BAD GRAMMAR-You’re Welcome (EP)

They say everything good comes to an end, but in reality most things come to an end. From TV shows to life in general, it all ends. If you’re not aware by now, the brilliantly noisy duo Bad Grammar are no more. They’ve got a few more shows left before it is all done, and being the wonderful people they are they have just put out a 4 track EP full of new songs that they’ve been playing live.

The EP pretty much shows how good they are and it pretty much justifies missing them. A band like Bad Grammar aren’t common. They made their own noise and by god did they do it well. Whenever I saw them live, they always seemed to play a little bit louder. The day after a Bad Grammar gig was always fun because my hearing would be worse than usual. Still, it’s alright to go a day without listening to anyone.

Ben and Lucy are exceptional musicians, and I sincerely hope in 10/15 years time some kid stumbles across their music and starts a band. Inspired by the fury, power and rebellion in the music. Bad Grammar are a band that came alive during their shows. A band that you were immediately hooked on seeing after the first time. I first saw them well over a year ago supporting PINS at the Old Blue Last. I was blown away by their obvious talent. I’ve lost count on how many of their shows I’ve been to, and I think it’s all going to be a bit boring without them around.

You’re Welcome is a powerhouse of 4 songs made to melt your face and make your body somewhat tremble in a glorious fashion. The songs are a swift punch in the belly, and made for you to scream along to.

You can download the EP for free here: Death Stare is the one to play as loud as you possibly can. It won’t piss off your neighbours, if it does then just ignore them. Unless they are over the age of 70, then just respect their wishes.

If you live in London and you’ve never seen Bad Grammar live, head down to The Old Queens Head on Essex Road tomorrow night and came say TTFN to Ben and Lucy. It’s a free show, so you’ve got no excuse. I pretty much live in my Bad Grammar shirt. It’s covered in holes, but I won’t be placing it to the back of the drawer just yet. The songs on You’re Welcome are insanely heavy and are just a prime example as to why I love their music. They will be missed, but music is probably (going against my opening sentence) one of the few things that never ends. It will always be there.




“Sweetheart, your make up is terrible”.


When I was at Uni, I went to pretty much every Gossip gig I could manage on a student budget. Turns out, it was a lot. Thankfully it wasn’t a phase and is something I still do. Last year I think Bad Grammar could have possibly been the band I saw the most, closely followed by Crocodiles. This year, who knows who it could be. Probably more of the same to be honest, that’s perfectly alright with me.

If your daily life is a pain in your behind and other areas, if you are bored with the repetitive strain of daily life then Bad Grammar are your saviors. This Manchester based duo are the most ferocious and probably loudest band I’ve seen in a long time. The Jesus And Mary Chain were loud when I saw them, but it was mainly feedback wasn’t it. Bad Grammar play like two feral kids being let loose in a school music room and they don’t really care for who hears them. Their new single, Clown pretty much showcases this in all its brutal glory.

If you’ve seen Lucy and Ben live, you’ll probably be left feeling as if you should start a band or something as brave. I’ll be honest, when I’ve seen them live I’ve pretty much stared in awe at them rather than pay attention to the songs. Every time I see them, I feel it is the best time I’ve seen them. There is something about watching them that is truly brilliant. I love the way Ben flails about on the stage, jumping around like a kid that’s drank a load of Cherryade and snorted some Party Rings. Lucy beats the shit out the drum, and is easily one of the best drummers you’ll see (and hear.) They’re one of the hardest working bands around and don’t ever seem to not be playing a show, so you’ve really got no excuse!

Produced by Ryan Pinson (who worked recently with the equally awesome God Damn) Clown is a loud number that will make you want to throw your body about until you feel it is about to snap. Clown b/w Who’s Yer Mate? will be out in the Spring on Flatpack Records. They’ve managed to capture the energy from their live shows into a song, that will leave you wanting to follow them up and down the country to attend their shows (don’t stalk them, creep.)

Have some dates for your diary:

Saturday 24th January – The Boileroom, Guildford
Sunday 25th January – The Louisiana, Bristol
Friday 13th February – Lomax, Liverpool
Saturday 21st February – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London (Free Entry)
Friday 27th February – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton
Monday 2nd March – The Flapper, Birmingham
Friday 27th March – The Castle Hotel, Manchester (Single Launch)

You can stream the track here:




Everything sucks. But mainly because I’m no longer in Brussels. I went there on Saturday until Monday, and I had a delightful time- but people in Brussels aren’t fans of my kind. My kind being…vegetarians. Sorry about me and my lack of desire to eat a dead animal. It’s been 11 years nearly, I’m not going to change my ways. Luckily, I know the French word for “cheese” so I was alright. Brussels is a place I’d happily return to and stay there. I’ve decided it is now my favourite place, and every day I will dedicate 5 minutes to quietly sulk about the fact that I am not there. It’s worse when you’re unemployed isn’t it.

So I might as well write about a record that adds a bit of joy to my day now it is out.

Forced Fun by Bad Grammar is made up of a handful of songs that make you feel like you’re being satisfactorily beaten up. They leave you battered and bruised with their unapologetic and ferocious vocals; courtesy of Ben. Lucy’s drumming makes you pretty much disregard any other drummer you’ve ever heard. They’re the band that you need to listen to if you’re wanting to start your own band and make a racket. I really love the title of the EP. I think most of us can relate to being forced to enjoy ourselves. Hanging out with people who know someone you sort of recognise, if you squint slightly. thanks. Can I just stay at home with my books? I can’t? Fuck you, I can.

Forced Fun is the best EP of the year. Right next to it is the new Brown Brogues one, but I’ve already gushed about how awesome it is. Now it is Bad Grammar’s turn. A fine Mancunian band that no one could get bored of listening to. The EP opens with Stay Toned. Play it whilst you sweat it up at the gym. Just play Bad Grammar at the gym or go for a massive run whilst listening to them. Exercise to these wonderful tunes. Or you can stay at home and break stuff to it. Go for the latter; add some rebellion to your life.

Miley Serious is a delight of a song. It’s pun o’clock with this band. They’re bloody brilliant. See, I first heard about them when I saw them live and when the first time you hear about a band is at a live show, it kind of makes you love the band more than you would than if you heard them on record first. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll understand what I mean. I’ve just gone round the houses to try make my point again. The EP is about 15 minutes long (maybe a bit less) and as someone with a questionable attention span, I can safely say that this EP is just an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Weekend Dad is my favourite Bad Grammar song, and it’s my favourite of theirs to watch live. It’s under 3 minutes of sheer angst in the most glorious fashion. It’s the breakdown towards the end of the song that has a brilliant lo-fi/Garage Rock feel to it. Think early Wavves. Bad Grammar have made their own sound which is like nothing else, and I know so many people say this about other bands but you can always find some fault in their cheap declarations. I’m rarely right, but I think I am with this one. It’s a sound that you won’t find in piss ridden alleyways or arenas, or even lurking in your local. It’s a sound that has quite simply, come from two incredible musicians who deserve a wealth of success.

The EP ends with their new single, Temper Temper. The EP starts loud and ends loud. It is a riot for the ears that you cannot ignore. They’re playing The Old Blue Last on 29th April. It’s free; come on down! Their live shows are something else, and they have this infectious energy that is equally evident on record. In the past few months I’ve written about Bad Grammar a lot, but when you find a band you really believe in- why on earth should you shut up about them? I’m possibly repeating myself by stating how brilliant Ben and Lucy are.

So, I suppose all you can do is buy their EP from here: Go on, treat yourself.

Buy it. Play it constantly and as loud as you like. Go see them live.

BAD GRAMMAR. Hoxton Bar & Grill. 21st March 2014.


I’ve not been aware of Bad Grammar for long, but it is spiraled into the need to see them live at any chance I can get. I first saw them live when they supported PINS at The Old Blue Last. That gig was proof that the best things in life are free. Who doesn’t love a free gig?!

Bad Grammar are two people (Ben and Lucy) making a lot of noise. Noise that really really needs to be heard by as many people as possible. When I saw them support PINS, I was instantly blown away by how furiously they play. Not with rage, but with a sense of purpose. A lot of bands like to stand around bored, but Bad Grammar really get into it. Ben also broke a guitar string within seconds. I think that sums up how they play really. They make you want to break stuff and will melt your face.

Last night they played Hoxton Bar & Grill. I really like that venue, mainly because I first (and finally!!) saw Dum Dum Girls there in December. I’ve only been to one gig where there was about 10 people there, and it was when S.C.U.M played The Sugarmill in Stoke. I was annoyed because I felt more people should have seen them because they were a bloody good band. The same goes for Bad Grammar. They played supporting Shiva And The Hazards (we left after their first song) and Abjects, who were on after Bad Grammar. Abjects were really good. They reminded me of Camera Obscura mixed with The Shirelles. They play shows in London quite regularly, so go see them if you can.

So, Bad Grammar played to about 10 people but it felt as if they were playing to about a thousand. I’m usually in awe of drummers than can sing and drum at the same time. However, Lucy does the damn near impossible- she can smile and beat the living shit out of the drums. She’s one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen, and manages to look wonderfully happy doing so. Ben sings every song as if his life depends on it- that’s how you believe in a band. I watch him play his guitar, and I can’t help but think he’s going to hack a finger off from playing like that. It’s brilliant to watch; to see a band give it everything they have when around 10 people are watching them. I’m sure there are arrogant wankers out there who would refuse to do so, but they’re not worth listening to. Bad Grammar obviously are.

Their energy is like a toddler that’s eaten a load of Skittles and washed them down with some cheap lemonade (Cresta Lemonade, that’s the best one.) A lot of bands claim to have the essence of Punk in their music, when really they just sound like Paramore and it makes you want to throw up and cry. Bad Grammar have the kind of songs that would make Iggy Pop proud. They’ve got short punchy songs like the Ramones- but they play a little bit harder than them. Their sound is a little bit louder- but they play with a proper Punk attitude. It makes you want to start a band.

I was sad that there weren’t many people here to see Bad Grammar yet they all piled in for the main band. I hate missing support bands because for the most part, they are really fucking good. I sincerely hope that Bad Grammar become one of the biggest bands around, because this duo have something a lot lack. If you see them live (if you live in Manchester, you swines will get to see them more than most! Jammy gits!) you will understand why I’m pissed off at those who missed out last night and also, why this band aren’t fucking huge.

Their EP, Forced Fun is out 31st March on Flatpack Recordings. Buy it.

Have an action shot:


Sorry about the quality, I don’t have steady hands it seems!

BAD GRAMMAR- Temper Temper.


One of Manchester’s finest noise makers, Bad Grammar have just put out the video to their exquisitely loud new single, Temper Temper.

The video shows a few blokes on an evening one, with one of the hugging a traffic cone at the end. It’s alright pal, happens to us all eventually. So I’ve heard.

Bad Grammar are playing at Hoxton Bar & Grill this Friday, tickets are about £5. Someone buy me a ticket? I’m pretty poor. You can buy a ticket (or two) here: The line up is pretty cool. You’ve got Shiva And The Hazards, Abjects and of course Bad Grammar.

Bad Grammar’s EP, Forced Fun is out 31st March on Flatpack Recordings.




Last night I saw PINS live, and their support band blew me away. A lot of bands I’ve seen live have always had really good support bands, but last night was something else. I want world domination for Bad Grammar.

Bad Grammar are a duo from Manchester. This just backs up my point that duos and music from Manchester is quite frankly, the best. But, I am willing to cast my biased opinion aside briefly to tell you why Bad Grammar are brilliant without being too biased..if I can. I can only try I suppose.

Bad Grammar are the kind of band that make you pull weird faces when you see them live, or pretty much when you’re sat in your PJs at home listening to them at half 10 in the morning. Their ferocious sound makes it hard to believe that only two people (Lucy and Ben) are making this much noise. Ben broke a guitar string within seconds last night; that’s how furious they are. They play with determination and the ability to immediately make them your new favourite band. Lucy has this amazing talent of making you go “OH SHIT!” when she beats the shit out of the drums. She sits with a look of content on her face as she destroys the drums. It is almost as if she knows she is making people lose their mind to their music.

Their stage presence is a joy to watch, and the way they rip through their set and basically melt everyone’s faces with their rambunctious songs is just outstanding. Again, like PINS, I would not get bored with seeing Bad Grammar live. And is pretty much a reason as to why they need to be your new favourite band.

There are so many reasons as to why Bad Grammar are a pleasure to listen to. They have this raw feel to their sound; it’s unpolished and unapologetic. What’s the point in wanting to smooth your sound out when you can having something like this? I don’t know the names of all the songs they played last night, but I do remember hearing Temper Temper and enjoying every second of it.

As you listen to them, it is hard to believe that only two people are responsible for this excellent sound. Duos seem to play a little harder and with more blood, sweat and tears. Bad Grammar are a perfect example of this. Of course the best way to listen to them is as loudly as you can take. When they hit the stage last night, I felt as if my ears were going to explode and to me, that’s quite alright. Besides, they have a song about hating people with fast metabolisms- something everyone can pretty much relate to!

Bad Grammar’s EP, Forced Fun is out on 31st March on Flatpack Records. If you’re fortunate to live in Manchester or close by, you can catch them at The Castle Hotel on the 29th March for the EP release show. They will also be back down in London on 21st March at Hoxton Bar & Grill and back at The Old Blue Last on  29th April.

You can play their sounds as loud as you like here:

You just know in your gut when you hear something exceptional. I think Bad Grammar are going to be my favourite new band. Their sound is exciting and brutal; I can’t wait to hear more from them.