Last night I saw PINS live, and their support band blew me away. A lot of bands I’ve seen live have always had really good support bands, but last night was something else. I want world domination for Bad Grammar.

Bad Grammar are a duo from Manchester. This just backs up my point that duos and music from Manchester is quite frankly, the best. But, I am willing to cast my biased opinion aside briefly to tell you why Bad Grammar are brilliant without being too biased..if I can. I can only try I suppose.

Bad Grammar are the kind of band that make you pull weird faces when you see them live, or pretty much when you’re sat in your PJs at home listening to them at half 10 in the morning. Their ferocious sound makes it hard to believe that only two people (Lucy and Ben) are making this much noise. Ben broke a guitar string within seconds last night; that’s how furious they are. They play with determination and the ability to immediately make them your new favourite band. Lucy has this amazing talent of making you go “OH SHIT!” when she beats the shit out of the drums. She sits with a look of content on her face as she destroys the drums. It is almost as if she knows she is making people lose their mind to their music.

Their stage presence is a joy to watch, and the way they rip through their set and basically melt everyone’s faces with their rambunctious songs is just outstanding. Again, like PINS, I would not get bored with seeing Bad Grammar live. And is pretty much a reason as to why they need to be your new favourite band.

There are so many reasons as to why Bad Grammar are a pleasure to listen to. They have this raw feel to their sound; it’s unpolished and unapologetic. What’s the point in wanting to smooth your sound out when you can having something like this? I don’t know the names of all the songs they played last night, but I do remember hearing Temper Temper and enjoying every second of it.

As you listen to them, it is hard to believe that only two people are responsible for this excellent sound. Duos seem to play a little harder and with more blood, sweat and tears. Bad Grammar are a perfect example of this. Of course the best way to listen to them is as loudly as you can take. When they hit the stage last night, I felt as if my ears were going to explode and to me, that’s quite alright. Besides, they have a song about hating people with fast metabolisms- something everyone can pretty much relate to!

Bad Grammar’s EP, Forced Fun is out on 31st March on Flatpack Records. If you’re fortunate to live in Manchester or close by, you can catch them at The Castle Hotel on the 29th March for the EP release show. They will also be back down in London on 21st March at Hoxton Bar & Grill and back at The Old Blue Last on  29th April.

You can play their sounds as loud as you like here:

You just know in your gut when you hear something exceptional. I think Bad Grammar are going to be my favourite new band. Their sound is exciting and brutal; I can’t wait to hear more from them.

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