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Nathan Williams is underrated. Wavves are underrated, and it’ll be a crime if the new Wavves record, Hideaway is overlooked.

Is it the best Wavves record to date? Quite possibly. I’ve still got a lot of sentimental attachment to King Of The Beach and Wavves, but there’s something about Hideaway that just really hits you. Maybe it’s the opener Thru Hell that really makes you feel like you’ve been turned onto something truly great, or maybe it’s because you know that Nathan is just incredible at what he does, and let’s be honest- there’s no such thing as a bad Wavves record. This is their seventh record, and maybe it’s because a few years have passed between records but Hideaway has something about it that just calms you. It soothes that part of your brain that just will not shut the fuck up. It’s hard work carrying that around, but Wavves lighten that load. Always have, always will.

I know the record came out just over a month ago but no part of me has wanted to write about anything. It happens from time to time; and I think it means my brain needs re-setting. I’ve been playing Hideaway every single day since it came out, and it’s been a lifeline. I don’t think any record of late has done that, but I’ve noticed most Wavves records have this grip on me.

Hideaway may only be a short record, but with these 9 songs the band give you everything you need and more. Every song on this record will move you in all kinds of ways. When I first played the record in full, I was just blown away with the growth in the Wavves sound. To really appreciate this record, go back and listen to previous Wavves records and give yourself plenty of to soak up Hideaway. The record opens with Thru Hell, and I know it’s super cliched but it’s the one I keep going back to. It’s the one I play the loudest, and I LOVE the line “Can’t talk now, I’m goin’ through hell. Can’t see straight, I don’t feel so well.” Just something about that line that just speaks to me a lot. The song is made to be played loud, that’s for sure.

Aside from Thru Hell quite possibly being one of my favourite songs of the year, the record is made up of anthems that you cannot help but scream along to. Help Is On The Way right through to Planting A Garden, the record just really speaks to you. If you’ve never listened to Wavves before then of course, you’ve been missing out but Hideaway is a mighty fine place to start. Be pretty cool to hear someone’s thoughts on playing this record then go backwards into Wavves records. Wherever and however you start, you’ll probably keep coming back to Hideaway. It’s got a real safety net feel to it, and I love how Nathan can put out records that just speak to how I’m feeling/how I’ve felt time and time again. That’s when you know you’ve found a band to really cling to.

For the foreseeable, I’m probably going to keep on playing Hideaway at least 5 times a day and just getting totally lost in it. There’s a hell of a lot to love about this record, and yeah it’s a damn shame we may not get a UK tour out of this. I can only imagine what this record would be like live. There’s tender moments on the record (Caviar) and there’s parts where you just feel like the song was written for you (Honeycomb.) It is just a divine record, and one I know, like all Wavves records- I just won’t ever get bored of it.






If you’re looking for something extra creepy, and extra trashy- then you’ve GOT to listen to Manchester’s finest Thee Windom Earles. They are a fascinating band that make you feel like you’ve stepped into some weird Horror B-Movie. They are off the wall, in your face and just brilliant. Think along the lines of Captain Beefheart and The Cramps, then you’ll get it.

 Where do you begin with a band like this? I know nothing about them, all I know is that they are from the greatest city in the world (Manchester) and they make the kind of music that would even move us fellow introverts. They’ve got a really cool style, and this Psychobilly sound is just exceptional. You cannot help but move when you listen to them, and you cannot help but play their music super loud.

 Their debut record, Mai Tai Pink Eye came out in February this year. I know, I’m late with this one. But it’s such a great record. You don’t feel like you’re listening to a band from 2019. There is something nostalgic about this record- they’ve got every essence of The Cramps, but they don’t do it in a rip-off style at all. They take this creepy Rock ‘n’ Roll sound and make it theirs. If The Cramps came from Manchester, they’d probably sound like this. Songs like Sex Pizzeria are MADE to be played super loud and Oom Sha Cha too. Just play the whole record loud at least 5 times a day. You’ll feel better for it.




Mai Tai Pink Eye is not only probably the best name for a record you’ll hear this year, but it’s also got a such a tight sound. The production is flawless, and the sound is beautifully unruly. It is the best form of chaos possible- it’s basically a band making a lot of noise and having a great time doing so. I’m having a great time listening to it! It is such a thrilling record. Bands like Thee Windom Earles and Night Shades who are making their own style of Rock ‘n’ Roll right now; I’d love to see both play a show together. It would be insane. To hear a sound so refreshing on this record just makes you fall in love with music over and over again. Songs like Lunchtime Munchtime and Freight Elevator are just these incredible pieces of real Rock music. There’s the Garage Rock thrown in, there’s the effortlessly cool and weird style that lures you in. The vocals are delivered with this infectious energy that is happening throughout the whole record. I cannot praise this monster of a record enough! You cannot help but play every single song to death. It’s only 9 tracks long, but those tracks are enough to have you hooked in every single way. You’ll be having dreams about this record.

 Lick The Flipper has this awesome Surf Rock feel to it, but it also has something a little eerie/sinister about it. I just love how the band mess with your head. The only thing that’s consistent is how brilliant they are- everything else is a pleasant surprise. You just have no idea how the next song is going to hit you. I think this is the song I’m obsessed with the most (for now) it’s definitely a stand-out song on this record, but truth be told, the whole record is an underrated masterpiece. Manchester is truly home to some amazing musicians and bands- Thee Windom Earles absolutely back this notion up for sure.

 When you listen to this record you cannot help but let it take over your soul. You feel like it has corrupted you in the best way, and all good music makes you feel this way somehow. Imagine being about 14/15 years old, and finding a band like Thee Windom Earles and just letting this sound blow your mind, and you end up starting your own band? That’d be so cool. Instead, as a 32 year old, I’m just in awe of the band and I’m so glad they exist. I’m so glad I found them. Just when I think I couldn’t love this city even more, something like this happens! I think it is safe to say that Mai Tai Pink Eye is probably the year’s most underrated record. It’s got everything you could possibly want from a pure Rock ‘n’ Roll record.




So, there you have it- if you’re looking for something to shake them bones of yours or to just blow your mind, Thee Windom Earles are 100% the band for you. Let them take you on a weird trip- it’s on you if you come back down to earth or not.

FREEZ: Always Friends.




This Friday sees the release of Italy’s finest, FREEZ’s debut record. A record that will transport you back to the summer and give you some much needed warmth. I’ve written about FREEZ before, and to now write about their debut record is something I’m really proud to do. They’re one of the most exciting bands around, and just make you fall in love with music all over again and again.

Always Friends is a really exciting record; it has everything you would want from a Surf/Garage Rock. If you love bands like Wavves and DIIV- then you’re going to really love this record. It is such a feel-good body of music, and they’ve honestly created something worth treasuring here. It may be their debut record, but it most certainly does not sound like it. It sounds like a record from a band who have been around for such a long time, and that this is their fourth record or something. They have such a strong and established sound, again it is a record to play constantly.

It is such an enjoyable record, and I hope it is one that brings them over to the UK to show us just how great they are. Always Friends is a record to do nothing and everything to; you can play it whilst on the way to work, or at home doing nothing. Wherever and whenever you play it, it will just make you feel good. With so much shit going on in the world we need bands like FREEZ to make it all a little bit easier and they most certainly do that on this record. I can definitely say that this is one of the best records you will hear this year. It has so much wisdom, youth and joy. You cannot help but feel better when you play this record. It’s got that beautiful Surfer feel to it, and sometimes when bands try to grasp this sound, they end up sounding like everything that’s been done before but FREEZ nail it. They make it their own. There’s the occasional snarl in the vocals that add some bite to the songs, and I love that. It is just a real pleasure to listen to and play super loud!



The whole record is made up of songs that could be singles and make the band just take over the world. Songs like Bleeding Skies, Heads and Soul are just perfect, but please be assured that every single song on Always Friends deserves its place. Every single song fits perfectly; they’ve crafted this record with so much thought and care. There are no fillers on this record, and that alone makes it such a great listen. Basement is the one you need to play extra loud and soak in.

You’ve got your sun-kissed anthems on this record, and they’re the ones you’ll cling to as the days get shorter and darkness comes earlier than what we’re used to. They provide this warmth and soul that just makes you feel really soothed. It’s the kind of record you’d relax to but also probably blast out at a party. FREEZ are truly a remarkable band who take you on a gorgeous blissed out journey on this record, and it just blows your mind how young they are, and they have perfected such a great sound. Then again, they’re Italian and we know what we’re doing!

I really love that with this record, you can shut your eyes and you can be almost anywhere in the world. You could be on a beach or you could just be hanging out at home. A great way to listen to this record is to just play it through headphones and close your eyes. Right now, it’s a bit difficult for me to pick one song that standouts the most because it really is a phenomenal record, but I think I’m going to mention Soul again. That’s the one I keep going back to, but honestly, the whole record is nothing short of perfect. As far as debut records go, this is definitely up there as being one of the best. I really hope this record exposes FREEZ to new fans across the world so they can show everyone just how great they are. As I mentioned, the songs just fit perfectly together, and I love how Soul flows beautifully into Waiting For which a contender for best song on the record! The whole record is perfect to laze about to, but don’t think for a second that FREEZ are lazy. Oh no! They are one of the most hard-working bands around, and they’ve already toured round Italy a bunch of times. Now it is time that they came to the UK and blow us away with their live shows.



Irrespective of the kind of music you’re into, FREEZ have made something here for everyone. You cannot ignore how fantastic this record is, and how on their first full length record they have created something so powerful and memorable. It is a divine listen, and I hope you become obsessed with it like I have.

Always Friends is released this Friday via Wild Honey Records.




Sometimes finding the will to write about music slips from me. I stare at the keyboard hoping something comes out. I’ve hit delete many times recently over anything I’ve written. But, I seem to have found some inspiration from a band from Geneva called Broken Bridge.

Broken Bridge have a heavy, Garage Rock sound that is found in my favourites Table Scraps. They just make you want to trash shit, start a band, stir up some trouble. Anything, everything. They really smack you in the kisser with their exceptional sound. They are one of the best bands around right now, and are probably the best band from Geneva right now also.



So far up on their bandcamp page is a Live From Geneva release. These live versions of their songs show you just how exceptional they are, and how they play like a band who were sent here to just deafen us with their magnificent sound. The three of them (although the recordings on bandcamp are from when they were a duo, or they could be a duo now? I don’t know!) just take you some really wild place with their sound. They have a typical Garage Rock sound, but there is something super slick about them. Honestly, if I didn’t know I’d have assumed that they were from the 60s. They have bits of The Gruesomes in them, bits of Count Five, bits of The Vagrants in their sound but they add something else. Their song Sugar has like a sped up feel of The Doors which I love. It’s a brilliant song, and to be honest with you- Broken Bridge should be huge. They are brilliant musicians who are utterly cool and fearless with their sound. For me, I’m putting them up there with my favourite French band, Dr Chan. Both bands have this beautiful energy and soul within their sound. You can’t get enough of it.

Broken Bridge aren’t afraid to give us that raw, lo-fi sound. That fuzzy sound that has the potential to burst your eardrums if played at the right volume. Everything about their sound has this elegant yet brutal tone to it. They aren’t afraid to be gnarly and raw, but at the same time have this clear and crisp sound that you just want to hear 24/7. For me, it’s heavenly. I love how they can truly move you, and how they make you feel like you’re falling in love with all those sacred music moments all over again. Get Away and Worst Shadows are two of the songs that you just need to blast as loud as possible, and really get how brilliant they are. Broken Bridge are such an exciting band to listen to, and to just really invest in.

With just a live release up on their bandcamp page, it is enough for me to know that are most certainly a band to watch. I really hope they come to the UK soon because they deserve to just take over the world in their own slick way. They remind me ever so slightly of The Pretty Things and I think this is evident on Don’t Go To The River which sounds like it has nods to Midnight To Six Man. Broken Bridge have a really together sound, and you can’t help but think you are listening to a band that have been around for decades.



If you catch them live, please go see them. Then demand they do a UK tour. Until then, play their music as loud as you can, watch their music videos and just fall madly in love with them like I have.




Surf Rock isn’t dead. It’ll never die. It might be a redundant name for a type of music, but it isn’t so bad. For the most part, you know you’re going to get something that’s carefree and will set you up for the day. It’s the kind of music that can you take you away from a place that is grey and rainy, and transports you to a beach wherever in the world.

As someone who love lyrics, and uses that as a focal point for most things I listen to- I’ve made an exception. Or maybe the exception found me with this one. Lost Culture are predominantly a band without vocals. This isn’t a bad thing at all because the music is enough to get you to create your own story. They put a record out last month called Weirdo Beach, and it’s enough to have you hooked. These songs are so good, and you know what, you don’t always need words.



On this record they give the listener the chance to create something of their own. Maybe you feel like you’re in a Spaghetti Western film or maybe you feel like you’re at a local skatepark, or maybe you’re just wandering around soaking it all up. Maybe you’re doing all three, and respect to you if you are- that makes you pretty cool.

Weirdo Beach is 8 songs of instrumental bliss. The way they absolutely annihilate their instruments, and just send you into a frenzy is something to truly be in awe of. At times they remind me of The Mummies, then they hit you with The Cramps guitar style (Poison Ivy will always be the greatest of all time!) These three buddies from New Jersey sure know how to move you, and they give you this feeling that their live shows would be even wilder. If they ever make it to the UK, then I’ll be happy. Until then, I’ve got the music.

Go back a year, and their first self-titled release is equally brilliant. Weirdo Beach has slight more edge to it, and shows that they aren’t afraid to be louder and rougher with their sound. I just love that they create real happy music without it being awfully tacky, you know? They do it in a way that makes you okay with hanging around doing nothing. It’s okay to waste your days, it’s okay to have a self care day. When you have these days, this is the perfect band to relax to. I don’t know where they take me with their sound, but I know it’s some place really magical. I could happily spend hours and hours just listening to their songs. They don’t have the heaviness of lyrics, and sometimes you need that. Sometimes you just need the sound, and that’s enough to make it all alright!

Their song Pistols at Dawn makes you definitely feel like you’re in a saloon bar and some fool is trying to start something with you. They’ve got something about them just leaves you wanting more and more; they’ve not been together long (I don’t think, but I could be wrong) but they have such a together sound. You can really hear how they are experimenting and how their instruments are weapons. The drums sound like a smackdown. The bass sounds like something guiding its way through your soul and the guitar is this cool, jangly sound that just moves you. A real slick sound that I cannot get enough of.



14 songs in total, and they are 14 songs that you cannot help but stick on repeat. If you live in New Jersey, support this band with all you’ve got. Get them over to the UK. Supr happy I found this band. I love that they have a laid-back sound, but at the same time just leave you in awe with how brilliant they are.

Play it loud, always.




If you’re already looking for a band that’ll beautifully captivate your summer and rule every bone in your body, then look no further than Spain’s finest, Las Selvas.

They only have two songs up on their bandcamp page, but these 7 minutes worth of songs are enough to get you hooked and turned onto this magnificent sound. I know nothing about them, but I do know that they are exceptional musicians who just make you want to get lost in what you’re hearing in.

Under Buzz is 5 and a half minutes of euphoric gorgeousness. It has heavy parts, it has gentle moments. It’s a mind-fuck and it is so beautiful. I’ve listened to it so many times on my lunch break already. I just keep going back to it. I love the collision of soft and gentle. I love how this song just takes you off some place magical, truly magical. This song really makes you pay attention to Las Selvas, and immediately has you hooked. Part of you just wants to join the band- especially when the song kicks in. When it REALLY kicks in, you can’t help but think “my god this is what I’ve been looking for!” It’s such a powerful song, and for a band to have this so early on is truly remarkable. This is what we need, this is the band we’ve been looking for!

There’s four of them I think in the band, but they make it sound like there’s about ten of them. I don’t know how they do it, but they make you fall in love with them immediately. There’s really no denying how talented they are, and how deserving they are of every ounce of success that needs to go their way. Going by what I’ve heard so far, I’m pretty sure that their live shows are wild. I love how carried away they get, and although they are just two demos- these two demos are just perfect. They don’t sound rough or anything like that, they sound like songs from a band that are very sure of how they want to sound, and they also sound like they’ve been doing this for decades.

Blue Life is a song that makes you want to just head to the beach and watch life go by. It’s a peaceful song that just takes you again, to some magical place. Somewhere sacred and safe. They’re a band that evidently have it in them to keep giving us masterpieces after masterpieces. This is with just two songs; it’s nothing short of incredible. I’m pretty sure I’ve just found the best new band of 2019, easily.

I love how Las Selvas give you a pure sun-kissed feel in their music, and just make you feel so at ease. They are really such a joy to listen to, and I really cannot wait to hear more from them. I want more songs like Under Buzz that sound like Warpaint with a hint of 90s Grunge to it. I love this sound so much. I love the gentle moments in their music, and I love the heaviness that compliments it all so beautifully.

I know next to nothing about Las Selvas, but I do know that they are one of the most exciting bands around and hopefully, 2019 belongs to them. I hope they play some shows in the UK and just take over the world. I love them. I just absolutely love them, and I’ve decided right now that I am declaring myself as being their biggest fan.

Las Selvas, how I love you so!

BLOND BLOOD: I’ve Never Surfed.



We all know that Manchester is home to some of the greatest bands of all time, and to celebrate my 10 month anniversary of me finally leaving London and moving the best city in the world (Manchester!), I might as well write about one of the city’s most exciting bands.

When you think of Surf Rock bands, you think of bands that are constantly by the ocean and have never seen a rain cloud. Blond Blood are the opposite. This exceptional Manchester band are exposed to an unhealthy amount of grey skies and rain- but that doesn’t fill them with doom and gloom. If anything, it makes them bring this delightful joy. A summertime mood even when it is stupidly freezing outside and it’s dark before 5pm. Their music is brilliant, and last summer they released the utterly divine I’ve Never Surfed.

The songs on this record just make you want to waste your days away doing a whole load of nothing; either by yourself or with a group of friends who feel the same. Their song, No Fun has this beautiful Mancunian charm to it. It is brilliantly self-deprecating and to be honest, I can identify a lot with the lyrics on this one. I love how they can create this songs with partially sad lyrics, but they even it out with this beautiful and cheery sound. They are definitely a band that have to be seen live, there’s no doubt about that. I love how they have this L.A Surf/Garage Rock sound going on, but it still sounds like something you’ve never heard before. I think they are easily one of the most exciting bands around.

I’ve Never Surfed is such a feel good record, and it just makes you want to go on holiday for a long time. It’s the perfect record to do nothing to. Play it loud, lie on your bed and let your mind go somewhere peaceful. End Of The World is one of my favourite songs on the record, I just love the music to it. James Travolta is another exceptional song on the record. Basically, it’s made up of 12 fantastic songs that you just need to fall in love with.

Blond Blood just take you somewhere truly beautiful and magical with their music, and they have something about them that makes you feel like you are anywhere but where you are. They just make you feel like you’re on holiday, and I’m happy with that. They’re a band that definitely need to be played loud. I imagine that their live shows are nothing short of an incredible sweaty affair.

There are soft moments on the record, the song Don’t Kill Me is such a gorgeous song. I absolutely adore it. Then it kicks in, it really really kicks in. The heaviness to it reminds me of Silverchair mixed with Wavves. For me, that’s a dream combination. Have I said what my favourite song is yet? Well, it’s now this one. I love how it starts gentle, then it just slams into this heavy sound that erupts into something that just makes it standout out.

The record ends on the title track, which is 6 minutes of sheer joy and has this Western film feel to it. This song could easily be used as a soundtrack for a film- for either a brutal chase or fight scene. It just shows how brilliant they are as musicians. An effortlessly cool way to close the record.

I’ve Never Surfed is an incredible record, and Blond Blood are obviously one of the most exciting bands around. I really cannot wait to hear more from them.