BAD GRAMMAR-You’re Welcome (EP)

They say everything good comes to an end, but in reality most things come to an end. From TV shows to life in general, it all ends. If you’re not aware by now, the brilliantly noisy duo Bad Grammar are no more. They’ve got a few more shows left before it is all done, and being the wonderful people they are they have just put out a 4 track EP full of new songs that they’ve been playing live.

The EP pretty much shows how good they are and it pretty much justifies missing them. A band like Bad Grammar aren’t common. They made their own noise and by god did they do it well. Whenever I saw them live, they always seemed to play a little bit louder. The day after a Bad Grammar gig was always fun because my hearing would be worse than usual. Still, it’s alright to go a day without listening to anyone.

Ben and Lucy are exceptional musicians, and I sincerely hope in 10/15 years time some kid stumbles across their music and starts a band. Inspired by the fury, power and rebellion in the music. Bad Grammar are a band that came alive during their shows. A band that you were immediately hooked on seeing after the first time. I first saw them well over a year ago supporting PINS at the Old Blue Last. I was blown away by their obvious talent. I’ve lost count on how many of their shows I’ve been to, and I think it’s all going to be a bit boring without them around.

You’re Welcome is a powerhouse of 4 songs made to melt your face and make your body somewhat tremble in a glorious fashion. The songs are a swift punch in the belly, and made for you to scream along to.

You can download the EP for free here: Death Stare is the one to play as loud as you possibly can. It won’t piss off your neighbours, if it does then just ignore them. Unless they are over the age of 70, then just respect their wishes.

If you live in London and you’ve never seen Bad Grammar live, head down to The Old Queens Head on Essex Road tomorrow night and came say TTFN to Ben and Lucy. It’s a free show, so you’ve got no excuse. I pretty much live in my Bad Grammar shirt. It’s covered in holes, but I won’t be placing it to the back of the drawer just yet. The songs on You’re Welcome are insanely heavy and are just a prime example as to why I love their music. They will be missed, but music is probably (going against my opening sentence) one of the few things that never ends. It will always be there.

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