THE GRUESOMES: Someone Told A Lie/Make Up Your Mind.


The coolest thing has happened- NEW MUSIC FROM THE GRUESOMES! Well, it isn’t exactly new music but it is two unpublished songs, and that’s enough for me. For now!

If you’ve had the misfortune of ever reading anything I’ve ever written, you’ll see that The Gruesomes are a band that I will mention at any given opportunity. I just idolise them- they’re everything I want from music and more, and these two new songs are just incredible. I’m not just saying this because I am obsessed with them but, okay, I’m probably saying this because I AM obsessed with them. And also, the songs are great. I’m getting the same feeling I did when I first heard them.

Also, another super cool thing about this release is that is comes with an 8-page comic. Could The Gruesomes get any cooler? Probably, but right now I’m just happy to have this.



First up we have the tougher than old leather boots song, Someone Told A Lie. It’s a typical sound of theirs, and it will just make you want to have it on repeat and as loud as you can handle. You’ll have hold of the lyrics in no time! It’s such a snarly based number, and it’s part of the reasons as to why I love the band. I love that snarly tone in the vocals and how it has this obnoxious snotty feel to it- a proper Punk-esque feel with all things I adore about Garage Rock. It has such a powerful sound that I just want to listen to over, and over again.

Then we have the second song; Make Up Your Mind. It sounds divine right after Someone Told A Lie. That guitar solo- my GOD that guitar solo! It just sets you off, and before you know it you’re in this trance, right in the groove of this beautiful song. It’s enough to make you cry over how amazing it is. The Gruesomes are one of, if not probably my favourite band of all time. Their sound is just heavenly to me, and these two songs are everything I could possibly want from a band that are such a massive part of my life.

The Gruesomes need to somehow find their way to the UK and play some shows. I would pay pretty much anything to see them- it’s that vital to me. I just love them, and I really do hope they do a tour. If not, then I’ll just have to keep on playing the records to death continuously.



Someone Told A Lie/Make Up Your Mind has been released via the Spanish label, KOTJ Records. Be quick though- there aren’t many copies left on their bandcamp page!

Play it loud!




If you’re already looking for a band that’ll beautifully captivate your summer and rule every bone in your body, then look no further than Spain’s finest, Las Selvas.

They only have two songs up on their bandcamp page, but these 7 minutes worth of songs are enough to get you hooked and turned onto this magnificent sound. I know nothing about them, but I do know that they are exceptional musicians who just make you want to get lost in what you’re hearing in.

Under Buzz is 5 and a half minutes of euphoric gorgeousness. It has heavy parts, it has gentle moments. It’s a mind-fuck and it is so beautiful. I’ve listened to it so many times on my lunch break already. I just keep going back to it. I love the collision of soft and gentle. I love how this song just takes you off some place magical, truly magical. This song really makes you pay attention to Las Selvas, and immediately has you hooked. Part of you just wants to join the band- especially when the song kicks in. When it REALLY kicks in, you can’t help but think “my god this is what I’ve been looking for!” It’s such a powerful song, and for a band to have this so early on is truly remarkable. This is what we need, this is the band we’ve been looking for!

There’s four of them I think in the band, but they make it sound like there’s about ten of them. I don’t know how they do it, but they make you fall in love with them immediately. There’s really no denying how talented they are, and how deserving they are of every ounce of success that needs to go their way. Going by what I’ve heard so far, I’m pretty sure that their live shows are wild. I love how carried away they get, and although they are just two demos- these two demos are just perfect. They don’t sound rough or anything like that, they sound like songs from a band that are very sure of how they want to sound, and they also sound like they’ve been doing this for decades.

Blue Life is a song that makes you want to just head to the beach and watch life go by. It’s a peaceful song that just takes you again, to some magical place. Somewhere sacred and safe. They’re a band that evidently have it in them to keep giving us masterpieces after masterpieces. This is with just two songs; it’s nothing short of incredible. I’m pretty sure I’ve just found the best new band of 2019, easily.

I love how Las Selvas give you a pure sun-kissed feel in their music, and just make you feel so at ease. They are really such a joy to listen to, and I really cannot wait to hear more from them. I want more songs like Under Buzz that sound like Warpaint with a hint of 90s Grunge to it. I love this sound so much. I love the gentle moments in their music, and I love the heaviness that compliments it all so beautifully.

I know next to nothing about Las Selvas, but I do know that they are one of the most exciting bands around and hopefully, 2019 belongs to them. I hope they play some shows in the UK and just take over the world. I love them. I just absolutely love them, and I’ve decided right now that I am declaring myself as being their biggest fan.

Las Selvas, how I love you so!





Never one for making life easy for myself, I’m going to write about a band that don’t sing in English. As someone who is heavily into lyrics, I’m putting my love for words aside to focus on what the music does and how it all sounds. If I thought the band were rubbish, I wouldn’t write about them. But my opinion isn’t worth holding onto, you can just listen to the band for yourself. If stuff like The Vagrants, Count Five etc are your thing- then Los Nastys are probably going to blow and warp whatever is left of your mind.

Los Nastys have that dirty Garage Rock sound. They make you feel as if you’ve been dragged through a sweaty crowd backwards. At least five times over. They’ll leave you trembling, satisfied and broken. Sort of like winning the lottery and losing all your “friends.” Maybe these guys are who Lester Bangs would be raving about if he was still around. I wish he was around. I’d attempt to constantly get hold of him and thank him for all he’s done for me and my inability to get my point across about how music is what keeps me going. The uncool recognising the uncool.

Back to Los Nastys. Their music feels like the party and the aftermath. The destruction, the chaos and the hangover. I don’t know what they’re singing about but I know the music and the delivery of the vocals clicks with me. The fury and force in the music is something else. They have the potential to be as beautifully obnoxious as the Dead Boys, as rowdy as The Stooges but at the same time, they’re unlike anything else I’ve heard.

Maybe we’re wired to fall for a certain kind of music or a way of life. Personally, I’ll take the dark and strange over what is classed as “normal.” Then again, what is normal? It doesn’t exist. It’s just an ideology that’s forced upon us so we stay in line. Fall out of line and go find out what you like. Los Nastys are musical deviants, and we need bands like that. We need bands who sound different to the rest, and without a care in the world they end up taking over our record collections. For me, I’d be happy with a bunch of bands that sounded like this rather than some over-hyped Pitchfork nonsense, you know? I find the music I like by accident.Sometimes how I feel about them becomes apparent quite early on and sometimes it needs dragging out of me. I guess it is like falling in lust and love. One is stronger than the other, but one lasts longer than the other.

I think they’ve only been going for a couple of years but they sound like they’ve been together for decades. Maybe they have. Again they are one of those bands that, if I was in a band, I’d want to have this kind of sound. I’d want to make people feel like they’ve been beaten up, I’d want people to feel like they are part of something unheard of and I’d want to start a riot at shows. There’s a lot of fight and passion in their music, and the way that their ferocious sound rings in your ears makes you really believe in this band-even if you have no idea what they are saying.

Los Nastys are a band that should be played exceptionally loud and as often as possible. They make you feel like you’ve just stumbled into a drunken brawl an hour before closing time. I hope more bands with this sound emerge this year. They’ll always be around, but it’s time for these kinds of bands to really shine and to tear apart basement bars leaving us battered, bruised and a little bit deaf.