KINGSLEY CHAPMAN AND THE MURDER- The Old Blue Last. 21st September 2015.

Sometimes a band can fully justify all you feel, and when you see said band on stage it is like all you’ve built up inside has finally come to life although said feelings may be better off away from you. But these are the things that make us who we are, regardless of what others may think.

Kingsley Chapman And The Murder are made up of some of the most talented musicians this country has to offer. The way they play as if their lives depend on it makes you fully believe in every word and every note. You feel each song was created just for you and in a whirlwind of emotions, you can’t believe that such talent is playing a tiny venue for free in London.
Over time we have witnessed great frontmen in bands. From Moz to Joey Ramone, if they’ve got something that grips you instantly, then you just become a fan for life. As I watch in awe of the band and Kingsley’s brilliant ability to scare the crowd shitless with his deathly stare and astounding delivery of lyrics, I can’t help but think I am truly watching one of the greatest bands I’ve ever seen. I’m not just saying this because Kingsley’s a pal, but because friendship aside, this band are what I look for in music. They are dark, romantic in the way that isn’t typical, they make you feel like you’ve been adopted by the devil and you don’t feel like some weird fucker who doesn’t know what the hell is going on. Sure they’ve had the Nick Cave comparison thrown about, and their last song of the set Kill That Man is on a par with Stagger Lee. If you were there, you will hopefully know exactly what I mean. It was like the devil came out to play and we all joined a cult. It was bloody brilliant.
The song they played before Ghosts,Second Best Man was powerful. Did I cry a little? There was something in my eye, shut up. With a lot of the singers I love, it is the way you can hear their accent in their vocals that grip me. The way you can pick up the way certain words are pronounced make you click with the music more. Of course, as this band are from the North makes me love them even more. They don’t make music like this in London. Last night felt like home you know. I was seeing a band I adore in my favourite London venue, it just felt right. As I was watching the band I really had a hard time working out why they aren’t signed, but I guess in a way that’s what makes you treasure them even more.
I’ve been to some memorable shows in my time and a few have left a lasting impression on me. Some have made me get my shit together and others have made real life make some sense. What have I taken from the show last night? A wealth of things. Some that I really don’t want to share, but the main point is I was just really really proud of my friend. When I first saw Kingsley he was in a band called The Chapman Family. Their shows consisted of him wrapping the mic chord a little too tight around his neck. Last night, he did the same but the grip was a little less tight. The urgency in the songs could make the most dubious a believer.
The crowd was nothing short of gorgeous. Apart from the few behind me who felt the need to talk throughout (surely you’d go somewhere quiet to talk?) This was their first headline show in London, and I sincerely hope next time the venue is again packed with sweaty bodies screaming along as if their lives depend on it. Last night I could have gone to see my hero Morrissey, but I opted for the same level of genius but in a smaller setting. It was the kind of show that made you see everything a little different, maybe more clearer. This is a band who work hard to sound as great as they do, but to be honest it probably just comes natural to them. I couldn’t get tired of watching them live or listening to their music. Lost souls can be found to Kingsley Chapman And The Murder.
If all Monday nights consisted of seeing bands like this, the world would probably be a better place. Whatever music drags out of you, please make sure you cling onto it. I’m not entirely sure how to write this in a non biased way, but I can honestly say that this is one of the best gigs I have ever been to. I felt like I was watching a bunch of mental sailors lost at sea singing songs of love, lust, loss and desperation in one last plea to be heard before the sea takes them. It was dramatic and full of this built up passion that comes around very rarely from a band that are just as rare as the talent they posses. It was just absolutely brilliant, and I’m going to struggle to see a better show than this.
If you’re lucky to live in the North, you can catch Kingsley and his men support the equally wonderful Nadine Shah on the 30th of this month. If I had the funds, I would be there. It’s an ideal line up and I sincerely hope these shows drum up a wealth of interest who will make the world aware of Kingsley Chapman And The Murder. They’re the kind of band that make me wish I had my own label so I could put out music like this for everyone to hear. Some bands are just destined to be heard, and these guys are one of them.
If you are against conventional and tradition, then invest yourself in this band. The humour on stage and in the lyrics are glorious, and obviously Kinglsey’s comments about our pig face-fucking Prime Minister were welcomed with cheers. With the bore and doom of living in Tory country, it’s good to have bands like this who ease the wounds and make you feel human.

PINS. The Old Blue Last. 25th February 2014.


I’ve said it so many times now, but Manchester is truly the home of great music. It is obvious who the great bands are, and PINS will probably be named amongst them in a few more years.

I will mention their support act in a separate post because they are incredible and I’ll just ramble otherwise.

This was the third time I had seen PINS, but the first time seeing them headline their own show. They are a band I could quite happily watch live over and over again, and find different parts of their music to adore. PINS remind me of all the bands I love, but I don’t mean it in a rip-off kind of way. Far from it. They also remind me why I love music so much.

Aside from the gig being free (which was bloody good as I had lost £10 on the way..and as someone who has £5 in their bank account, this was pretty shit) PINS got their visas to go to America. I sincerely hope America falls in love with them because they are a band that just need to be heard by everyone. I think it is obvious that PINS are going to have no problem with being loved in America.

For me, it is always going to be LuvU4Lyf that causes me to move the most. I guess it is because it was the first song I heard by them a few years ago now, you always cling to the first song you hear by a band you love don’t you? It doesn’t matter if they’ve put out a record full of brilliant songs, you always go back to the one you first heard. I love seeing Girls Like Us live because Faith and Sophie beat the shit out of the cymbal in the intro (cymbal bashing is always welcome, just watch Oliver from The XX do it during Infinity.) Mad For You is brilliant live, and the way they all sing together in unison just really shows how tight the band is.

The night before I saw Brody Dalle live, and I’m pretty sure she burst my eardrums, and PINS pretty much did the same (as did their support band, Bad Grammar.) PINS are easily the most exciting bands around because they have this indescribable sound that makes them stand out from everything else that is going on. If you’re fed up of what you’re supposed to be listening to, go listen to PINS. Go see them live and kick out your frustrations because they are truly something else.

On record they are perfect, you cannot fault them and to look for fault would make you an ass. However, when you see them live it is something else. They sound tighter live and the way they sound live is even more perfect, they are simply a band that deserve every ounce of success they get. I’ve seen them support two bands I love; Warpaint and Dum Dum Girls, and to finally see them headline their own show was a memorable experience, especially in a venue so small. They are the kind of band you need to see in a small and sweaty room. They are the best kinds of shows, and only the best kinds of bands play these kinds of venues.

I’m not really sure what the crowd was like, I was just happy to see PINS but I saw some creepy guy taking photo of Faith’s legs throughout the show which was pretty stupid. Then again, some people are just idiots aren’t they.

PINS have this way that, after seeing them live making you wish you had some musical talent so you could start a band. They are the kind of band you wish you could join. They just have this way of playing together that really makes you believe in their music, and I think when you see a band live and you can tell they love playing together, it pretty much makes you love the band even more. If they stood on stage looking as if they didn’t care, you wouldn’t be moved by it. PINS are just an absolute pleasure to watch live because they each lure you into this weird world they have made with their eerie sound. Sophie makes you wish you could play the drums. Anna is a hypnotic bass player. I’ve never seen anyone enjoy themselves on stage as much as Lois does. Faith’s voice is enviable, I wish I could sing like that! You can tell that they have the best time playing live, and that is what makes you want to keep seeing them play.

The sinister undertones in their music really comes alive when you see PINS live, and it is just a beautiful thing to witness. I’m pretty sure this is how people felt when Siouxsie And The Banshees first came out. Oh and also, I know it has nothing to do with the music, but Anna’s hair looked amazing last night. I had hair envy.

If you get the chance to see PINS live, GO. Don’t think twice about it, just GO. To anyone who thinks music is boring or lacks that “something” then go listen to PINS. Oh and if you are a fan, the band have got a treat for you on Record Store Day (this day is better than Christmas.)