We all know that Manchester is home to some amazing places and bands. It’s an incredible place, and I’m happy to call it home. Part of what caused me to fall in love with the city was the music. It’s always the music. Some of my favourite venues are here (part of my heart still does belong to the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston though.) But Manchester has a scene that is so charismatic and evolving. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find it here and it’ll probably exceed your expectations.

 Tonight, I’m going to write about Sioux; one of Manchester’s finest bands, a band that are truly in their prime and are such a joy to listen to. With just three songs up on their Bandcamp page, you may think it’s a bit of a task to write about them, but it’s quite simple when you believe in what you’re hearing.



Sioux are a beautiful Psych band that make you feel like you’re listening to The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band mixed with the Electric Prunes. It’s every part 60s Psychedelic with a modern and Mancunian twist. If you’re looking for something to cause your head to go into a spin, and for your body to twirl repeatedly to the slick grooves your ears are being caressed with- then Sioux are the band for you. They have this beautiful relaxing sound, and as someone who can struggle to switch off at times- they really do give you the notion that you can just let shit go and breathe. You can almost picture a young William Miller in Almost Famous being handed this record by his sister, and he becomes totally enamored by what he hears. They’ve got something about them that makes you feel so alive, and just honoured to hear their music.

 Their latest release, Fickle is a sure-fire example of why Sioux are great. If you want to compare it to their other two songs- then go for it, but what you’ll hear is a band that are not afraid to expand their sound and to be utter daredevils in what they do. They have achieved something to be proud of in their sound and having the likes of Sour Grape Records back them is another thing to be proud of too. Sioux aren’t afraid to create mind-bending sounds that totally mess with your head. It’s how I’d imagine an acid trip to be. 2020 is going to be such a great year for this band, I can feel it. I just love how they make you feel like you’ve gone back in time and you’re discovering the likes of the Electric Prunes and Strawberry Alarm Clocks for the first time. That feeling in your gut they give you just makes you feel giddy, and in awe of what you’re hearing.

 Aside from their latest single, Fickle, they have a couple more songs for your listening pleasure. I adore the song Half-Eaten Songbird. It’s a poetic number that just eases the soul and in the same league as this is Hypnosis. The band are pros at creating music to escape in- they take you on a beautiful voyage, and you don’t want to ever come down from it. With the weather currently being ever so shit, it’s bands like Sioux that make you feel like you’ve got the sunshine hitting your bones and making you feel alright.




Like I said, 2020 is going to be a great year for them and I cannot wait to hear more from the band.

THE VUMMS: Count The Roses.


I think I may have stumbled across one of the finest debut records I’ve heard in a while. As someone who is obsessed with Garage Rock, my mind has been blown by The Vumms. I know NOTHING about them but I know they are brilliant. This release is everything I need right now, so I’m going to use my lunch break wisely to talk about why I love them.

The Vumms are from Cleveland. I don’t know about the music scene there but I’m happy to say that The Vumms are the  best band from there right now. I had NO idea what to expect from this record, and I’m just in awe of how beautiful it is. I adore the artwork too. I love the colours used and how the photo used just lures you in- like you’re going to truly experience something that is good for the soul, and something truly poetic. I’m in love with this record to the point where I’ll be obsessed with it by the time my break is over.



The 5 songs on this record are nothing short of beautiful. The vocals on Crusader have a sort of Grunge like feel to it, and when it kicks in it definitely enhances that feeling. There’s a strong 60s feel to the sound, and there’s this beautiful romantic feel to the record even when you least expect it. Count The Roses is a gorgeous song; it feels like a real Summer anthem. If I could drive, I’d blast this out so loud with the windows down and just drive. No idea where to, but I’d just drive. Ideally to a beach in California. I think that’s where my heart lies because that’s where my mind takes me. I’ve never been though, and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t handle a long flight. I’d need to be in Business Class so I can have a bed and sleep the journey away. Otherwise I’d panic and want to get off!

I’m pretty open about my mental health and how crap it can be at times, and I can honestly say that this record makes me feel good. That’s something I’ve not had in a while, and I’m treasuring it more than I normally would because it is unexpected. I don’t know what it is about this record, but it just fixes your soul and calms your head down a bit, you know. Sometimes we need that and The Vumms do it so beautifully.

Count The Roses is only 5 songs but these 5 songs are just full of beauty. Even the song Can’t Sleep has this beauty to it. It touches on how the mind can get tired too from lack of sleep. The lyrics are accompanied by these beautiful sounds, and although the lyrics could be morbid for some, The Vumms make it sound anything but. There’s no way you can listen to The Vumms and not smile, and not feel happy. They have this power to just lift your spirits and sometimes you just need that.



The Vumms have created something truly delicate and captivating. I can only hope that  their sound evolves more and more, and they of course, take over the world (or do a UK tour- I could settle for that.)

Count The Roses is out now, buy it and play it on repeat!



DUSTY MUSH: Rainbow Creatures EP.




Right out of nowhere we have a brand-new Dusty Mush EP! Totally unexpected but definitely needed. I’ve written about this Parisian band before, well I think it’s just Cédric on this, but irrespective of band members- this is one heavy EP.

 Everything about Dusty Mush demands your attention, and the Rainbow Creatures EP is no exception. It’s like a sped-up version of Sleep or some wild shit. Cédric is a phenomenal musician, and I always look forward to hearing what he’s up to, and with this EP he most certainly brings back that excitement. Although the EP is only 4 songs long, it’s a great taster for those who have never ever listened to Dusty Mush before.

 Rainbow Creatures doesn’t really last 10 minutes but you know how it goes- you just keep on hitting the repeat button and wait for the magic to hit you between the eyes all over again. I love The Fog and how unapologetically rowdy it is. For some it could be an uncomfortable listen, but for me it just shows us how fantastic Mr. Bottacchi is! The guy is out of this world, and I think The Fog just may be his best work to date.




Dusty Mush is the epitome of experimental and all that good stuff. There is glorious sound going all the way through these 4 songs, and it just makes you want to lock yourself away for a little whilst and blast these gems out. They really are meant to fuck with your head and posses your body; I’m all for it. Poison Oak is the only instrumental number on the EP, and it shows us how great a musician Cédric is. It’s a great way to close the EP but as you know, it just leaves you wanting more.

 The title track is an absolute monster, and it has this huge sound to it- this almost drone-like feel to it that’s found in the likes of OM and such. It’s got this unfiltered heavy feel, and it just stays with you. The song sounds like it could be some kind of folk tale told to scare people shitless. I love the eerie sound on it, and I love how that creepy feeling is apparent through every song on the record. It is a pleasure to listen. A real treat for the ears.

 Monterey is a quicker number. You can imagine someone fleeing in a getaway car listening to this, and not looking back on what they have done. What I’ve found with this EP is that is could easily be the soundtrack to a film. It’s got that bite to it that could easily make it the soundtrack to some wonderfully messed up film- you know the kind. The kind of film that stays on your mind for days, and every so often you find yourself thinking about it, so you have to watch it again and again. You can’t shake it. That’s exactly what you get from the Rainbow Creatures EP. It’s a work of art, a gnarly masterpiece.




If you’re after something that’s going to take you on some blissed-out psychedelic trip, then you need to get yourself a copy of Rainbow Creatures immediately and let Cédric whisk you off to some place truly magical. The EP has been released via Dirty Slice Records, and only 30 copies of the coloured tapes have been made. You know what to do.






Sometimes when you know virtually nothing about a band, it makes it easier to write about them. That’s what it’s like with Seoul’s finest. Dead Buttons. All I know about them is this- they are insanely brilliant, and they’re beautifully weird.

If you’re looking for something that will make you think you’ve got a riot kicking and screaming in your head, then you’ll love this band. They’re unlike anything else you’ve ever heard. I honestly have no idea what sounds like them, who are their influences etc. But to be honest, that shit doesn’t even matter. They’re a bunch of musical maestros who truly know how to rip you apart in the most pleasant way possible.

Their songs are these huge masterpieces that make you just sit in awe as you listen to them, they are truly something else. They really will blow your mind. The guitar is off the wall, and the drums keep up effortlessly- it truly does just make you feel like you are unable to move or jolt slightly, because what you’re hearing just throws you off. If you’ve think you’ve heard it all before, then think again! Dead Buttons are probably one of the most exciting bands around, and going by what I’ve heard so far- I’m pretty sure the music scene in Seoul is something we most certainly need to pay a lot more attention to.

Dead Buttons are a band that have probably been sent here to corrupt our minds, and get us all to just zone out as we listen to them. The music is nothing short of perfection. They have this Psychedelic feel but at the same time, the vocals are Punk-ish/ have a Garage Rock feel to them. Everything I love about music is in this band. I really cannot get enough of their sound. Take the song, Foggy Night. It’s just under 7 minutes long (they do songs that last over 5 minutes which is part of my huge love for them)  and it’s a song that has all these twisted and gorgeous layers to it. It’s gentle, but at the same time has a slight sinister tint to it. This song would be perfect in an 80s horror film where you can see all the set props move and the blood is clearly ketchup. It’s such a brilliant song, and it just gets you right in the gut. It’s one of the best instrumentals I’ve ever heard. They make music that is so beautiful, and I love that their recordings up on bandcamp are live ones. It makes you feel like you are at one of their shows, truly. I love how they convey the atmosphere over these recordings, and how you feel it’s just you and them.

There’s a lot of mystery and eeriness in their sound, which I love of course. I love how different they sound and how they are clearly unafraid to mess with the listener’s head. I love music that does this, and I love bands that are utterly fearless with what they do. It makes you believe in them more. I hope we get more music from them, because they are a band that need to be heard. Loudly.

You know when you hear something, and you just know it’s going to stick with you for a long time? That you know that nothing else is going to come from that euphoric feeling you get when you listen to them? Dead Buttons give you that, and so much more.

They’re just a phenomenal collective of musicians who are absolutely unafraid to push the listener, and have this wonderful passion within their music that just makes you be in complete and utter awe of them.

I need to hear more from them. We all do.

Play loud.



With it being far too hot outside for me to take my housemate’s pup for a walk (he’s happy to just snooze on the sofa) I guess the only thing I can do is write about the best Psych band around- The TeleVibes.

The TeleVibes make mind-altering music and are from Massachusetts. I don’t know what the music scene is like there, but I’m just fine with declaring them as being the best band from Boston. As if anyone could compete with these guys anyway. Last month they put out the absolutely astounding record, Major Drones. The name alone makes you feel as if you’re going to hear something quite trippy and out there. It wouldn’t be wrong in this instance to make an assumption. What we have here is a band that have such a tight sound that just catapults you into the beautiful unknown. I know I say this a lot about bands I write about, but I think that The TeleVibes are a band that you have to see live in order to REALLY get the sound. Of course if you can’t, there’s always the record and that’s brilliant. But their sound is something that just has to be experienced in a life setting. You can imagine them getting carried away so wonderfully on the 6 minute song, Major Drone. This is one of the highlights of the record- it’s just got this something about it that takes you back in time, and it then launches you to right now- and probably beyond. The TeleVibes are the future, don’t let anyone else tell you different.



They’ve been releasing music for the past 4 or 5 years, and going by what I’ve heard so far, I can confidently say that each release just shows how much their sound has grown and thy really aren’t afraid to experiment with their sound. I love how every song is just a pleasure to listen to. Very rarely will you find a band that can make consistently great records without having filler tracks on it- The TeleVibes make every single song count, and create them in a way that makes you feel as if each one could potentially be your favourite. Whatever you feel your record collection is lacking, you will find it in The TeleVibes.

The band make you want to get hold of a guitar and create some insane noise and violate eardrums across the world. The sounds are hypnotic and addictive. Once you listen to them, that’s it. Nothing else will matter- all you’ll want is new music from them constantly. Major Drones only came out a month and a bit ago, but it’s got the makings of being one of the finest records this year. It is the perfect record to waste these hot days too. Laze about and let The TeleVibes take you on a lucid trip. They probably just want your soul, and that’s an okay thing to sell in order for this.



High Or Die came out in 2015, and I think so far my favourite song by them has to be Asyd which is just under 5 and a half minutes long. I love songs that have all weird twists and turns in them, and this song most definitely has them. If you’re unsure where to start, maybe start with this song then see where they take you. Washed Up (the EP) came out the year before, but you don’t have to start in order if you don’t want to.

There are only three of them in the band, but their sound is so big they make you feel as if you’re listening to at least a 5 or 6 piece band. They have this fascinating ability to give off this huge sound and loudness that you’d see in bands who have been going for decades, and with added members. It’s just criminal that The TeleVibes haven’t taken over the world yet. Hopefully in time they will.


Venice Trip are 4 guys who make you feel as if you’ve stepped back into the 60/70s wearing a nice paisley shirt. Their sound is suitable for those who want something more than what they currently have. They have this gorgeous Psychedelic sound, and sound equal measures of Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett era) and Strawberry Alarm Clock. Their music is incredibly weird and their song, Look Forward hits you like an unexpected wave as you have your back to the sea.

Venice Trip are loud in all the right places. Their songs sound like something from decades and decades ago. Many bands that try to sound “current” just end up sounding boring. Sure nobody wants a rip-off either, but you can always find something that just blows you away. Venice Trip are based/from London and sound like they have just stumbled out of a dive bar on Sunset Strip. It is all you want from a Psychedelic band. You want those hypnotic sounds and a voice that is so powerful, you can’t help but think “Where have you been all my life?”

I suppose the lazy will be quick say they sound like Tame Impala, but ignore them. They just pluck out names for the sake of it. You can hear their influences, but judging by the songs I’ve heard I would imagine there is more than just the obvious influence in their music. Sure it yells Psychedelia but there’s some Blues-esque grooves flowing around. As much as I love music that makes me want to pick up the nearest chair and lob it out the window, Venice Trip are the opposite. They’re calming and can just soothe the soul. They can heal any ailments you may think you have and they just take you gently by the hand off into a dream world. A world where it’s just you and the music. For me, that’s ideal.

They don’t have many songs uploaded on their soundcloud page, but it’s the right amount to leave you wanting more. If a band can create this atmosphere about them with only a few songs, then I reckon that’s how you know you’ve found something truly special and worth investing in.

Venice Trip are a band to shut the world off to. Let’s be honest, surrounding yourself with others is tiresome and can instantly become exhausting. Small talk is painful and I’d much rather take a nap. Venice Trip are THAT band you go to when you just want to shut off from the world and its people. They make for relaxing hallucinations and tranquil dreaming.

They sound older than they are. They sound as if they’ve been doing this for decades. I have every confidence that their record (whenever it comes out) will just be the cause of younger kids getting hooked on music and wanting to make something like this.

For me, I’m besotted with the song Father Of The Universe. It’s their loudest song. It’s got this brilliant build-up at the start, and it’s nothing short of a euphoric gem. It’s a 5 minute skull shaker and will be the one that makes you realise just how fantastic this band is. They’ve got a solid sound that deserves to be heard and to be played as loud as possible.

They’ve got a few shows coming up:

Tuesday 28th July-Barfly, Camden

Saturday 8th August -The Green Door Store, Brighton

Friday 4th September -Ace’s & Eight’s, Tufnell Park

You can listen to their music here: