to see my hero Morrissey, but I opted for the same level of genius but in a smaller setting. It was the kind of show that made you see everything a little different, maybe more clearer. This is a band who work hard to sound as great as they do, but to be honest it probably just comes natural to them. I couldn’t get tired of watching them live or listening to their music. Lost souls can be found to Kingsley Chapman And The Murder.
If all Monday nights consisted of seeing bands like this, the world would probably be a better place. Whatever music drags out of you, please make sure you cling onto it. I’m not entirely sure how to write this in a non biased way, but I can honestly say that this is one of the best gigs I have ever been to. I felt like I was watching a bunch of mental sailors lost at sea singing songs of love, lust, loss and desperation in one last plea to be heard before the sea takes them. It was dramatic and full of this built up passion that comes around very rarely from a band that are just as rare as the talent they posses. It was just absolutely brilliant, and I’m going to struggle to see a better show than this.
If you’re lucky to live in the North, you can catch Kingsley and his men support the equally wonderful Nadine Shah on the 30th of this month. If I had the funds, I would be there. It’s an ideal line up and I sincerely hope these shows drum up a wealth of interest who will make the world aware of Kingsley Chapman And The Murder. They’re the kind of band that make me wish I had my own label so I could put out music like this for everyone to hear. Some bands are just destined to be heard, and these guys are one of them.
If you are against conventional and tradition, then invest yourself in this band. The humour on stage and in the lyrics are glorious, and obviously Kinglsey’s comments about our pig face-fucking Prime Minister were welcomed with cheers. With the bore and doom of living in Tory country, it’s good to have bands like this who ease the wounds and make you feel human.


5 09 2015

All good music should take you away from where you are. You could be the happiest person in the world, but sometimes you’re going to want to escape. There are some bands/singers that always take you to a place a person/nothing else can. This is not a reflection on those you know, it’s just one of those things that happen. You can’t explain it and maybe you shouldn’t try to. There’s this “magic” to it that isn’t found anywhere else. Some have the answers at the bottle of something, but I don’t believe that. It’s in music, for me. Always. Maybe not always answers, but options.

Tamaryn have a new record out called Cranekiss. My love for Tamaryn is huge. If I could try to describe what the music means to me, I’d have done it by now but there really aren’t words good enough. When it was stated that Cranekiss was going to be nothing like previous releases, it didn’t bother me. When you love a band/singer, you don’t care what they do so long as you can still believe in it. For me, I have every faith in Tamaryn based on their previous records. I could never doubt their talent or ability to create something no less than beautiful.

I played Tender New Signs religiously, thinking nothing Tamaryn would do could ever top that. I always knew that regardless the music would be stunning, but I didn’t know if it could be exceeded. My uncertainty and constant curiosity never fails me with music, so I’m obviously delighted that Cranekiss is quite frankly one of the best records to have been released this year.

Hands All Over Me sounds like early Madonna. Here’s the thing, I can’t stand Madonna. Aside from Borderline, I can’t stand anything she has ever done but I fully appreciate and know exactly how important her early work is. It was something new and strange, and that’s why it clicked with so many. As she got older, the music got worse. Hands All Over Me sounds like something Madonna could have put out. If she did, I probably would call myself a fan. It’s a shame because she’s part Italian like myself, so I feel I should like her. But I think Berlusconi is a prick so my theory isn’t always ideal.

I’ve read reviews about Cranekiss before I heard it. I didn’t like some of them because they were unfair. I hate reading negative reviews of music I like, anyone does. There’s something about it that just makes you want to lay into the writer and call them names, I know. Why write about something you don’t like? There’s enough negativity in the world, just watch the news. Tamaryn makes music that makes you feel good and she really goes to town with it on Cranekiss.

I love the euphoric glow of Last. For now I’ll call this as my favourite. I love her vocals so so much. I don’t really like high pitched vocals, but the way Tamaryn hits those notes just makes you feel so fucking alive and grateful. I just can’t get my head around why her music isn’t played everywhere and why the whole world isn’t in love with her. This isn’t just music, it’s a form of art that is showcasing someone really pushing themselves.

I’m really shite at writing reviews. I can’t pull myself away from something I love in order to see it differently, but the thing with Cranekiss is that it feels like I am listening to anyone but Tamaryn. I feel like I’m listening to a new artist, and I guess for me Cranekiss is like a symbol of re-birth. Just starting over, because sometimes you just have to. I read that her shows now consist of new material and people were getting annoyed because they wanted to hear the old stuff. I’m just annoyed I missed out on seeing her show when she was in London. I don’t care if she decided to sing the back catalogue of Chris De Burgh, I’d just want to hear her voice. I’m trying to make the point that, her new stuff is so so good and it doesn’t matter that the older material isn’t played anymore.

If you want your heart breaking, or to just feel something I urge you to shut off and listen to Keep Calling. It is eerie and chilling. Her voice is so delicate on it, you can’t help but keep so still as you listen to it. I’ve probably missed the point completely with what Tamaryn was set out to achieve with Cranekiss. But I think what she has done is easily make one of the most beautiful records I have heard in a long long time.

On Cranekiss we get to hear just how strong Tamaryn’s vocals are. There’s no more hiding her, she’s unleashing her voice onto us and it takes you on this ethereal trip that you just want to last for an eternity. You get the sense that maybe she’s found a style she’s totally happy with on this record (not saying she previously hadn’t, far from it) and to be honest, does it matter if anyone else doesn’t? She’s truly excelled herself on Cranekiss, she well and truly has. I could try to find you a bunch of records to compare Cranekiss to or find other singers she sounds like, but honestly itr would be worthless. Why? You know why. There’s no one else I can think of, and it’s just sloppy journalism to use comparisons all the time. I mean sure there’s a part of Softcore that sounds like A Forest by The Cure but I’m not going to focus on that, it’s just one tiny moment. The whole record is a breath of fresh air to a stale scene. I feel like I’m listening to someone new, finding a band for the first time and just knowing I have to listen to everything they have ever done.

I wanted to go further than say this is one of my favourite records of the year, or that it has pushed boundaries. I don’t know if I can. But I really understand what Tamaryn has done with this record. It’s a resurrection of sorts. Maybe I’ve got that wrong, but I know how much I love this record and I know how beautiful it is. I hope that’s come across in my tirade of words.

In short, this is a gorgeous record and all lost souls will be soothed and found when listening to Cranekiss. It is beautifully produced, and you can really sense the love and care that has gone into making this record. Itr deserves a listen, over and over again. I’m hopelessly in love with this record.

FLOWERS OF EVIL-Flowers Of Evil.

29 08 2015

For the snotty and depraved shitheads of the world, Flowers Of Evil are here for you. They will spit in your eyes, kick you in belly and deafen you with their loud and aggressive sound.

Spat out into the world last summer in New York City, Flowers Of Evil have just released their debut self-titled record on Deranged Records. It’s the soundtrack for bored youths and adults. Unleashing 20 minutes of filth and fury on their record, is there a better sound? Not at all. It’s brutal and infectious. David spits the lyrics out with urgency and venom. With no social media presence, these guys are doing things the right way. A proper punk ethos flowing through their music which makes you think you are anywhere but 2015.

The only bad thing I have to say about their record is that it only lasts 20 minutes. However, you’ve got bands like the Ramones and Girl Tears who can rip your face off in a minute and half song. Time isn’t always everything. Flowers Of Evil will cause riots and brawls (hopefully) at their shows. Throwing careless but not malicious punches in mistake for dancing, that’s totally fine. They’re currently on tour in America, so maybe we need to start a petition to get them over here.

The band consists of musicians who are in equally brilliant bands who obviously, I am a fan of. The thing is, Flowers Of Evil sounds like a band born decades and decades ago. They’ve got the fight and fury in them that’s found in bands like Black Flag and the rowdy sounds of The Ruts and The Damned. Basically, Flowers Of Evil sound like my dream band. They’re basically my dream line up anyway. I love how they’ve got this attitude in their music that reminds me of the Dead Boys. If I was an angry 14 year old, I’d hear this record and go start my own noise. I’m 28 with no musical talent, which is why I write about music I really really love.

You get the impression from this record that their live shows leave the crowd going covered in blood, sweat and booze. Like I say, if you haven’t left a show without some kind of injury, you’ve not had a good time. You can picture the crowd losing their shit over Flowers Of Evil, and rightfully so. I’ve been waiting a long time for this record to come out, and now that it is finally here I really cannot praise it enough. It is full of wonderful fuck yous and fuck offs. It’s the perfect record to play when you want everyone to just go get fucked off for a little while.

You can get yourself a copy of this rambunctious delight right here:

Any band that names themselves from a Baudelaire poem has got to be wonderfully depraved, right?

Play loud.


16 08 2015

If I wasn’t terrified of flying I’d visit a while bunch of places and take in as much live music as possible. I’d start out in New York and follow a band called Lazy Queen around. So I guess I’ll have to wait until they eventually come to the UK.

Lazy Queen are loud. Real loud and each song sounds like they are out to prove something. I can’t pin point what they’re trying to prove, but they’re easily one of the most exciting bands around and have understandably gained a rep as being an electrifying live band. You can make sense of their sound on record, but you just know that their live shows is where they truly shine.

I’ve got this image in my mind of how their live shows are. Lots of sweat and tired bodies throwing themselves around. There is something brilliantly demonic in their music- a little tamer than bands such as Pop.1280 and Spectres but brutal all the same. Lazy Queen are still a relatively new band but with a sound as strong as theirs, they can easily put others to shame. They only have 4 songs on their bandcamp page, and the 5 minute haunting style of Ants pretty much shows just how brilliant Lazy Queen are.

They’re not a band you write poetically about. I’m not a fan of pretentious descriptions. I don’t want to be told that a song will make me feel like I’m running carefree through a meadow. Fuck that. I want to be told that this is the loudest and most aggressive thing I’ll ever hear. Or something similar. So how will Lazy Queen make you feel? I can’t say, that’s on you.

They take elements of band like The Jesus And Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Pixies. They take these influences and make something remarkable of their own. In a world full of people talking pointless noise, it’s nice to hear bands like Lazy Queen who have something worth paying attention to. Then again, my idea of socialising is going to buy records and talking to the person in the shop about them.

In a few months Lazy Queen will be releasing a 4 track EP called Drift. If I was to comply a list of EPs I’ve enjoyed this year, I’d probably end up putting Drift in there. Sure I’ve not heard it, but what I have hear from these guys is enough to know that they’re going to do great things and will hopefully gain some cult-like following.

Lazy Queen may be for those who like their music a little loud and a little creepy. Maybe those who value their hearing may shy away from the band, but if you can- go see them live. They’re a band that when you go see them, you stand right by the speakers and pay no mind to the fact that you’re going to be deaf tomorrow and probably for a few days afterwards. It’ll be worth it. If you’ve not left a gig with some kind of injury, then you’ve not had a nice time.

You can listen to their sounds here:


23 07 2015

Venice Trip are 4 guys who make you feel as if you’ve stepped back into the 60/70s wearing a nice paisley shirt. Their sound is suitable for those who want something more than what they currently have. They have this gorgeous Psychedelic sound, and sound equal measures of Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett era) and Strawberry Alarm Clock. Their music is incredibly weird and their song, Look Forward hits you like an unexpected wave as you have your back to the sea.

Venice Trip are loud in all the right places. Their songs sound like something from decades and decades ago. Many bands that try to sound “current” just end up sounding boring. Sure nobody wants a rip-off either, but you can always find something that just blows you away. Venice Trip are based/from London and sound like they have just stumbled out of a dive bar on Sunset Strip. It is all you want from a Psychedelic band. You want those hypnotic sounds and a voice that is so powerful, you can’t help but think “Where have you been all my life?”

I suppose the lazy will be quick say they sound like Tame Impala, but ignore them. They just pluck out names for the sake of it. You can hear their influences, but judging by the songs I’ve heard I would imagine there is more than just the obvious influence in their music. Sure it yells Psychedelia but there’s some Blues-esque grooves flowing around. As much as I love music that makes me want to pick up the nearest chair and lob it out the window, Venice Trip are the opposite. They’re calming and can just soothe the soul. They can heal any ailments you may think you have and they just take you gently by the hand off into a dream world. A world where it’s just you and the music. For me, that’s ideal.

They don’t have many songs uploaded on their soundcloud page, but it’s the right amount to leave you wanting more. If a band can create this atmosphere about them with only a few songs, then I reckon that’s how you know you’ve found something truly special and worth investing in.

Venice Trip are a band to shut the world off to. Let’s be honest, surrounding yourself with others is tiresome and can instantly become exhausting. Small talk is painful and I’d much rather take a nap. Venice Trip are THAT band you go to when you just want to shut off from the world and its people. They make for relaxing hallucinations and tranquil dreaming.

They sound older than they are. They sound as if they’ve been doing this for decades. I have every confidence that their record (whenever it comes out) will just be the cause of younger kids getting hooked on music and wanting to make something like this.

For me, I’m besotted with the song Father Of The Universe. It’s their loudest song. It’s got this brilliant build-up at the start, and it’s nothing short of a euphoric gem. It’s a 5 minute skull shaker and will be the one that makes you realise just how fantastic this band is. They’ve got a solid sound that deserves to be heard and to be played as loud as possible.

They’ve got a few shows coming up:

Tuesday 28th July-Barfly, Camden

Saturday 8th August -The Green Door Store, Brighton

Friday 4th September -Ace’s & Eight’s, Tufnell Park

You can listen to their music here:


21 07 2015

This afternoon on my lunch break, I headed 5 minutes down the road into Camden Market. I went to my favourite record stall. It’s the home to some of the weirdest sounds I’ve ever heard. Sadly I’m too poor to buy everything (I got a record by The Gruesomes there and felt like I had won the lottery.) I’ve bought many records from their based on the artwork on the records. I do this frequently, and sometimes I know exactly what I’m looking for. Today however, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. Part of me wanting PJ Harvey, the other was going for the Melvins. Sadly they had nothing by Sleep which I was quite sad about, but what I picked up made up for the void.

I picked up The Courettes because I loved the description under the drummer, it reads: “Loud as hell drums.” That’s EXACTLY what I was looking for. Only one copy, so I clung onto it for a while before settling. As I paid for it me and the guy who works there was telling me a bit about the band. The more he told me, the more I was falling in love with a band I hadn’t heard yet. Fast forward finishing work and going to the gym, I come home and I listen to The Courettes.

The Courettes are a mighty fine duo who are for those who lust after obscure and off the wall sounds. This duo is so powerful and brilliant, they make you want to start something like this yourself. They come from Brazil/Denmark but they sound like a typical American Garage Rock/Punk band. That’s what is so beautiful about them, you think you know something about them but you really don’t. They are an irresistible mystery that you can’t get enough of.

As I turn up the volume more and more, I start hearing all this lucid sounds dripping in and out. It is one of the finest releases of the year, and will heartbreakingly so be underrated. However those that get their ears and mitts onto this record will know just how excellent it is. It is for the psychotic, the freaks, the weirdos, the ones who will not ever settle. It is fast, rebellious and music at its finest.

Sometimes when you accidentally find a band, they end up being one you truly treasure because maybe you associate them with someone or maybe you have a cool story about how you found them. Regardless of your reasons, how you got there and why you stuck with it just stays with you. You develop this deeply passionate admiration for the band, and all you want to do is waste your days listening to them. The Courettes are a duo that make a delightful noise that immediately hooks you. The vocals are raw, the guitar will blow your brains out and yes, the drums are loud as hell. Loud as hell and heaven sent.

There’s a riot going on in The Courettes music, don’t fight against it. Stick with them and be equally as loud. They’re playing a few shows in the UK, including The Fiddlers Elbow on Friday night as part of the Weirdsville night. This duo for me, have an ideal sound. The sound that’s in many bands I cherish and adore. The bands I constantly listen to.

Their debut record, Here Are The Courettes is out now. You can listen/buy the record here:

Sooner or later this band will corrupt your soul and take over your record collection, just go with it. They’ve got a real wild sound and style that you simply cannot get enough of.

THE LONG WIVES-Where I Put The Gun.

17 07 2015

“So tell me all your secrets,
And I’ll tell you where I put the gun.”

There are some bands and singers I will never grow tired of listening to and writing about, some more than others. I have a handful of bands/singers that when I listen to them, I just get this urge to write some over the top rant about why I love it. I guess it’s because if I did it to a person they would tell me to shut up and go away. Nobody needs to hear it. So I write it instead because it just needs to come out.

The Long Wives aka Brandy St John is in my list of “Greatest singers/musicians of all time.” I don’t have a solid list, but she’s in my top 5. Her music is dark poetry for the soul. Her music is that hint of hope when you feel other wise helpless. Her voice is so powerful in a non confrontational way.

When you listen to her music, you can’t help but think of one person you know who would really love her. Whether or not you and that person still peak is a different matter, but you think of them. Foolishly or not. It’s there. Brandy’s words and voice can tear open wounds and heal them in a way that doesn’t leave you flinching at the thought of being in pain.

Where I Put The Gun is dark and menacing, but there’s this fragility in Brandy’s voice that makes you just connect. Like two destined lovers who have been pulled apart and drawn together more times than they should. You can’t leave her music alone. Where I Put The Gun is the kind of song you’d play as you hit the open road on your own. Not looking back on anything or anyone.You can torment yourself with the past or you can put it to use. Brandy’s music makes you aim to do the latter. Her voice has this gorgeous healing/soothing way of just making you forget all the bad and ugly around you. She just carries you off on this eerie journey that you can’t imagine not being part of.

This dark sound is entirely comforting, and I’m pretty sure my music collection would look dull without her. If someone put Poe’s words to music this is how it would sound. Although Judas Hex is my favourite song by her, Where I Put The Gun has this equally woeful feel to it that as bizarre as it may sound to some, it is comforting and can fight off any feeling or loneliness. You can sense she puts her all into her music, and when I listen to her I just have this urge to launch myself into some intricate ramble about how her music makes me feel and why I love it so. But words fail me at times. There are no words to describe how beautiful her music is and how bloody brilliant she is. She’s everything I want from a singer.She is the opposite of what we expected from sun-kissed bands from the West Coast. She’s the hunter stalking her pray up in the hills, just watching and waiting for nightfall. Her words are full of feelings most of us would rather not acknowledge. I’d rather be terrified of how I feel than to not feel anything at all. What Brandy pulls out of you is brutally raw, and for that I am so thankful.

BAD GRAMMAR-You’re Welcome (EP)

15 07 2015

They say everything good comes to an end, but in reality most things come to an end. From TV shows to life in general, it all ends. If you’re not aware by now, the brilliantly noisy duo Bad Grammar are no more. They’ve got a few more shows left before it is all done, and being the wonderful people they are they have just put out a 4 track EP full of new songs that they’ve been playing live.

The EP pretty much shows how good they are and it pretty much justifies missing them. A band like Bad Grammar aren’t common. They made their own noise and by god did they do it well. Whenever I saw them live, they always seemed to play a little bit louder. The day after a Bad Grammar gig was always fun because my hearing would be worse than usual. Still, it’s alright to go a day without listening to anyone.

Ben and Lucy are exceptional musicians, and I sincerely hope in 10/15 years time some kid stumbles across their music and starts a band. Inspired by the fury, power and rebellion in the music. Bad Grammar are a band that came alive during their shows. A band that you were immediately hooked on seeing after the first time. I first saw them well over a year ago supporting PINS at the Old Blue Last. I was blown away by their obvious talent. I’ve lost count on how many of their shows I’ve been to, and I think it’s all going to be a bit boring without them around.

You’re Welcome is a powerhouse of 4 songs made to melt your face and make your body somewhat tremble in a glorious fashion. The songs are a swift punch in the belly, and made for you to scream along to.

You can download the EP for free here: Death Stare is the one to play as loud as you possibly can. It won’t piss off your neighbours, if it does then just ignore them. Unless they are over the age of 70, then just respect their wishes.

If you live in London and you’ve never seen Bad Grammar live, head down to The Old Queens Head on Essex Road tomorrow night and came say TTFN to Ben and Lucy. It’s a free show, so you’ve got no excuse. I pretty much live in my Bad Grammar shirt. It’s covered in holes, but I won’t be placing it to the back of the drawer just yet. The songs on You’re Welcome are insanely heavy and are just a prime example as to why I love their music. They will be missed, but music is probably (going against my opening sentence) one of the few things that never ends. It will always be there.


14 07 2015

In my honest yet biased opinion, Guillotine by Kingsley and pals is one of the best songs you will hear all year. It is the b-side to Lovers. Although Lover is an excellent song and only a fool would change anything about it, Guillotine has something menacing about it that makes it stand out. This underlying menacing feel in the song is what lures you back in, to hit repeat constantly. That, and the lyrics are bloody fantastic.

The video is brilliant. If you don’t enjoy a cross-dressing Britney in a Working Man’s Club then there’s probably something wrong with you upstairs. The video features Elvis, Slash and a busty Freddie Mercury. The video is nothing to do with this song, but why should it be? Not everything in life must be obvious and not everyone wants to spend a stupid amount of money wasted on special effects and “famous friends” poncing around with fake machine guns.

Only a complete buffoon would fail to acknowledge how amazing this band is and how their songs are enough to make anything “typical” shudder and shit itself. The beautiful venom in Kingsley’s voice makes you completely take in everything he is saying. For me, he’s got the humour of Moz and the romanticism of Nick Cave. Put them together and you have this creation that cannot be stopped. The brutality and the hidden romantic messages in the music is enough to make you cast aside all you listen to, because you know it won’t hit you like this does. I mean, the way he sings “You only kick me when I’m down” is just filled with this passion that you wish you could unleash. Find a way.

Guillotine is a wonderful taste of what is to come from these handsome swines. For me, it surpasses Lovers and I love that song. The fury in the piano adds something quite sinister to the song, and I think that’s why it is so easy to fall into the whirl of constantly playing the song over and over. I could keep praising this song and I could take apart the lyrics and point out the beauty in them, but you should probably just watch the video and buy the music. That’s what counts.