Over a year ago I wrote about a band called Daydream Johnny, and from the ashes of that band a new one has risen. Terra are a three-piece (with an added member called Brayden for tours.) This band are pretty damn good and would put any Pitchfork hyped band to shame.

Terra are a solid Garage Rock kind of band with more weird and wonderful things thrown in. Their EP came out last month, and because I’m really useless at the moment- I’m going to write about it now.

The 4 track EP is probably about 10 minutes long. It consists of tunes to accompany a road trip (whether on your lonesome or with someone you can actually stand.) Their songs are like glorious punches to the face and belly. They smack you in the gut and cause this destructive urge to make you want to smash things, or the safer option- throw your body about. On record they sound perfect, and I reckon their live shows really prove what they can do and allow them to show off just how bloody great they are.

Terra have a comforting and dark sound. It’s in the vocals, the lyrics, the hypnotic guitars and brutal drums. It all comes together so well, and you can’t help but think you’ve just stumbled upon one of the best bands around. Like all great bands Terra make you want to find some like-minded people and make your own noise.

Later on this year Terra will be recording their debut full length record, and going by what they’ve created with their EP they will more than likely create nothing short of a strange masterpiece that you won’t be able to stop listening to.

For me, I think Forest Lawn is their best song on the EP. It’s the loudest and most ferocious on the EP. I love songs that are unapologetically brutal and would probably make others turn their noses up at. Who needs conventional and comfortable when you can have bands who actually something of worth to offer. This is the kind of music kids should be playing loud in their bedrooms wishing they could take over the world with their music. That’s a dream to cling to and pursue. Any other seems far too much like settling. Never settle and never assume you’re worth just a routine. Bands like Terra have something essentially Punk about them. They’ve got something, and I hope it sticks in their music because they’re a band we cannot lose or ignore. I have no idea if they’ll ever get to this side of the pond but they’ve just finished some shows in Canada, and hopefully made the right kind of noise.

You can listen to and buy the EP here: http://terramusic.bandcamp.com/ and it’s out now on Shake! Records.

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