In my honest yet biased opinion, Guillotine by Kingsley and pals is one of the best songs you will hear all year. It is the b-side to Lovers. Although Lover is an excellent song and only a fool would change anything about it, Guillotine has something menacing about it that makes it stand out. This underlying menacing feel in the song is what lures you back in, to hit repeat constantly. That, and the lyrics are bloody fantastic.

The video is brilliant. If you don’t enjoy a cross-dressing Britney in a Working Man’s Club then there’s probably something wrong with you upstairs. The video features Elvis, Slash and a busty Freddie Mercury. The video is nothing to do with this song, but why should it be? Not everything in life must be obvious and not everyone wants to spend a stupid amount of money wasted on special effects and “famous friends” poncing around with fake machine guns.

Only a complete buffoon would fail to acknowledge how amazing this band is and how their songs are enough to make anything “typical” shudder and shit itself. The beautiful venom in Kingsley’s voice makes you completely take in everything he is saying. For me, he’s got the humour of Moz and the romanticism of Nick Cave. Put them together and you have this creation that cannot be stopped. The brutality and the hidden romantic messages in the music is enough to make you cast aside all you listen to, because you know it won’t hit you like this does. I mean, the way he sings “You only kick me when I’m down” is just filled with this passion that you wish you could unleash. Find a way.

Guillotine is a wonderful taste of what is to come from these handsome swines. For me, it surpasses Lovers and I love that song. The fury in the piano adds something quite sinister to the song, and I think that’s why it is so easy to fall into the whirl of constantly playing the song over and over. I could keep praising this song and I could take apart the lyrics and point out the beauty in them, but you should probably just watch the video and buy the music. That’s what counts.

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