A couple years back, a super group formed in New York City. Flowers Of Evil erupted and tore up eardrums, and limbs alike. Made up of Young Boys lead guy, David and also Brandon and Charlie from Crocodiles it’s pretty obvious that Flowers Of Evil are going to end up putting one of the best records of the year, right? Their first release was brilliantly loud and pleasantly dangerous. Where have they headed with City Of Fear?

City Of Fear is a real Hardcore Punk record. It can easily stand up against the greats, and wouldn’t look out of place next to a Black Flag record. It’s got this effortless raw and brutal sound that so many try to perfect, but it just sounds overdone. Flowers Of Evil make it look so easy and they make it sound exactly like it should. This record is a collection of songs that need to be played in a sweaty dive bar with everyone yelling the words back at the band as David screams them in your face. There is this glorious urgency in the songs that makes you wish you could do this. The alternative is okay- playing it as loud as you can without a care in the world.

It’s nice to allow yourself to be exposed to gentle sounds but sometimes you just need something obnoxiously loud to satisfy what certain parts of you need. If I could, I’d go on about my favourite song on City Of Fear but it’s pretty tough to pick one. Each song comes in just under 2 and a half minutes- the perfect amount of time to get a point across. The lyrics on every song are extremely poignant, especially with how society can be and certain world leaders being absolute shitheads. You need an escape. Every day music is my escape. We’re all getting away from something.

David’s snarl on these songs is brilliant. He has this demeanour that comes through wonderfully on these songs, and it probably makes him on of the most underrated singers/frontman of our generation. City Of Fear is an excellent portrayal of the world we currently live in, and the way in which Flowers Of Evil have exposed it make it much easier to digest.

I know I said I couldn’t pick one particular song, but I’m really into Sedation Vacation. I love how furiously quick it is, and will just make you want to rip shit up. MAN also has David’s infamous snarl on it that like pretty much the whole record, again, will make you just want to destroy stuff.

Play the record loud and throw stuff out of your bedroom window. Unleash that fury you’re carrying around. I love the rage and beautifully deafening sounds on City Of Fear. It sounds real nice right after playing their first record. These 14 songs deserve to rule the rest of your year. The colossal sound on this record is something that just makes you want to pick up a guitar and make a mass amount of noise. Sure 14 songs don’t feel enough, but just go back to the start and let yourself get utterly immersed in the record all over again.

There’s really no point in trying to compare Flowers Of Evil or this record to anything or anyone, it’s totally pointless. The songs truly speak for themselves and must be played as loud as possible. They’re worth losing your hearing over.

You can buy City Of Evil via the Deranged Records bandcamp page:

FLOWERS OF EVIL-Flowers Of Evil.

For the snotty and depraved shitheads of the world, Flowers Of Evil are here for you. They will spit in your eyes, kick you in belly and deafen you with their loud and aggressive sound.

Spat out into the world last summer in New York City, Flowers Of Evil have just released their debut self-titled record on Deranged Records. It’s the soundtrack for bored youths and adults. Unleashing 20 minutes of filth and fury on their record, is there a better sound? Not at all. It’s brutal and infectious. David spits the lyrics out with urgency and venom. With no social media presence, these guys are doing things the right way. A proper punk ethos flowing through their music which makes you think you are anywhere but 2015.

The only bad thing I have to say about their record is that it only lasts 20 minutes. However, you’ve got bands like the Ramones and Girl Tears who can rip your face off in a minute and half song. Time isn’t always everything. Flowers Of Evil will cause riots and brawls (hopefully) at their shows. Throwing careless but not malicious punches in mistake for dancing, that’s totally fine. They’re currently on tour in America, so maybe we need to start a petition to get them over here.

The band consists of musicians who are in equally brilliant bands who obviously, I am a fan of. The thing is, Flowers Of Evil sounds like a band born decades and decades ago. They’ve got the fight and fury in them that’s found in bands like Black Flag and the rowdy sounds of The Ruts and The Damned. Basically, Flowers Of Evil sound like my dream band. They’re basically my dream line up anyway. I love how they’ve got this attitude in their music that reminds me of the Dead Boys. If I was an angry 14 year old, I’d hear this record and go start my own noise. I’m 28 with no musical talent, which is why I write about music I really really love.

You get the impression from this record that their live shows leave the crowd going covered in blood, sweat and booze. Like I say, if you haven’t left a show without some kind of injury, you’ve not had a good time. You can picture the crowd losing their shit over Flowers Of Evil, and rightfully so. I’ve been waiting a long time for this record to come out, and now that it is finally here I really cannot praise it enough. It is full of wonderful fuck yous and fuck offs. It’s the perfect record to play when you want everyone to just go get fucked off for a little while.

You can get yourself a copy of this rambunctious delight right here:

Any band that names themselves from a Baudelaire poem has got to be wonderfully depraved, right?

Play loud.