“We can all be free, maybe not in words. Maybe not with a look. But with your mind.”

The connection you feel to a piece of music, or even a band has the power to be the most powerful connection you will ever know. That moment when you are alone and all you have is a song; that’s when it all takes over. You slip away from reality and fall into the unknown. Crawling out of it isn’t exactly what you want. And you place every desire on hold for a specific moment. These moments mean more to you than you have ever known. Have you ever truly known anything? Everything others give you has the potential to give you an aching heart and a swine of a headache. Push it aside, they’ll say you’re wrong. Deal with it, and they will still say you’re wrong. Ignore the fools. That pat on the back that crave had better come from you and nobody else. As they will not mean it; but you will. You truly will, because you will know you deserve it. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Time is precious, so they say. So is patience and your own feelings. A lot of things are delicate but we seem to no longer handle with care. We are disposable with others, and it is frightening how cruel everyone is to each other.

Connection is important. You don’t have to feel like you belong, but you can help by making others feel welcome. Open your heart up for the right ones. The second someone holds what you say to them against you; walk away. Fast. Or run if you want. Just leave them alone. Bad people, bad vibes. You don’t need that. Find it in a song, find the trait you desire and move on. I have no idea where this is coming from. But it’s okay, because it isn’t something one should read. It is simply something one had to write down. I use “one” in the least upper-class way possible, I just didn’t want to use another word. And I like the word “one.” It stands for a lot, and can mean a lot. Even if it is a singular.

We can be alone in heart and mind. Yet, we can be free in heart and mind. Body also.

Find that connection.

“Release your mind, through your hands and your feet. A sigh digs you out when you’re getting too deep.”

Fools judge, so spit the cold words back at them. Ever look at something and think, “Fuck I can’t be here.” So you try your hardest to transport all your thoughts elsewhere? This happened to me today. Sure it happens most of the time to be honest. But today it was more vivid than usual. You don’t want to have these thoughts whilst on a treadmill, it can cause accidents. I was fine. I’m steady. I’m quite clumsy at times though. My attention is easily diverted. I’m writing this and doing about 3 other things because this isn’t enough to hold my attention. I’m going somewhere better than just typing words on a screen.

The only thing that can truly hold my attention is music. Okay a couple of people do too..but music is a solid. I think it is the only secure thing in my life. That said; I really dislike organisation and being told what to do. I hate being rushed. Hate it. Nothing in life needs to be rushed. Move at the pace of a sloth..well, maybe a bit quicker but you know what I mean. You gather up your thoughts and place them in boxes in your mind. I don’t do that. Everything is pushed back. In a heap. This for me, isn’t a bad thing. I’m more likely to have a song playing round my head than anything else.

The escapism is still there; always. I always want to leave where I am. Always. I probably came out of the womb wishing I was born elsewhere. They teach you to do what you want, but when you do some fuck says you’re wrong. But you aren’t wrong. They’re wrong.

Something will always take over you. Something will make you snap. I long for the day where I can leave and never come back. It’ll be a moment I look back on and feel I’ve finally done something right. Sometimes you want to tear your eyes out in the hopes a new pair grow back and you see things differently. Just because you can see things differently doesn’t mean your heart feels any different.

Kicking and screaming. Dragging and wailing. Get out. Find a sound and let it take you over. Get out. Just get out.

But I am incapable of taking my own advice, and I hate the way I write.


Songs Of 2009.

Okay so I’ve done albums of the year, now I’m going to attempt doing the songs of the year. I’ll edit this at least 10 times before being content with my choices. No order, until the last 3…as usual!

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool-Dance The Way I Feel. I firmly believe that this song can make the most miserable person feel happy listening to this. They are a friggin’ brilliant live band and I hope next year sees them becoming massive.

Frankmusik-Better Off As Two. Best friend got me into Frankmusik. I love this song.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Zero. The video alone was good. I want Karen O’s jacket from this video. I think a sense of power or something would come from wearing it.

Ellie Goulding-Under The Sheets. She’ll be big next year, by rights.

Marina & The Diamonds-I Am Not A Robot. The lyrics tug at your heartstrongs and make you think it’s all going to be okay because let’s face it, it always is 🙂

La Roux-I’m Not Your Toy. I could’ve gone for Bulletproof, but I didn’t. I prefer this song to what’s been released so far. BUT, Quicksand will ALWAYS be a personal favourite.

Norah Jones-Chasing Pirates. I’m pretty much in love with her new album.

Lightspeed Champion-Marlene. I know this out next year but the video is already out so….fuck it! Besides, his new album will probably be one of the best albums out next year.

Girls-Lust For Life. I was very happy that this wasn’t an Iggy Pop cover. Nobody should cover Iggy Pop. EVER.

Camera Obscura-French Navy. Goosebumps everywhere when I first heard this. Still happens now.

Golden Silvers-True Romance.  A band that I’m so glad I saw live. This song has some good memories tied to it. The main one being seeing them support Florence, and Florence touching my shoulder saying “excuse me” to get past and dancing in front of me and my best mate to this.

The Saturdays-Forever Is Over. This has “FUCK YOU” written all over it, which is probably why I love it.

Lady GaGa-Bad Romance- RA RA AH AH…You know how it goes. I love this an unhealthy amount (some would say..I disagree) The reference to Hitchcock’s films and the video just make it even more amazing than it already is.

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys-Empire State Of Mind. Two of my favourite artists on the same record. Musical heaven. Reasonable Doubt will always be my favourite Jay album but this reminds me why I love him.

The Dead Weather-Treat Me Like Your Mother. The video is amazing and I love Alison. No more needs to be said really.

Julian Casablancas-11th Dimension. This was enough to make me forget that The Strokes haven’t put an album out since 2005.

Florence + The Machine- You’ve Got The Love. Seeing a few thousand people around you sing along to every word is probably the best thing I’ve seen this year. My favourite cover EVER.

Metric-Help I’m Alive. I hate the word epic but that’s the only word to use to describe this song.

The Raveonettes-Last Dance. Sweet, cute, perfect.

Spinnerette-Baptized By Fire. The lyrics alone are pretty friggin’ cool. I love Brody, who doesn’t?!

Bat For Lashes-Daniel. Natasha Khan possess one of the best voices in the world right now.

Bloc Party-One More Chance. Sounds like a 90s dance track and it’s Bloc Party. Perfect.

thecocknbullkid-I’m Not Sorry. This may have come out last year? But whatever, I still love it. Album next year. ‘BOUT TIME!

The Horrors-Sea Within A Sea. 7 minutes of musical genius. I remember waiting for the countdown to end on thier website and seeing this.

Doll & The Kicks-You Turn Up. Love this band to pieces and I think they need to be signed. NOW. Lovely people and amazing live.

The Chapman Family- Virgins. Kingsley Chapman is lovely. The Chapman Family also need to be signed ASAP.

White Lies-To Lose My Life. So dark and haunting.

TOP 5!!!

Fever Ray-If I Had A Heart. Strange and beautiful.

Morrissey- I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris. Anything Moz does is genius, but this is easily my favourite single of his in a long time. The lyrics speak to me and probably most of Moz’s fans. It just reinforces our unconditional love for him.

The xx- Crystalised. Favourite new band of the year. Awesome live. The album is brilliant from start to finish.

Florence + The Machine- Dog Days Are Over. Pretty much the same as what I said about You’ve Got The Love. I love the video to this. Makes me want to run through a forest in a tux. I won’t though.

Florence + The Machine-Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up). I remember where I was when I first heard this and I remember crying because..it just like, hit me in the gut. Right in the gut and I got this feeling of “shit…everything is pretty fucked up right now but I’m going to be fine.” Lo and behold I am! Morbid story aside, this song is just brilliant. The live version of this with Isabella doing the 90s balaric keyboard solo makes me weak and fucking happy. You need to physically see it to understand. I don’t need to go into detail about the importance of this song to me. If I was writing about album tracks too, I’d put Blinding, Howl and Cosmic Love in the list.


I couldn’t think of a decent title for this post, so “Albums” will just have to do!

So, I’m going to assume that most of you have had your heart metaphorially broken and also again, metaphorically, had your worl come to an end. You know the feeling. You do dumb shit to adjust to the changes. You have a messed up sleep patterns nd food, amongst other things repulses you.

To adjust to all this, this year I went to a stupid amount of gigs and bought a load of albums that quite possible, saved my ass.

So these albums came out this year and were a bit of a crutch to me:

La Roux- La Roux. This album is about one person, said Elly Jackson. Pretty obvious too. Every song pretty much sums everything up. I don’t need to say anymore.

Florence + The Machine- Lungs. I don’t need to tell you just how much this album means to me. You already know. When I went to see her live in May, she said Hurricane Drunk is about an ex and other stuff. Pretty much hit me. Hard. As did Cosmic Love, that breaks me every time. Beautiful song.

Spinnerette-Spinnerette. Not the whole album, but just two songs- Driving Song and Baptized By Fire. ’nuff said.

Golden Silvers-True Romance. Amazing album. Makes all the crap seem insignificant..even if it isn’t. Beautiful album. Brilliant live.

The Dead Weather-Horehound. Agressive and sexy. No more to say!

Metric-Fantasies. I think Blindness changed everything. I spoke to Emily about this one track. I cannot put it into words. Excellent album.

Camera Obscura-My Maudlin Career. This album is seriously underrated. Album of the year? Top 5 place!

The Horrors-Primary Colours. Better than Strange House. Fascinating band.

Morrissey-Years Of Refusal. I do not need to tell you just how extrodinary Morrissey is.

Doll & The Kicks-Doll & The Kicks. Again, another brilliant live band. If You Care made me cry when I saw them live. Can easily see why Moz loves them.

The Enemy-Music For The People. Astoundingly good.

Finally…this one album came out a long long time ago. This album is one album I listen to every day. I’ve never got bored of it. It is…..

Is This It by The Strokes. And tomorrow, I shall be getting “Is This It” tattooed on my wrist. I love this album so much! Timeless. Utterly timeless.

I suppose there was no real point to this post and I’ve probably missed out a few albums. My memory is not my strongest point 😉


Spinnerette- Baptized By Fire (Video).

Baptized By Fire is the new single by Spinnerette taken from the self-titled album.

It’s a personal favourite of mine, for obvious reason. I know, I know.

Anyway, I usually listen to this a few times whilst I walk to town every day (takes an hour…oooo get me!) It’s just a wonderful song, and the video is pretty damn good.


Spinnerette- Baptized Bye Fire (Video).

Brody Dalle. (Influential Women In Music Part 1)


Like so many (both men and women) I am in love with a certain woman named, Brody Dalle.

For a long time I wondered what it is about Brody that makes us fall in love with her, apart from her being ridiculously beautiful of course.

She just oozes strength and power. Yes, I do believe that there is something powerful about a woman who can play an instrument, especially guitar.

Throughout secondary school I was bullied and I used music as my way of ignoring the fuckers who hurt me (sometimes having your music blaring into your ears is acceptable) and The Distillers were one of few bands that made me think “fuck you, I’m not going to be some weak piece of shit that you can hurt.” To this day, City Of Angels can make me so happy even if everything has gone to shit.


Brody Dalle’s voice is unique, powerful and sexy. A few weeks ago, I saw her new band Spinnerette play. I never saw The Distillers, but seeing Spinnerette is easily in my Top 5 favourite gigs. The energy all band members gave off was beautiful. Everyone in the crowd adored Brody and every so often you’d hear someone shout out “you’re a sexy bitch.” I don’t know if using bitch was necessary, but you know- she’s still sexy.


Her voice sends shivers down your spine and makes you wish you could sing like her. Which, if you’re female (like myself) proves to be quite a difficult task. I sound like I’ve smoked a stupid amount when I try to sing like Brody, but in my head- I sound really good!

Coral Fang will always be one of my favourite albums. So many memories with that album, it never fails to bring a smile to my face. If I was stuck on a desert island, I’d survive listening to Coral Fang none stop. I suppose it’d be the perfect place to practice singing like Brody!


What I love about Brody’s new band, Spinnerette, is that you get to hear her sing properly now. She has such a strong voice, regardless of what she does with it. She screams better than most male singers and sings with such power. Anyone who fails to see the beauty and strength in Brody Dalle is missing a few brain cells.

Although most singers dislike being labelled as a role model, Brody is a positive role model for females to have. She is someone damn near everyone should admire. Some may say use the word “troubled” for her earlier life, but look at what she has achieved and has become.

Spinnerette’s gig the other proved exactly this. So many girls were emulating Brody’s early image from The Distillers from the mowhawks to the clothes- she is a massive influence and is quite possibly the most important female in rock right now.


Spinnerette. 24th February 2009. Birmingham Academy 2.

How do you judge a good gig? Is it how many bruises you have? Is it how sore you are the next morning? Or is it the feeling of extreme happiness of seeing one your favourite people in a tiny venue? It’s a combination of all of them.

As we know, Brody and Tony from The Distillers have formed a new band (which are just as amazing as The Distillers) called Spinnerette. Now, I was a huge fan of The Distillers but never saw them live. However seeing Brody right infront of me last night..she could’ve been fronting the Spice Girls and I wouldn’t care because it was still her!

When you see someone you have admired for so long stood right infront of you in a small venue, you can’t help but feel like you are the luckiest person in the world. You’ll probably leave feeling like you can’t ever walk, hear or pick anything up again- but hey, was a good night!

The setlist consisted of brand new material that will hopefully be on the album which everyone is saying will be out in May. Hopefully with a full UK tour! The set opened with Vallium Knights, which going from that opener- I knew I was going to witness something truely fantastic. Every single song was well recieved, as was the bassist. She’s called Nicole and she’s beautiful.

A new song appeared online a few weeks ago called Sex Bomb( no, not a Tom Jones cover..but that would’ve been funny!) and on first listen, I didn’t like it. After hearing it live, I can safely say- I LOVE IT!  Songs such as Driving Song, Borderline and Geeking were just perfect. For me, my standout songs were Bury My Heart, Distorting A Code and of course, Ghetto Love- which closed the set. Everyone was singing a long to pretty much every song.

Brody Dalle has this beautiful stage presence that just makes you want to hang out with her and drink various beverages. With Spinerette she sings a lot more, which is cool because her singing voice is flawless.

Let’s hope there is an album and tour in May!

It is sad that The Distillers no more, but Spinnerette are just as fantastic!

Oh, and have some photos :





As we all know, Brody Dalle used to be in a rather excellent band The Distillers. Raise your hand if you cried when you were informed that the band you were totally in love with split up! I know I did. I adored The Distillers, and I class Coral Fang as one of the best albums my ears have ever heard.

But, we have to move on don’t we. New band, Spinnerette do NOT sound like The Distillers which I reckon is a good thing. I mean, if they were to sound just like The Distillers- why split up you know? A lot of fans of Brody seem quite pissed at her for what she’s created with Spinnerette. LET IT GO. Brody is ace at whatever she does.

Spinnerette are playing two shows in the UK this month. 23rd in London and 24th in Birmingham. I’m going to the Birmingham gig. I am stupidly excited. I never saw The Distillers live, but I don’t care- I get to see Brody Dalle. I wouldn’t care if she was fronting Coldplay..oh wait, maybe I would. But you get my point.

Have some songs :

Ghetto Love (video directed by Liam Lynch)

Valium Knights.

Distorting A Code.

Bury My Heart.