Sometimes finding the will to write about music slips from me. I stare at the keyboard hoping something comes out. I’ve hit delete many times recently over anything I’ve written. But, I seem to have found some inspiration from a band from Geneva called Broken Bridge.

Broken Bridge have a heavy, Garage Rock sound that is found in my favourites Table Scraps. They just make you want to trash shit, start a band, stir up some trouble. Anything, everything. They really smack you in the kisser with their exceptional sound. They are one of the best bands around right now, and are probably the best band from Geneva right now also.



So far up on their bandcamp page is a Live From Geneva release. These live versions of their songs show you just how exceptional they are, and how they play like a band who were sent here to just deafen us with their magnificent sound. The three of them (although the recordings on bandcamp are from when they were a duo, or they could be a duo now? I don’t know!) just take you some really wild place with their sound. They have a typical Garage Rock sound, but there is something super slick about them. Honestly, if I didn’t know I’d have assumed that they were from the 60s. They have bits of The Gruesomes in them, bits of Count Five, bits of The Vagrants in their sound but they add something else. Their song Sugar has like a sped up feel of The Doors which I love. It’s a brilliant song, and to be honest with you- Broken Bridge should be huge. They are brilliant musicians who are utterly cool and fearless with their sound. For me, I’m putting them up there with my favourite French band, Dr Chan. Both bands have this beautiful energy and soul within their sound. You can’t get enough of it.

Broken Bridge aren’t afraid to give us that raw, lo-fi sound. That fuzzy sound that has the potential to burst your eardrums if played at the right volume. Everything about their sound has this elegant yet brutal tone to it. They aren’t afraid to be gnarly and raw, but at the same time have this clear and crisp sound that you just want to hear 24/7. For me, it’s heavenly. I love how they can truly move you, and how they make you feel like you’re falling in love with all those sacred music moments all over again. Get Away and Worst Shadows are two of the songs that you just need to blast as loud as possible, and really get how brilliant they are. Broken Bridge are such an exciting band to listen to, and to just really invest in.

With just a live release up on their bandcamp page, it is enough for me to know that are most certainly a band to watch. I really hope they come to the UK soon because they deserve to just take over the world in their own slick way. They remind me ever so slightly of The Pretty Things and I think this is evident on Don’t Go To The River which sounds like it has nods to Midnight To Six Man. Broken Bridge have a really together sound, and you can’t help but think you are listening to a band that have been around for decades.



If you catch them live, please go see them. Then demand they do a UK tour. Until then, play their music as loud as you can, watch their music videos and just fall madly in love with them like I have.

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