Venice Trip are 4 guys who make you feel as if you’ve stepped back into the 60/70s wearing a nice paisley shirt. Their sound is suitable for those who want something more than what they currently have. They have this gorgeous Psychedelic sound, and sound equal measures of Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett era) and Strawberry Alarm Clock. Their music is incredibly weird and their song, Look Forward hits you like an unexpected wave as you have your back to the sea.

Venice Trip are loud in all the right places. Their songs sound like something from decades and decades ago. Many bands that try to sound “current” just end up sounding boring. Sure nobody wants a rip-off either, but you can always find something that just blows you away. Venice Trip are based/from London and sound like they have just stumbled out of a dive bar on Sunset Strip. It is all you want from a Psychedelic band. You want those hypnotic sounds and a voice that is so powerful, you can’t help but think “Where have you been all my life?”

I suppose the lazy will be quick say they sound like Tame Impala, but ignore them. They just pluck out names for the sake of it. You can hear their influences, but judging by the songs I’ve heard I would imagine there is more than just the obvious influence in their music. Sure it yells Psychedelia but there’s some Blues-esque grooves flowing around. As much as I love music that makes me want to pick up the nearest chair and lob it out the window, Venice Trip are the opposite. They’re calming and can just soothe the soul. They can heal any ailments you may think you have and they just take you gently by the hand off into a dream world. A world where it’s just you and the music. For me, that’s ideal.

They don’t have many songs uploaded on their soundcloud page, but it’s the right amount to leave you wanting more. If a band can create this atmosphere about them with only a few songs, then I reckon that’s how you know you’ve found something truly special and worth investing in.

Venice Trip are a band to shut the world off to. Let’s be honest, surrounding yourself with others is tiresome and can instantly become exhausting. Small talk is painful and I’d much rather take a nap. Venice Trip are THAT band you go to when you just want to shut off from the world and its people. They make for relaxing hallucinations and tranquil dreaming.

They sound older than they are. They sound as if they’ve been doing this for decades. I have every confidence that their record (whenever it comes out) will just be the cause of younger kids getting hooked on music and wanting to make something like this.

For me, I’m besotted with the song Father Of The Universe. It’s their loudest song. It’s got this brilliant build-up at the start, and it’s nothing short of a euphoric gem. It’s a 5 minute skull shaker and will be the one that makes you realise just how fantastic this band is. They’ve got a solid sound that deserves to be heard and to be played as loud as possible.

They’ve got a few shows coming up:

Tuesday 28th July-Barfly, Camden

Saturday 8th August -The Green Door Store, Brighton

Friday 4th September -Ace’s & Eight’s, Tufnell Park

You can listen to their music here:

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