THE VUMMS: Count The Roses.


I think I may have stumbled across one of the finest debut records I’ve heard in a while. As someone who is obsessed with Garage Rock, my mind has been blown by The Vumms. I know NOTHING about them but I know they are brilliant. This release is everything I need right now, so I’m going to use my lunch break wisely to talk about why I love them.

The Vumms are from Cleveland. I don’t know about the music scene there but I’m happy to say that The Vumms are the  best band from there right now. I had NO idea what to expect from this record, and I’m just in awe of how beautiful it is. I adore the artwork too. I love the colours used and how the photo used just lures you in- like you’re going to truly experience something that is good for the soul, and something truly poetic. I’m in love with this record to the point where I’ll be obsessed with it by the time my break is over.



The 5 songs on this record are nothing short of beautiful. The vocals on Crusader have a sort of Grunge like feel to it, and when it kicks in it definitely enhances that feeling. There’s a strong 60s feel to the sound, and there’s this beautiful romantic feel to the record even when you least expect it. Count The Roses is a gorgeous song; it feels like a real Summer anthem. If I could drive, I’d blast this out so loud with the windows down and just drive. No idea where to, but I’d just drive. Ideally to a beach in California. I think that’s where my heart lies because that’s where my mind takes me. I’ve never been though, and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t handle a long flight. I’d need to be in Business Class so I can have a bed and sleep the journey away. Otherwise I’d panic and want to get off!

I’m pretty open about my mental health and how crap it can be at times, and I can honestly say that this record makes me feel good. That’s something I’ve not had in a while, and I’m treasuring it more than I normally would because it is unexpected. I don’t know what it is about this record, but it just fixes your soul and calms your head down a bit, you know. Sometimes we need that and The Vumms do it so beautifully.

Count The Roses is only 5 songs but these 5 songs are just full of beauty. Even the song Can’t Sleep has this beauty to it. It touches on how the mind can get tired too from lack of sleep. The lyrics are accompanied by these beautiful sounds, and although the lyrics could be morbid for some, The Vumms make it sound anything but. There’s no way you can listen to The Vumms and not smile, and not feel happy. They have this power to just lift your spirits and sometimes you just need that.



The Vumms have created something truly delicate and captivating. I can only hope that  their sound evolves more and more, and they of course, take over the world (or do a UK tour- I could settle for that.)

Count The Roses is out now, buy it and play it on repeat!



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