CLOUD FACTORY: Cloud Factory #1.

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In a few weeks’ time, the finest Garage Rock band from Toulouse will be releasing their debut EP. The EP is being out by the reliably great, Howlin’ Banana Records who have put out a lot of records that I love, and they’ve done it yet again with Cloud Factory.

The band are made up of formers members of Noir City and Cathedrale; and if you know your French music, you’ll know that this is a pretty cool thing to happen. They’ve com together to create some feel-good music, and right now we need that. There’s a lot of joy in their music, and this carefree sound is really what gets you hooked.

The EP, Cloud Factory #1 is a perfect glimpse into what is to come from this band and how this new sound will blow us all away. It’s a really refreshing listen and the band have so much promise. If live music were something we could indulge in right now, there’s no telling just how great their shows would be. But for now, we wait. Whilst we wait, we can cling onto the EP.

Amnesia opens up the EP and is their current single, but don’t let it make you think it is the highlight of the EP. Oh no! You see, the EP is made up of beautiful moments; and one of my favourites has to be Alice’s vocals on Dead Bodies. For some it’s a pretty morbid name for a song, but her vocals have this Bjork like fragility to it. However, Cloud Factory aren’t a band that you can link another to, they are effortlessly quirky and cool, and it really shines through on this EP. The sound is so new and just a delight to revel in. I know I usually listen to music that’s a bit heavier, but this is such an enjoyable listen. If you’ve got a lot on your mind, you can definitely take a load off whilst listening to this record.

My one gripe? There’s only 5 songs! I want more, but I always want more when it comes to music but like I’ve mentioned, it is such a strong introduction to the band and even if you are familiar with their previous bands, you don’t pick up on that at all on this record. They are exceptional musicians, and I really like the way Ben’s bass sounds alongside Bruno’s drums. Sometimes it can feel like one is competing to be louder than the other, but this doesn’t happen at all on this record. They are all equally heard and enjoyed. There’s a lot of rage on the song No Data, which might be why it’s my favourite for now. I’ll change my mind of course!

Talk Too Much and Try are excellent too, and the joyful noise that Cloud Factory give us with this record and on those two songs in particular is just a delight to listen to. As someone who does tend to sway towards more louder sounds, I can safely say that this EP is a great listen and is the perfect introduction to a band that deserve to be heard, and to be huge. It’s a real feel good record, and ideal for those long summer evenings. Even if we have to stay indoors for now. Also, this record is another that fully backs up my idea that French Garage Rock bands are sublime.

Cloud Factory #1 will be released via Howlin’ Banana Records on 3rd July.



I have no idea what day it is anymore. I have no idea how long I’ve been ill for and my sleep pattern is every shade of messed up. It’s alright though, I guess it means I can spend more time writing about music. Then taking a nap. That lasts for about 5 hours.
Badass Mother Fuzzers are a band from Toulouse who are exceptional at what they, and what they do is give us exquisite Garage Rock music to lose our minds to. Although, I expect with us being indoors for long periods of times, we’re all going to get to that stage. I can hear my neighbours laugh, sneeze, cough and flush the toilet. Way too much. I wish the walls weren’t so thin, but I guess it means they can hear my music too, so it isn’t all bad! BAMF are a remarkable band who have this smutty Rock ‘n’ Roll sound that you just cannot get enough of. It’s got that Johnny Thunders feel flowing right through, but it’s also got something else. Something that goes beyond words but it’s something so passionately fast that you just cannot get enough of it.

Their latest release came out last September, and it was most certainly a record that deserved way more attention than it got. It’s got some real trippy numbers on there such as Love Ain’t No Crime and Breaking Down. They are just divine pieces of music, and you can’t help but wish you could see BAMF live because I’m fairly sure their shows are nothing but wild. You can just picture them all going nuts on stage, and at the end- the drumkit is smashed into pieces as chaos erupts on stage. I just love their frantic sound; I love how every song is delivered with such urgency, and if you’re looking for a top example of this you will find it on RUN RUN RUN. It’s such a great song, and although the whole record is brilliant, this song is the one where you can really hear exactly what every band member is made of. You can also hear why they are one of the best bands to come out of France.
I love that I can hear snippets of The Gun Club and Ramones in their music, and how they mix everything I love about music and make something that is just a sheer joy to listen to. The attitude that flows in the music is great too, it’s got that Dead Boys snarl to it- you wouldn’t dare mess with them. You get this from Don’t Feel Bad and Don’t You Try; they’ve got this way of making you wish you could make music as cool as this.

When you listen to BAMF you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking you were listening to something from the 60s; they’ve definitely got that feel. That hypnotic Garage Rock sound mixed with a Bluesy feel is just super addictive, and I love the riotous feel on Don’t Need You (for me, the vocals on this are my favourite on the record) and Fall For You reminds me a little bit of The Cramps, if you really listen to it hopefully you’ll understand what I mean. It could be the trembling vocals that remind me a little of Lux. Either way, it’s just wonderful. There’s just so much to love about BAMF and the fact that there’s only 3 of them making all this noise just makes it that touch better because they really do make you feel as if you’re listening to an orchestra of noise. I absolutely love this band, and I hope you do too!
On The Run is out now via 6Tone Records.