“Sweetheart, your make up is terrible”.


When I was at Uni, I went to pretty much every Gossip gig I could manage on a student budget. Turns out, it was a lot. Thankfully it wasn’t a phase and is something I still do. Last year I think Bad Grammar could have possibly been the band I saw the most, closely followed by Crocodiles. This year, who knows who it could be. Probably more of the same to be honest, that’s perfectly alright with me.

If your daily life is a pain in your behind and other areas, if you are bored with the repetitive strain of daily life then Bad Grammar are your saviors. This Manchester based duo are the most ferocious and probably loudest band I’ve seen in a long time. The Jesus And Mary Chain were loud when I saw them, but it was mainly feedback wasn’t it. Bad Grammar play like two feral kids being let loose in a school music room and they don’t really care for who hears them. Their new single, Clown pretty much showcases this in all its brutal glory.

If you’ve seen Lucy and Ben live, you’ll probably be left feeling as if you should start a band or something as brave. I’ll be honest, when I’ve seen them live I’ve pretty much stared in awe at them rather than pay attention to the songs. Every time I see them, I feel it is the best time I’ve seen them. There is something about watching them that is truly brilliant. I love the way Ben flails about on the stage, jumping around like a kid that’s drank a load of Cherryade and snorted some Party Rings. Lucy beats the shit out the drum, and is easily one of the best drummers you’ll see (and hear.) They’re one of the hardest working bands around and don’t ever seem to not be playing a show, so you’ve really got no excuse!

Produced by Ryan Pinson (who worked recently with the equally awesome God Damn) Clown is a loud number that will make you want to throw your body about until you feel it is about to snap. Clown b/w Who’s Yer Mate? will be out in the Spring on Flatpack Records. They’ve managed to capture the energy from their live shows into a song, that will leave you wanting to follow them up and down the country to attend their shows (don’t stalk them, creep.)

Have some dates for your diary:

Saturday 24th January – The Boileroom, Guildford
Sunday 25th January – The Louisiana, Bristol
Friday 13th February – Lomax, Liverpool
Saturday 21st February – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London (Free Entry)
Friday 27th February – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton
Monday 2nd March – The Flapper, Birmingham
Friday 27th March – The Castle Hotel, Manchester (Single Launch)

You can stream the track here:

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