There is so much that I love about Hate Moss that I have no idea where to begin. The name of the band alone should make you love them. This Brazilian/Italian duo are based in London, and I think if I still lived in London, they would be THAT band that I constantly go see. They have something about them that just makes you really want to invest in them. As far as duos go, they’re up there with the best of them. They take elements of bands I love and make something of their own which is beautifully dark and creepy.

I think the best time to listen to Hate Moss is, well, all the time! But aside from that, listening to them in the dark when nothing and no one is around is an ideal setting. I’ve got a few bands that I listen to like this, and there’s something so sacred about listening to music in this vulnerable setting. I guess in a way, it makes you really soak up everything that’s going on in a more heightened manner.



Hate Moss don’t make sounds for those wanting sickly delicate emotions and thoughts. They’re for those who aren’t afraid to stay on the edge of something that could probably terrify someone else. Their songs have this euphoric glow to them, and it is really brought to life on songs such as The Time Your Remake which is 8 minutes of sheer heaven. Their synth-based sounds remind me of the likes of Drab Majesty and my all-time love, Cold Cave. They give you this atmosphere that gets you right in the gut.

Hate Moss totally stop you in your tracks when you listen to them. You simply can’t do anything when you listen to them apart from just that- listen to them. The vocals will send shivers right through you, and the music alone will increase everything you could possibly feel when listening to them. Two people are doing this- just two people. The incredible thing is that they don’t have that many songs, but every song feels like this ethereal cloak of darkness that you want to constantly cover you. They are such a special band, and you can really hear where they want to go when you stop and listen to their music.

Songs like Evil and Honey were made for you to just play really, loud. They’re the kind of songs you can see yourself screaming back at the band. Sometimes you just find a band or a song that you absolutely cling to, and these songs because your everything for that specific moment in your life.



I could quite happily switch off from the world and listen to Hate Moss on a loop. I could also sleep for a few days because I am so tired. But anyway, Hate Moss have something about them that just makes you feel like their live shows are really something else. This duo really knows how to get the listener right in the gut, and with just a handful of songs- they have mastered this perfectly.




As someone who can admit that they know nothing about Brazilian Punk, I can safely say however, that I’ve found an excellent Brazilian Punk band. Os Krakens are based in Rio De Janeiro, and if the Punk scene is as strong as they sound then I suggest we all pack up and move there!

Their songs last seconds. I think only a couple may hit over the one minute mark, but hey, don’t compare them to the Ramones based on this. For me, they’ve got the same rage that’s found in one of the most underrated bands of all time-Kraut. Os Krakens embody everything I love about Punk, and how I want it to sound. The songs are fast and delivered with such urgency, it could possibly cause you to panic, and keep on hitting repeat. There is nothing calming about this band. As someone who suffers badly with anxiety attacks (like real ones, not “I’ve taken a quiz online so I am” kind of thing) Os Krakens give you this nervousness that keeps you on edge. You think something wild and out of control is about to happen, and that’s what keeps you listening to them. It’s totally the way they perform these songs that make you feel you’ve surrounded yourself with things that are sort of off kilter. Best way to be really.

They put out an EP in January, and the more recent one came out last month. I’d advise that you play them in order and of course, loud. If you can understand the lyrics, that’s a bonus for you. I can’t but it doesn’t bother me. I just love how they sound and how off the wall they are. I reckon their live shows are just as insane as they sound on record. There’s probably drinks and other bodily fluids flying around as the crowd go apeshit to the songs. Limbs are flailing, no one is watching the show through someone else’s mobile phone, and the crowd are yelling the words back- utter bliss. You’ll probably leave the show with a couple of bruises, and maybe someone else’s shoe. They most certainly have an addictive sound that I cannot get enough of. To some having songs this short may be annoying but personally, if the songs are this great- who cares how long they last! To release two EPs within a short amount of time gives me a lot of hope for this band, and a mountain of respect too.

I love how they have this “fuck it, let’s just do whatever” feel to their sound. It’s like they don’t put too much thought into what happens, they just let it happen and that’s something I really love and admire about Os Krakens. They aren’t doing this to please anyone, and that for me is again, another reason to love them. There’s only three of them in the band, but they make enough noise to sound like there’s a huge gang of them. I like to think that if I was in a band, this is probably the sound I’d go for. Os Krakens are wonderfully chaotic and this chaos is something that I really love. I love that it sounds all over the place but you can totally hear how brilliant they are as musicians.

Os Krakens have that thing about them that The Cramps had- they’re not afraid to test the listener, they’re not afraid to mess with your head and they sure as hell aren’t afraid to push their sound as far as they can in order to create this infectiously chaotic sound that I really cannot get enough of.

They’ve got this dangerous and out of line sound that goes beyond anything else I’ve heard in a long time. They’ve got the right attitude and the powerful songs to be one of the best Punk bands of our time.


This afternoon on my lunch break, I headed 5 minutes down the road into Camden Market. I went to my favourite record stall. It’s the home to some of the weirdest sounds I’ve ever heard. Sadly I’m too poor to buy everything (I got a record by The Gruesomes there and felt like I had won the lottery.) I’ve bought many records from their based on the artwork on the records. I do this frequently, and sometimes I know exactly what I’m looking for. Today however, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. Part of me wanting PJ Harvey, the other was going for the Melvins. Sadly they had nothing by Sleep which I was quite sad about, but what I picked up made up for the void.

I picked up The Courettes because I loved the description under the drummer, it reads: “Loud as hell drums.” That’s EXACTLY what I was looking for. Only one copy, so I clung onto it for a while before settling. As I paid for it me and the guy who works there was telling me a bit about the band. The more he told me, the more I was falling in love with a band I hadn’t heard yet. Fast forward finishing work and going to the gym, I come home and I listen to The Courettes.

The Courettes are a mighty fine duo who are for those who lust after obscure and off the wall sounds. This duo is so powerful and brilliant, they make you want to start something like this yourself. They come from Brazil/Denmark but they sound like a typical American Garage Rock/Punk band. That’s what is so beautiful about them, you think you know something about them but you really don’t. They are an irresistible mystery that you can’t get enough of.

As I turn up the volume more and more, I start hearing all this lucid sounds dripping in and out. It is one of the finest releases of the year, and will heartbreakingly so be underrated. However those that get their ears and mitts onto this record will know just how excellent it is. It is for the psychotic, the freaks, the weirdos, the ones who will not ever settle. It is fast, rebellious and music at its finest.

Sometimes when you accidentally find a band, they end up being one you truly treasure because maybe you associate them with someone or maybe you have a cool story about how you found them. Regardless of your reasons, how you got there and why you stuck with it just stays with you. You develop this deeply passionate admiration for the band, and all you want to do is waste your days listening to them. The Courettes are a duo that make a delightful noise that immediately hooks you. The vocals are raw, the guitar will blow your brains out and yes, the drums are loud as hell. Loud as hell and heaven sent.

There’s a riot going on in The Courettes music, don’t fight against it. Stick with them and be equally as loud. They’re playing a few shows in the UK, including The Fiddlers Elbow on Friday night as part of the Weirdsville night. This duo for me, have an ideal sound. The sound that’s in many bands I cherish and adore. The bands I constantly listen to.

Their debut record, Here Are The Courettes is out now. You can listen/buy the record here:http://thecourettes.bandcamp.com/album/here-are-the-courettes

Sooner or later this band will corrupt your soul and take over your record collection, just go with it. They’ve got a real wild sound and style that you simply cannot get enough of.