Ellie Goulding…because she is amazing!

I was going to write this last night, but I needed to sleep. I always need to sleep. In fact writing this has resulted in me playing Ellie Gouldng over and over..I now need a nap. I apologise if it is poorly written, I think most of my stuff is hah!Anyway, enough of that. Have a lovely long piece on the beautiful Ellie Goulding 🙂

With the rise of female solo artists emerging, it is obvious that a lot of critics will be quick to lump them all with the same label, without even listening to them. Anyone who has a strong voice will be called “the new Florence” or anyone with a synth will be “the new La Roux.” Is journalism just becoming sloppy now?

How will singers such as Anna Calvi be categorised? Not heard of her, and then go listen to her. Play Blackout as loudly as you can and you’ll hear a voice like no other.

This leads me onto this year’s winner of Brits Critic Choice and Sound Of 2010, Ellie Goulding. My love for her music is as big as it is for Florence + The Machine; anyone who knows me knows that it’s a lot of love. I think her album will probably be one of the best of the year, and that’s just going by the clips that are floating around on YouTube. It’s nice to have a singer you can believe in, and Ellie Goulding is just that. The more I listen to her, the more I like the fact that you cannot compare her to anyone. Past or present, there is nobody you can really compare her to. You could be a massive Wu Tang Clan fan yet still love Ellie Goulding. She also has the beautiful gift of covering songs and making them better than the original, there’s not many that can do this.

Yes she plays the guitar, but that doesn’t mean she’s a folk singer. Her lyrics don’t resemble sitting around a campfire on a hot August evening. Her lyrics resemble that lovely topic of heartbreak and love. The two go hand in hand, for the most part. Ellie Goulding’s lyrics make it easy for you to relate to her with the simplicity yet beautiful way of putting the hurt out there. It’s vulnerability at its best. Florence + The Machine did it last year with Lungs, and Ellie is going to do it this year.

I will not deny that ever since I heard Under The Sheets, I played it over and over and over pretty much every day. Starsmith produced it (his remixes are amazing) and it shows that British music is worth being proud of, once again. She’s also worked with Frankmusik, who I feel deserved so much more credit for his album, Complete Me, last year. My love for Ellie Goulding grew and grew after seeing her on Jools Holland. One of the best performances I’ve seen on his show.

What I adore about Ellie is that you can hear the love of what she is doing coming out of her voice. There’s no effortless drawl in attempt to be cool or pressurised high pitch notes to show how well she can sing. It’s a natural, beautiful voice that I can only hope will be around for a long time. Her lyrics are extremely poetic and if she stood on a stage reading her lyrics rather than sing, she’d probably reduce everyone to tears. Or that could just be me. I am a bit of a wuss at times.

Songs likes Swimming Pool and Wish I Stayed are just magical. There’s no other word really. They are just wonderful. Lyrically and musically. The End is painful yet it’s beautiful. The questioning and wonder that surrounds The End is something everyone can relate to, which is what makes Ellie Goulding easy to relate to.

Will her album win a Mercury Music Prize? Who cares, it’s painfully obvious that the panel know nothing and that it’s rigged, so what does it matter what these so called experts think? All that matters is that Ellie Goulding is a fantastic singer. If Guns And Horses gets released, it’ll be the song of the year. I’m aware that this is just my opinion and maybe it means nothing to anybody apart from me, but I love finding music that means something. Finding a singer that has heart and passion. Slowly but surely we are getting singers and bands with a love of what they do coming out, rather than seeing it as a way to make money.

So what I’m trying to say, is that Ellie Goulding deserves all this praise and recognition she has been given. Some will compare her to Laura Marling- which is by no means a bad thing. I just think comparisons are useless. If you like Laura Marling, you may like Ellie Goulding. But like I said earlier, if you like Wu Tang Clan, you may like Ellie Goulding. Personal taste.

I would very much like you to buy Lights when it is released on March 1st and make it number one, as would Ellie, I presume!

Songs Of 2009.

Okay so I’ve done albums of the year, now I’m going to attempt doing the songs of the year. I’ll edit this at least 10 times before being content with my choices. No order, until the last 3…as usual!

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool-Dance The Way I Feel. I firmly believe that this song can make the most miserable person feel happy listening to this. They are a friggin’ brilliant live band and I hope next year sees them becoming massive.

Frankmusik-Better Off As Two. Best friend got me into Frankmusik. I love this song.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Zero. The video alone was good. I want Karen O’s jacket from this video. I think a sense of power or something would come from wearing it.

Ellie Goulding-Under The Sheets. She’ll be big next year, by rights.

Marina & The Diamonds-I Am Not A Robot. The lyrics tug at your heartstrongs and make you think it’s all going to be okay because let’s face it, it always is 🙂

La Roux-I’m Not Your Toy. I could’ve gone for Bulletproof, but I didn’t. I prefer this song to what’s been released so far. BUT, Quicksand will ALWAYS be a personal favourite.

Norah Jones-Chasing Pirates. I’m pretty much in love with her new album.

Lightspeed Champion-Marlene. I know this out next year but the video is already out so….fuck it! Besides, his new album will probably be one of the best albums out next year.

Girls-Lust For Life. I was very happy that this wasn’t an Iggy Pop cover. Nobody should cover Iggy Pop. EVER.

Camera Obscura-French Navy. Goosebumps everywhere when I first heard this. Still happens now.

Golden Silvers-True Romance.  A band that I’m so glad I saw live. This song has some good memories tied to it. The main one being seeing them support Florence, and Florence touching my shoulder saying “excuse me” to get past and dancing in front of me and my best mate to this.

The Saturdays-Forever Is Over. This has “FUCK YOU” written all over it, which is probably why I love it.

Lady GaGa-Bad Romance- RA RA AH AH…You know how it goes. I love this an unhealthy amount (some would say..I disagree) The reference to Hitchcock’s films and the video just make it even more amazing than it already is.

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys-Empire State Of Mind. Two of my favourite artists on the same record. Musical heaven. Reasonable Doubt will always be my favourite Jay album but this reminds me why I love him.

The Dead Weather-Treat Me Like Your Mother. The video is amazing and I love Alison. No more needs to be said really.

Julian Casablancas-11th Dimension. This was enough to make me forget that The Strokes haven’t put an album out since 2005.

Florence + The Machine- You’ve Got The Love. Seeing a few thousand people around you sing along to every word is probably the best thing I’ve seen this year. My favourite cover EVER.

Metric-Help I’m Alive. I hate the word epic but that’s the only word to use to describe this song.

The Raveonettes-Last Dance. Sweet, cute, perfect.

Spinnerette-Baptized By Fire. The lyrics alone are pretty friggin’ cool. I love Brody, who doesn’t?!

Bat For Lashes-Daniel. Natasha Khan possess one of the best voices in the world right now.

Bloc Party-One More Chance. Sounds like a 90s dance track and it’s Bloc Party. Perfect.

thecocknbullkid-I’m Not Sorry. This may have come out last year? But whatever, I still love it. Album next year. ‘BOUT TIME!

The Horrors-Sea Within A Sea. 7 minutes of musical genius. I remember waiting for the countdown to end on thier website and seeing this.

Doll & The Kicks-You Turn Up. Love this band to pieces and I think they need to be signed. NOW. Lovely people and amazing live.

The Chapman Family- Virgins. Kingsley Chapman is lovely. The Chapman Family also need to be signed ASAP.

White Lies-To Lose My Life. So dark and haunting.

TOP 5!!!

Fever Ray-If I Had A Heart. Strange and beautiful.

Morrissey- I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris. Anything Moz does is genius, but this is easily my favourite single of his in a long time. The lyrics speak to me and probably most of Moz’s fans. It just reinforces our unconditional love for him.

The xx- Crystalised. Favourite new band of the year. Awesome live. The album is brilliant from start to finish.

Florence + The Machine- Dog Days Are Over. Pretty much the same as what I said about You’ve Got The Love. I love the video to this. Makes me want to run through a forest in a tux. I won’t though.

Florence + The Machine-Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up). I remember where I was when I first heard this and I remember crying because..it just like, hit me in the gut. Right in the gut and I got this feeling of “shit…everything is pretty fucked up right now but I’m going to be fine.” Lo and behold I am! Morbid story aside, this song is just brilliant. The live version of this with Isabella doing the 90s balaric keyboard solo makes me weak and fucking happy. You need to physically see it to understand. I don’t need to go into detail about the importance of this song to me. If I was writing about album tracks too, I’d put Blinding, Howl and Cosmic Love in the list.