Everything sucks. But mainly because I’m no longer in Brussels. I went there on Saturday until Monday, and I had a delightful time- but people in Brussels aren’t fans of my kind. My kind being…vegetarians. Sorry about me and my lack of desire to eat a dead animal. It’s been 11 years nearly, I’m not going to change my ways. Luckily, I know the French word for “cheese” so I was alright. Brussels is a place I’d happily return to and stay there. I’ve decided it is now my favourite place, and every day I will dedicate 5 minutes to quietly sulk about the fact that I am not there. It’s worse when you’re unemployed isn’t it.

So I might as well write about a record that adds a bit of joy to my day now it is out.

Forced Fun by Bad Grammar is made up of a handful of songs that make you feel like you’re being satisfactorily beaten up. They leave you battered and bruised with their unapologetic and ferocious vocals; courtesy of Ben. Lucy’s drumming makes you pretty much disregard any other drummer you’ve ever heard. They’re the band that you need to listen to if you’re wanting to start your own band and make a racket. I really love the title of the EP. I think most of us can relate to being forced to enjoy ourselves. Hanging out with people who know someone you sort of recognise, if you squint slightly. thanks. Can I just stay at home with my books? I can’t? Fuck you, I can.

Forced Fun is the best EP of the year. Right next to it is the new Brown Brogues one, but I’ve already gushed about how awesome it is. Now it is Bad Grammar’s turn. A fine Mancunian band that no one could get bored of listening to. The EP opens with Stay Toned. Play it whilst you sweat it up at the gym. Just play Bad Grammar at the gym or go for a massive run whilst listening to them. Exercise to these wonderful tunes. Or you can stay at home and break stuff to it. Go for the latter; add some rebellion to your life.

Miley Serious is a delight of a song. It’s pun o’clock with this band. They’re bloody brilliant. See, I first heard about them when I saw them live and when the first time you hear about a band is at a live show, it kind of makes you love the band more than you would than if you heard them on record first. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll understand what I mean. I’ve just gone round the houses to try make my point again. The EP is about 15 minutes long (maybe a bit less) and as someone with a questionable attention span, I can safely say that this EP is just an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Weekend Dad is my favourite Bad Grammar song, and it’s my favourite of theirs to watch live. It’s under 3 minutes of sheer angst in the most glorious fashion. It’s the breakdown towards the end of the song that has a brilliant lo-fi/Garage Rock feel to it. Think early Wavves. Bad Grammar have made their own sound which is like nothing else, and I know so many people say this about other bands but you can always find some fault in their cheap declarations. I’m rarely right, but I think I am with this one. It’s a sound that you won’t find in piss ridden alleyways or arenas, or even lurking in your local. It’s a sound that has quite simply, come from two incredible musicians who deserve a wealth of success.

The EP ends with their new single, Temper Temper. The EP starts loud and ends loud. It is a riot for the ears that you cannot ignore. They’re playing The Old Blue Last on 29th April. It’s free; come on down! Their live shows are something else, and they have this infectious energy that is equally evident on record. In the past few months I’ve written about Bad Grammar a lot, but when you find a band you really believe in- why on earth should you shut up about them? I’m possibly repeating myself by stating how brilliant Ben and Lucy are.

So, I suppose all you can do is buy their EP from here: Go on, treat yourself.

Buy it. Play it constantly and as loud as you like. Go see them live.

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