BLOND BLOOD: I’ve Never Surfed.



We all know that Manchester is home to some of the greatest bands of all time, and to celebrate my 10 month anniversary of me finally leaving London and moving the best city in the world (Manchester!), I might as well write about one of the city’s most exciting bands.

When you think of Surf Rock bands, you think of bands that are constantly by the ocean and have never seen a rain cloud. Blond Blood are the opposite. This exceptional Manchester band are exposed to an unhealthy amount of grey skies and rain- but that doesn’t fill them with doom and gloom. If anything, it makes them bring this delightful joy. A summertime mood even when it is stupidly freezing outside and it’s dark before 5pm. Their music is brilliant, and last summer they released the utterly divine I’ve Never Surfed.

The songs on this record just make you want to waste your days away doing a whole load of nothing; either by yourself or with a group of friends who feel the same. Their song, No Fun has this beautiful Mancunian charm to it. It is brilliantly self-deprecating and to be honest, I can identify a lot with the lyrics on this one. I love how they can create this songs with partially sad lyrics, but they even it out with this beautiful and cheery sound. They are definitely a band that have to be seen live, there’s no doubt about that. I love how they have this L.A Surf/Garage Rock sound going on, but it still sounds like something you’ve never heard before. I think they are easily one of the most exciting bands around.

I’ve Never Surfed is such a feel good record, and it just makes you want to go on holiday for a long time. It’s the perfect record to do nothing to. Play it loud, lie on your bed and let your mind go somewhere peaceful. End Of The World is one of my favourite songs on the record, I just love the music to it. James Travolta is another exceptional song on the record. Basically, it’s made up of 12 fantastic songs that you just need to fall in love with.

Blond Blood just take you somewhere truly beautiful and magical with their music, and they have something about them that makes you feel like you are anywhere but where you are. They just make you feel like you’re on holiday, and I’m happy with that. They’re a band that definitely need to be played loud. I imagine that their live shows are nothing short of an incredible sweaty affair.

There are soft moments on the record, the song Don’t Kill Me is such a gorgeous song. I absolutely adore it. Then it kicks in, it really really kicks in. The heaviness to it reminds me of Silverchair mixed with Wavves. For me, that’s a dream combination. Have I said what my favourite song is yet? Well, it’s now this one. I love how it starts gentle, then it just slams into this heavy sound that erupts into something that just makes it standout out.

The record ends on the title track, which is 6 minutes of sheer joy and has this Western film feel to it. This song could easily be used as a soundtrack for a film- for either a brutal chase or fight scene. It just shows how brilliant they are as musicians. An effortlessly cool way to close the record.

I’ve Never Surfed is an incredible record, and Blond Blood are obviously one of the most exciting bands around. I really cannot wait to hear more from them.

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