“I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself,  
Turn off my brain and put a cigarette in my mouth.”

There’s something addictive about bands who make you want to trash every room you walk in. The urgency to just destroy stuff upon hearing a song by New Swears is uncontrollable. I mean this is the best way imaginable. Sure half the time we listen to music that makes us want to gauge our eyes out, hack off our ears and run away. New Swears the opposite. They make you want to join their gang and make a lot of noise.

New Swears are a band that sound drunk. You can’t imagine going to their shows and standing like a frigid nun. You would move around intensely and you’d leave covered in bruises, blood, sweat and probably on a Thursday night, someone’s piss. The latter, I’d imagine, isn’t a selling point. But my point is that these guys sound beautifully out of control and they don’t care what you think. It’s part Britney melt-down mixed with some lo-fi grooves. It’s all you need and more.

Their music consists of underground party tunes or you know, you could just play them loudly on your own without anyone around. Both are acceptable. Of course the best way to experience how brilliant New Swears are would be to catch one of their shows.  New Swears make the kind of music to make you unleash all that tension inside you. It can be any kind you so desire, but they just pull it out of you almost as if they have healing powers. They probably do, so get in line.

New Swears have this intense sound which some may be (foolishly) intimidated by. The sheer loudness and destructive nature in their music is really what I love. I love that they are unapologetically daring with their sound; who else is doing this. By no means are they are hardcore tribe, they’ve got something more than that. They’re a band that I firmly believe MUST be seen live. I’m slowly going through their back catalogue, and I’ve found some inner peace with the song Candy Land. It’s one of their more toned down songs. I love the lyrics, and it would sound equally as great if the words were screamed instead of sung. They are just wonderfully talented guys who need to be heard loudly and constantly. Oh I have fallen in love.

There’s this passionate fury coming out of their music that makes you want to do what they do, and maybe louder. New Swears make you want to put on your favourite battered and ripped t-shirt and sail on into the night covered in questionable markings and smells. Some bands take themselves far too seriously and create music that is too hard to relate to. Then we have bands like New Swears who make sense of all those daily life annoyances. They sum it all up in a way that makes you feel alright with dissatisfaction at all around you. They make you feel slightly more comfortable in your own skin. They also make you want to raise your own kind of hell.

I have no idea what New Swears are up to, but you can listen to their music here:

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