DUSTY MUSH: Rainbow Creatures EP.




Right out of nowhere we have a brand-new Dusty Mush EP! Totally unexpected but definitely needed. I’ve written about this Parisian band before, well I think it’s just Cédric on this, but irrespective of band members- this is one heavy EP.

 Everything about Dusty Mush demands your attention, and the Rainbow Creatures EP is no exception. It’s like a sped-up version of Sleep or some wild shit. Cédric is a phenomenal musician, and I always look forward to hearing what he’s up to, and with this EP he most certainly brings back that excitement. Although the EP is only 4 songs long, it’s a great taster for those who have never ever listened to Dusty Mush before.

 Rainbow Creatures doesn’t really last 10 minutes but you know how it goes- you just keep on hitting the repeat button and wait for the magic to hit you between the eyes all over again. I love The Fog and how unapologetically rowdy it is. For some it could be an uncomfortable listen, but for me it just shows us how fantastic Mr. Bottacchi is! The guy is out of this world, and I think The Fog just may be his best work to date.




Dusty Mush is the epitome of experimental and all that good stuff. There is glorious sound going all the way through these 4 songs, and it just makes you want to lock yourself away for a little whilst and blast these gems out. They really are meant to fuck with your head and posses your body; I’m all for it. Poison Oak is the only instrumental number on the EP, and it shows us how great a musician Cédric is. It’s a great way to close the EP but as you know, it just leaves you wanting more.

 The title track is an absolute monster, and it has this huge sound to it- this almost drone-like feel to it that’s found in the likes of OM and such. It’s got this unfiltered heavy feel, and it just stays with you. The song sounds like it could be some kind of folk tale told to scare people shitless. I love the eerie sound on it, and I love how that creepy feeling is apparent through every song on the record. It is a pleasure to listen. A real treat for the ears.

 Monterey is a quicker number. You can imagine someone fleeing in a getaway car listening to this, and not looking back on what they have done. What I’ve found with this EP is that is could easily be the soundtrack to a film. It’s got that bite to it that could easily make it the soundtrack to some wonderfully messed up film- you know the kind. The kind of film that stays on your mind for days, and every so often you find yourself thinking about it, so you have to watch it again and again. You can’t shake it. That’s exactly what you get from the Rainbow Creatures EP. It’s a work of art, a gnarly masterpiece.




If you’re after something that’s going to take you on some blissed-out psychedelic trip, then you need to get yourself a copy of Rainbow Creatures immediately and let Cédric whisk you off to some place truly magical. The EP has been released via Dirty Slice Records, and only 30 copies of the coloured tapes have been made. You know what to do.



DUSTY MUSH: Cheap Entertainment.

Dusty Mush – Cheap Entertainment


Last week, one of the finest bands from France released their new record. Dusty Mush are an obsession of mine, and in an ideal world they would be everyone’s obsession. There’s time.

Cheap Entertainment consists of 10 songs that were designed for you to laze about to, to walk round your streets out of sheer boredom and frustration. They unleash all those daily frustrations in 10 solid songs with only one tipping over the 3 minute mark. Like a wealth of great bands, they don’t need to create long ass songs to make a point. They do it instantly and with this passionate fury that makes you want to leave your bland daily life behind in order to find something that has meaning.

As far as debut records go, I don’t think Dusty Mush could have made a stronger record than this. It is beautifully loud and feels like a pleasurable riot to the ears. The songs will stir a fight within you that will make you want to flail your limbs about and completely let go. You’ll zone out unapologetically to this record. As you blast out Cheap Entertainment, you cannot help but block out the world. And I guess right now, a lot of us need that.

The delightful screams in More & More will project your own annoyances at the world and possibly your surroundings. It’s a record for those who have had enough and can see all the faults. We don’t broadcast them out loud, we hold it close and bands like Dusty Mush allow us to let them go. We all need music like this. The world needs a band like Dusty Mush.

Unfortunately I never got chance to see any of their recent shows in the UK which I’m sad about, but hopefully there will be some more coming up soon. What I adore about Dusty Mush is that, like a lot of bands I am crazy about, they sound like a band that just need to be seen live in order for us to really get a sense of what they are about. The record actually does sound like something someone has recorded at one of their shows. It has this brilliant raw sound to it, and that’s something that is to be muchly appreciated and respected. As a debut record, I really cannot praise it enough. From start to finish the songs are designed to blow out your eardrums and to blow your mind.

Dusty Mush are the kind of band you’d want to be in. You can easily hear the fun, love and passion that has gone into making this record. You can really let go to this record, and sure 10 songs may not feel enough (great bands like this will always leave you wanting more) but it is one of those records that you can play on repeat and not grow tired of it. For me, it is most definitely one of the best records of the year. It’s a record that is just a solid body of fun songs that you can, like I said earlier, laze about to or you can just play and zone out.

Everything about Dusty Mush and this record captures what I love about music. It is half an hour of fuzzed out songs with wonderfully distorted vocals. The perfect mix, and a sheer pleasure to listen to and indulge in.

I hope they come back to the UK soon because these songs are just made to be performed live.

Cheap Entertainment is out now on Howlin’ Banana Records/Stolen Body Records.

Buy it and play it loud.




A week or so ago I wrote about a band called Druggy Pizza. Druggy Pizza is Cédric’s other project. Where Druggy Pizza make you feel like you’ve taken something, Dusty Mush are the lead up to that. I’ll write this as if I’ve no idea that the two bands are unrelated so I don’t make any lazy comparisons.

Dusty Mush are a noisy French band. They’re the kind of band that would piss your folks off and would probably cause your neighbours to pack up and skip town. There’s slight aggression in their music but for the most part, it is really bloody loud. It’s wonderfully brutal in some parts, and for me that is part of the attraction. As a painfully shy idiot, I like to unleash it all by listening to music that is the opposite of how I am, for the most part. I like to think that if I was musically talented, I’d start a band that was weird and noisy to make up for everything I lack. Instead, I just write about it with no long term plan. Dusty Mush are perfect for you if you’re feeling a little helpless or weary. You can throw your tired limbs about to these guys without a care in the world. You can hope they come to your town so you can do this, or you’ll make do with playing them loudly in the comfort of your own home.

They’re not an easy band to get into. I mean I loved them with my first listen, but I can fully appreciate that some would listen to them and not know what the hell was going on. That’s another thing I love about music. I’m pretty sure they’re not for those who can’t handle a bit of gore in their lives. They’re a band you can only play loud in order to get into it, and I think because they are so obnoxiously loud (and I mean this is in the best way possible because it wouldn’t sound right any other way) that’s what makes them stand out. Yes there are other bands around who are loud and whatnot, but Dusty Mush are something else. Part of you feels like you’re entering a different world but another part of you feels as if you’re losing your mind. Maybe both at interchangeable moments.

Dusty Mush have this brilliant fuzzy Garage Rock sound going on, and I think that’s what makes it easy to really get lost in their music. You do feel as if something strange and beautiful is happening as you succumb to the music, but no good has ever come from fighting something like this off. I’ve said it a bunch of times before about other bands, but I reckon my hero Lester Bangs would be into these guys. Dusty Mush are one of those bands you play around this time of night, maybe a little later when everyone else has gone to bed. So you can launch yourself into whatever world you’ve created in your mind. You’ll feel like you’re in some made for TV horror film where the blood is obviously tomato sauce and the victim is being bludgeoned with again, an obviously foam hammer.

What I sincerely love about Dusty Mush is that you can’t tell where these guys are from and that’s part of the charm. They’re one of the most exciting bands I’ve heard in a long time, and I’m aware they’ve been around for some time but I get sloppy with actually writing stuff. After careful consideration and obsessive listening, I think I’ve said all I can about these guys.

Listen to their sounds and play ’em loud: http://dustymush.bandcamp.com/