Living in a house which is detached from others is good for one thing- I can play my music loud without worrying if I’m disturbing anyone. However, I have moments where I can be considerate so I wouldn’t play it loud anyway. There are some bands that you play at a comfortable volume and there are bands that you play as loud as you can until your ears feel like they are bleeding and your body is pleading for you to turn it down. But the mind wins.

UV Glaze are obnoxiously loud. I won’t say who they are/are not for. Anyone with decent hearing should listen to these guys. Sure they aren’t to everyone’s taste, but personally I love them. If this is what Berlin is churning out, then someone please sort me out with a job over there (one day…and I’d probably sit in the Ramones museum all day talking to items of Joey’s wardrobe.) UV Glaze have this brutal and heavy sound that makes you conjure up equally sadistic notions, not to the point of danger. They just bring out the filth in us all. If we all unleashed it sometime, then maybe we’d be more laid-back and welcoming. They’re the kind of band that probably leave you bloodied and bruised after a live show. Sometimes you just need a band like this in your collection. In my case, I need it all the time.

I know nothing about this band. I don’t know their names or how long they’ve been going, so all I can tell you is how fucking brilliant they are. The singer sounds like he’s in constant pain when he sings. As if every word could be his last, they are delivered with such urgency and in a way that makes you imagine him singing them whilst wriggling on the floor in an uncomfortable manner trying to push the demons out. It’s as dark as The Birthday Party and as heavy as the likes of Sleep. It’s just a divine collision of noise and rage. There’s this beautiful angst in the music that makes you want to bin your mundane everyday life off and seek out what you’ve been told to leave alone.

This stuff is real nasty and grimy and is something you should play to shock someone. Just to get a reaction, then watch them slowly but surely embrace the band with you. Bands like this make music exciting. I don’t want to hear about how some good for nothing so and so broke your heart. Fuck that! I want the shit that matters, and what matters is found in UV Glaze.

UV Glaze take you off into this sinister world. They’re not holding your hand as they do so. Not at all. They don’t care if you follow them or not, but once you step into this mindfuck of a world you will never ever want to leave. Whatever you feel when you listen to them, just go with it. You don’t need mothering now. This band are here to kick you in places you’ve never been kicked before. They’ll wake you up with their demonic drums, their brutal guitars…everything. It will all make sense after one listen. After that, don’t look back on what you used to know. It’s all here, in UV Glaze.

You can stream some songs here: https://www.bandpage.com/UVGLAZE

And you can buy the music here: http://shop.bachelorrecords.com/index.php?route=product/product&manufacturer_id=11&product_id=1274

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