24 03 2020


I have no idea what day it is anymore. I have no idea how long I’ve been ill for and my sleep pattern is every shade of messed up. It’s alright though, I guess it means I can spend more time writing about music. Then taking a nap. That lasts for about 5 hours.
Badass Mother Fuzzers are a band from Toulouse who are exceptional at what they, and what they do is give us exquisite Garage Rock music to lose our minds to. Although, I expect with us being indoors for long periods of times, we’re all going to get to that stage. I can hear my neighbours laugh, sneeze, cough and flush the toilet. Way too much. I wish the walls weren’t so thin, but I guess it means they can hear my music too, so it isn’t all bad! BAMF are a remarkable band who have this smutty Rock ‘n’ Roll sound that you just cannot get enough of. It’s got that Johnny Thunders feel flowing right through, but it’s also got something else. Something that goes beyond words but it’s something so passionately fast that you just cannot get enough of it.

Their latest release came out last September, and it was most certainly a record that deserved way more attention than it got. It’s got some real trippy numbers on there such as Love Ain’t No Crime and Breaking Down. They are just divine pieces of music, and you can’t help but wish you could see BAMF live because I’m fairly sure their shows are nothing but wild. You can just picture them all going nuts on stage, and at the end- the drumkit is smashed into pieces as chaos erupts on stage. I just love their frantic sound; I love how every song is delivered with such urgency, and if you’re looking for a top example of this you will find it on RUN RUN RUN. It’s such a great song, and although the whole record is brilliant, this song is the one where you can really hear exactly what every band member is made of. You can also hear why they are one of the best bands to come out of France.
I love that I can hear snippets of The Gun Club and Ramones in their music, and how they mix everything I love about music and make something that is just a sheer joy to listen to. The attitude that flows in the music is great too, it’s got that Dead Boys snarl to it- you wouldn’t dare mess with them. You get this from Don’t Feel Bad and Don’t You Try; they’ve got this way of making you wish you could make music as cool as this.

When you listen to BAMF you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking you were listening to something from the 60s; they’ve definitely got that feel. That hypnotic Garage Rock sound mixed with a Bluesy feel is just super addictive, and I love the riotous feel on Don’t Need You (for me, the vocals on this are my favourite on the record) and Fall For You reminds me a little bit of The Cramps, if you really listen to it hopefully you’ll understand what I mean. It could be the trembling vocals that remind me a little of Lux. Either way, it’s just wonderful. There’s just so much to love about BAMF and the fact that there’s only 3 of them making all this noise just makes it that touch better because they really do make you feel as if you’re listening to an orchestra of noise. I absolutely love this band, and I hope you do too!
On The Run is out now via 6Tone Records.

TH DA FREAK: Hola Todos EP.

10 03 2020




Right out of Bordeaux we have a brilliant lo-fi Garage band called Th Da Freak. They’re a big deal. A huge deal, and really are one of France’s bands. These guys along with Dr Chan and Dusty Mush are out of this world. They all make this exceptional lo-fi music that just speaks to you and makes the day easier.

 Aside from releasing their latest EP at the end of January just gone, Th Da Freak have a respectable collection of releases that are really worth investing in, and getting lost in. For me they’ve the same energy of say, Wavves. There’s this summertime feel to the sound, and if you’re surrounded by grey skies and the like, then this band are going to fix you right up and get you to ignore what’s going on outside. Twisted is a killer song, it’s got this beautiful energy to it and the sheer deliverance of this song just makes you want to trash stuff, waste the day away and do whatever the hell you feel like doing. In fact, the whole record and their songs in general have this atmosphere to them. You can imagine hanging out at the beach listening to this or wandering round late at night looking for something to do out of boredom, but their sound is anything but boring. Essentially, Th Da Freak is one guy but performs with a band. He does all this pretty much himself, and that DIY feel is throughout everything he does.



 Hola Todos EP is great record and if you’re someone who hasn’t really paid much attention to the band before then it is a great place to start. Work your way backwards and let yourself become invested in their music. The energy they have on this record is incredible and if you do go back and listen to previous releases, you will definitely hear the growth in their sound. It’s like they’ve had a huge growth spurt on this record. It just makes you really excited to hear more from them and to probably become obsessed with them.

 Fear is a 5-minute riot. It’s powerful and probably a song to really absorb given the state of the world right now. Find your safety net where you can. Take a nap. Take a load off. Right after Fear they go right into the fuzzy sounding Bumfuzzle which may be one of the best named songs I’ve heard in a long time. This one sounds like how I’d imagine an acid trip to sound in someone’s head. Everything being heightened and colours appearing in your mind, slowly turning to shapes that you can no longer make out. I’ve got an overactive imagination at times, and I think that shows it right there. Anyway, it’s a great song. It’s noisy and if you want to annoy your neighbours or whatever, play this one loud. They’ll think something weird is happening and maybe try to get involved.

 Th Da Freak are a pleasure to listen to, and aside from this EP they’ve got tones of releases to really spend time on. Their record from 2019, Still Freakin’ Out is so great! It’s Just A Trip has this sort of Beach Boys feel to it mixed with something out of this world, the whole record has this feel and it’s such a joy to listen to. It shows his vocals in a totally different way. Th Da Freak makes the kind of music to just lounge about to and to really enjoy. The music is more mellow prior to Hola Todos but don’t let that fool you; it’s all part of the charm.



Hola Todos is out right now! Get yourself a copy and beg Th Da Freak and his band to do a UK tour. But maybe after all the coronavirus stuff dies down first though.

DUSTY MUSH: Rainbow Creatures EP.

25 02 2020




Right out of nowhere we have a brand-new Dusty Mush EP! Totally unexpected but definitely needed. I’ve written about this Parisian band before, well I think it’s just Cédric on this, but irrespective of band members- this is one heavy EP.

 Everything about Dusty Mush demands your attention, and the Rainbow Creatures EP is no exception. It’s like a sped-up version of Sleep or some wild shit. Cédric is a phenomenal musician, and I always look forward to hearing what he’s up to, and with this EP he most certainly brings back that excitement. Although the EP is only 4 songs long, it’s a great taster for those who have never ever listened to Dusty Mush before.

 Rainbow Creatures doesn’t really last 10 minutes but you know how it goes- you just keep on hitting the repeat button and wait for the magic to hit you between the eyes all over again. I love The Fog and how unapologetically rowdy it is. For some it could be an uncomfortable listen, but for me it just shows us how fantastic Mr. Bottacchi is! The guy is out of this world, and I think The Fog just may be his best work to date.




Dusty Mush is the epitome of experimental and all that good stuff. There is glorious sound going all the way through these 4 songs, and it just makes you want to lock yourself away for a little whilst and blast these gems out. They really are meant to fuck with your head and posses your body; I’m all for it. Poison Oak is the only instrumental number on the EP, and it shows us how great a musician Cédric is. It’s a great way to close the EP but as you know, it just leaves you wanting more.

 The title track is an absolute monster, and it has this huge sound to it- this almost drone-like feel to it that’s found in the likes of OM and such. It’s got this unfiltered heavy feel, and it just stays with you. The song sounds like it could be some kind of folk tale told to scare people shitless. I love the eerie sound on it, and I love how that creepy feeling is apparent through every song on the record. It is a pleasure to listen. A real treat for the ears.

 Monterey is a quicker number. You can imagine someone fleeing in a getaway car listening to this, and not looking back on what they have done. What I’ve found with this EP is that is could easily be the soundtrack to a film. It’s got that bite to it that could easily make it the soundtrack to some wonderfully messed up film- you know the kind. The kind of film that stays on your mind for days, and every so often you find yourself thinking about it, so you have to watch it again and again. You can’t shake it. That’s exactly what you get from the Rainbow Creatures EP. It’s a work of art, a gnarly masterpiece.




If you’re after something that’s going to take you on some blissed-out psychedelic trip, then you need to get yourself a copy of Rainbow Creatures immediately and let Cédric whisk you off to some place truly magical. The EP has been released via Dirty Slice Records, and only 30 copies of the coloured tapes have been made. You know what to do.



HOORSEES: Major League of Pain EP.

16 10 2019




On Friday 18th October, Parisian band Hoorsees will be releasing their EP, Major League of Pain. This EP is made up of 6 songs to comfort you, make you feel alright with feeling low and providing a form of guidance when everything has gone a bit awry.

They are fronted by DR CHAN front man, Alex. If you’ve ever listened to DR CHAN, you will know that they have a real hyperactive Garage Rock sound. Their music makes you want to jump around and get into some light-hearted trouble. The tone in Alex’s vocals with Hoorsees is totally different; it is more mellow and little somber. It just shows us how brilliant he is. It is a totally different sound. Out of respect- no more comparisons.

The sound that Hoorsees have is one that throws you into a world of heartbreak, and every single step that comes with it. There are different stages, different types of heartbreak and Hoorsees delve into this very well and sensitively. The vulnerability in the lyrics especially on Boyhood and TV & Bad Sports just shows us how exceptional this band is, and how being this open is something to really back. Paris is truly home to some incredible bands, and musicians. Hoorsees are most certainly one of them and the beautiful romanticism in this record is so soothing and just a delight to listen to. It is calming in all the right places but will also break your heart. Infectious is such a beautiful song but my god it will rip you apart. It’s got the innocence of a first love to it, but at the same time you can apply the heartache to anything- it doesn’t have to be from a romantic stance. It’s such a beautiful song, and I love the sheer emotion in Alex’s voice on this. It’s a different side to what he can do vocally, and it is a different side to the band. A side I really hope they never leave because they do it so well.


There is a glorious distorted feel to the record, and if you’re a fan of music with a lot of heart and a wealth of emotion; you’ll probably love this record. Aside from their demos up on their Bandcamp page, this is their first proper release. The demos and the Major League of Pain EP are totally different, and in the few years that have passed between them, you can really hear a band that are sure of their sound and know exactly what they want.



I really love how you can feel that these songs are made to be played live. They carry a lot of emotion in them, and the way the vocals and guitars come together to send you off on this journey into their heartache is something to really appreciate and admire. There is something really special about bands from Paris, and France in general, you know. Hoorsees have this really big romantic feel to their sound and that’s what keeps you being drawn back in with every listen. Of course, you want more, but with just 6 songs they take you into their world and what a world it is. It is music to waste the day to, music to watch the world go by, skate to it, absorb in your surroundings- just soak up this blissed-out record.

I think at the moment for me, it’s all about the last track on the record- Horror Sees. I adore the bass on this, and how the drums give you this wave crashing sense. It’s a laid-back EP from start to finish, and I think this is the most relaxing song on the record. It’s one I’d definitely love to see them do live. I know they’ve got a pretty big tour happening in France so if someone could bring them to the UK, I’d really appreciate it!

These 4 friends truly know how to tug at your heartstrings; they gently take you into their secretive world. This lo-fi sounding record is covered in wonderful pop-like melodies that will stick in your head for days. It is a perfect record to just lose yourself in and kill time in a way that means something to you. It’s a laid-back EP with songs to just fit your mood; Merry Grime is the perfect song to capture this. Play this one loud and often.

 If you are lucky enough to live in France, then I urge you to go see them on tour and let me know all about it!

Tour dates are in the poster below:


Major League of Pain is released this Friday via Crème Brulée and In Silico Records.

WHACKS: Whatever Man, I Don’t Care!

30 09 2019





Completely late with this one- 3 years late in fact. Better to be late than something profound, I guess. Anyway, it’s worth the wait- trust me. Unless you’ve already heard this record, then you can just be disappointed in how long it took me.

Paris has given us some amazing musicians and bands. One I will always write about is Dr Chan. I love that band so much, but there’s another band from the fine city that have the same fury in their sound and that band is WHACKS. They are loud, chaotic and a real pleasure to listen to. They make you want to waste your days away doing nothing and not feeling bad about it. I have a day off work tomorrow, and I’m not going to feel bad at all for doing nothing.

Their record Whatever Man, I Don’t Care! came out in 2016, and it is such a great record. It’s got everything you’d want from a modern Punk/Garage Rock band. They’ve got the same energy as bands like The Chats and Skegss. They make you feel like you’re front row at the most chaotic show imaginable. It is such a great feeling, and WHACKS are such a brilliant band. I have no idea what they are up to or if they are still making music (I really hope they are) but what they’ve done on this record is something that just makes you want more and more. There’s only so many times you can play something on a loop before you think, “I need more right now and something different.” WHACKS have such a strong sound that makes you wish you could create something this tight and ferocious.  I love their song Agitated, I love how hyperactive it sounds and how you feel a bit twitchy listening to this with the burning desire to head out and do something. You cannot sit still to this record, and that’s part of the charm of WHACKS.




WHACKS have thoroughly perfected a sound on this record that is entirely theirs, and you cannot help but fall in love with it. It sounds like all the bands you love, but at the same time they take you off into a totally different direction. You feel like you’re wandering the streets of Paris looking for things to do or just hanging out at a skatepark watching the world go by. This is a record to play as loud as you want, and as often as you can. It is such a relatable record- for those of us who are a bit self-deprecating or whatever, this record will get you in the gut. There is so much to love on this record. You cannot help but be taken by the vocals, but the drums and guitars are like this rambunctious force that cannot keep you still at all. It’s such a rowdy record that you just must play super loud. Their sound is heavy and a bit like Nirvana meets the Beastie Boys in a way; and that’s a pretty solid sound to have. I think the record closer, Hello evokes this the most. It’s a great closer and one to play when you’re a bit pissed off at the world or whatever. There’s angst on this record that is so well put across, and I think Hello is the song that really gets this across the most.

 Sugar is the one you need to keep on playing, and to shout the words back. Can someone bring this band to the UK because they are a band that will put on an excellent live show for sure. If you’re looking for a band to spill your drink to and jump along with- this is the band for you. WHACKS are everything you want from a band who aren’t afraid to just scream their lungs out and play as if their lives depend on it. Sugar has so much going on and it is probably my favourite on the record (for now. I will change my mind because it is such a great record!) There is something special about WHACKS. They’re like a Garage Rock version of the Beastie Boys- basically, they’ve got that rebellious streak that just makes you want to cause a bit of trouble. I think this is more apparent on Step Up, Stand Out. It feels like an anthem for the lost ones who just have no idea what to do but are happy to kill time doing nothing.



 The more I listen to this record, the more I want to hear from them. Maybe we will get something new from them. Maybe they’ll even come to the UK one day- who knows. All I know is that this record was a joy to listen to, and to play loud enough to drown out the rain hitting the windows this evening.


*Photo by: Adèle Colonna Cesari

ISSUE: Cross The Line.

14 07 2019

issue cover



If you’re looking for a band that sound like KRAUT mixed with VOID, then you’ll find it in Paris’s finest Punk band, ISSUE. One of the greatest guitarists of all time are in the band also (Charlie from Crocodiles, of course!) Cross The Line, their debut record, came out on Friday and let me tell you, it’s obnoxiously loud and really cleanses the soul.

Cross The Line is a proper rowdy record. Every single song, all nine of them, will blow your mind and eardrums in 16 quick minutes. The record is over far too soon, but there is no harm in playing it all over again, and again. And again. It’s record to trash shit to, it’s a record to just go completely wild to. It’s everything you want from a raw Punk record. Play it as loud as you can, then try a bit louder. Only a couple of the songs are over the 2 minute mark- how it should be done with this kind of music. The songs are full of this rambunctious energy that makes you want to just play it so loud, and throw shit out of the window. I mean, maybe don’t do that but you get what I mean. They have this ability to make you feel like you are right at their show taking it all in with elbows hitting you in the face and lukewarm beer being thrown about.



This is definitely one of the most enjoyable and out-there Punk records I’ve heard in a long time, and it just makes you feel like you’re experiencing bands like KRAUT for the first time. As soon as I heard this record, I automatically likened it to An Adjustment To Society by KRAUT (which is one of the greatest records ever made.) The same level of excellence is there, and I can’t get enough of it. By no means am I comparing the bands in a lazy way. I’m just holding them up as highly as each other because they are fucking incredible.

25 and Spit Mask are currently my favourite songs on the record, but my mind does change quite a bit. I’ve found that the record sounds best if you play it in order but the thing is, when you play it in no particular order you still get that “OH SHIT!” feel- like it’s hitting you for the first time. There is so much to love about this record. The production is perfect; the sound is something that’s been well thought out and you can definitely hear how much effort has gone into creating something so powerful. Mirror is a song that is meant to be play a hell of a lot, and definitely at a deafening volume. It’s a record that makes you want to start your own Punk band or just immerse yourself in as much live music as possible.

In terms of touring, I have no idea where they are going but if someone could get them to the UK that would be really much appreciated by me. They definitely have a sound that is made to be heard live. I love how the songs feel like an animal that’s been trapped for years, and is now being released into the wild. It has this brilliant untameable sound that I adore so much. In the best way possible, this record is so chaotic and brutal. I can’t get enough of it, and songs like  I Surrender just annihilate your eardrums in the most perfect way.



Cross The Line is out now via Third Coming Records; and the record artwork is by Nicky Rat.

DR CHAN: The Peer Hat, Manchester 3rd May 2019.

3 05 2019


dr chan peer hat 020519


It’s obvious how much I love French Garage Rock Gods, Dr Chan. Any chance to write about them or tell someone about them, I’ll do it. You know when you hear something, and you can’t help but think, “Yep, this is the band for me.” Well, that’s what I got from them a couple of years ago when my obsession began.

I last saw Dr Chan live last year in London at the Lock Tavern. It was the last show I attended before I left that city and moved to Manchester. A move that I should have done years and years ago. It was the last show I went to, and it was the perfect way to leave that city. The room was packed and full of love; it was just a brilliant show. Last night, there was no more than 10 of us watching them. I don’t even think it got to double figures. I felt bad for the band because I know just how brilliant they are, and how they are the best at what they do. It didn’t dishearten the band though, they still played as if the room was full.

They blazed through songs from Southside Suicide and Squire. I’m pretty sure that these are my most played records. I love how they just take you somewhere with their music, and give you that opportunity to zone out and forget everything. Yesterday I had a pretty stressful day, but as soon as Dr Chan hit the stage- I was calm again.

I really loved hearing the songs off their most recent record, Squire, last night. Growing Up is probably my favourite off that record and it’s an absolute joy to see live. They play with this effortlessly cool stance, and you can tell how much they love doing it. When you get that from a band, you know that you have found something really beautiful. It’s just an absolute pleasure to watch them.

Dr Chan make the kind of music that I’d want to make. It’s a raw Garage Rock sound, and they are unafraid to really push their sound. For instance, their record Southside Suicide sounds nothing like Squire- but you still know it is them. They have a distinct sound, but aren’t afraid to change it up. They do this so well in their live shows, and as sad as I am that not many of us were there last night, I’m just happy that they played a show here in Manchester. They’re playing the Shacklewell Arms in London tonight I think, and if I still lived there- I’d have been right at the front again.

There’s a handful of bands I love that I would happily go see live every night, and Dr Chan are easily one of them. On record they are brilliant, but something remarkable happens during their live shows. They transform songs like The Sinner and Bloody No$e into something else live, and it’s just a pleasure to watch.

For me, I can easily say that Dr Chan are one of the best bands I’ve seen live and are most certainly one of my favourite bands in general. I love how they can take you to the streets of Paris or make you feel like you’re hanging out at a skatepark. They’ve got something about them that comforts you within the lyrics (this is really apparent on the Squire record) and the music alone just does something to you. Alexin is a great song-writer, and to see the growth into their new record is just astounding.

I can’t tell you enough just how great they are. My only advice is, listen to them and if you see that they are playing a venue near you- go see them!