“We can all be free, maybe not in words. Maybe not with a look. But with your mind.”

The connection you feel to a piece of music, or even a band has the power to be the most powerful connection you will ever know. That moment when you are alone and all you have is a song; that’s when it all takes over. You slip away from reality and fall into the unknown. Crawling out of it isn’t exactly what you want. And you place every desire on hold for a specific moment. These moments mean more to you than you have ever known. Have you ever truly known anything? Everything others give you has the potential to give you an aching heart and a swine of a headache. Push it aside, they’ll say you’re wrong. Deal with it, and they will still say you’re wrong. Ignore the fools. That pat on the┬áback that crave had better come from you and nobody else. As they will not mean it; but you will. You truly will, because you will know you deserve it. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Time is precious, so they say. So is patience and your own feelings. A lot of things are delicate but we seem to no longer handle with care. We are disposable with others, and it is frightening how cruel everyone is to each other.

Connection is important. You don’t have to feel like you belong, but you can help by making others feel welcome. Open your heart up for the right ones. The second someone holds what you say to them against you; walk away. Fast. Or run if you want. Just leave them alone. Bad people, bad vibes. You don’t need that. Find it in a song, find the trait you desire and move on. I have no idea where this is coming from. But it’s okay, because it isn’t something one should read. It is simply something one had to write down. I use “one” in the least upper-class way possible, I just didn’t want to use another word. And I like the word “one.” It stands for a lot, and can mean a lot. Even if it is a singular.

We can be alone in heart and mind. Yet, we can be free in heart and mind. Body also.

Find that connection.

My Secret Friend.

What happens when two of the most groundbreaking and astounding artists get together? Well, they make THE best music video ever. Seriously, this video is just everything you want in a music video. It doesn’t have to go over the top with special effects to carry the song nor does anyone have to prance around a bit naked for it to grab your attention.

Chris Corner is a genius. If you cannot see this, then you’re a twit. Imogen Heap is one of the best singers ever. EVER. Again, if you cannot see this you are a twit.

This video is just a stroke of genius. It is utterly fantastic. Chris dresses as a woman, Imogen dresses as a bloke. It’s glorious. The way it is shot just blows whatever is currently left of my mind. It is also going to stop me from doing anything I should be doing because it is that good. I’ll just keep watching it. Maybe weep because nothing will ever be as brilliant as this video.