“Stripped of the right to be a human in control. Its warmer in Hell, so down we go.”

5 12 2011

In my head, I’m convinced I’ll one day be a Superhero. Maybe when I die I will come back as one. It all stems from my childhood obsession with Spiderman (it is still there in adulthood, and I know it will never go.) I’m also glad my nephew has a mutual love for Spiderman too. My obsession with Spiderman is part admiration, part relating to him more than anything else. It’s a mixture, a jumble I suppose. This links in with what I want to write about, somehow.

Ever since I can remember I have used music as a sheild or a cloak. Possibly a cape. When I listen tocertain songs it makes me feel like nothing and no one in the world can get to me- no traces of negativity or bad words can reach me because the music that is echoing in my ears is protecting me. It is making me stronger than I could possibly allow myself. You see, sometimes we don’t realise how strong we are. Sometimes we have to go to Hell and back to see just exactly how strong we- how much we can take. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve wanted to give up many many times. I know exactly when this happened, but more importantly- I know what brought me back from feeling so utterly low. Everyone goes through it. You cannot go through life expecting to avoid anything bad. You cannot wander through life and not get hurt. It will happen. There’s no right or wrong way with dealing with it at all. If you want to block it out and ignore it-so be it. If you want to talk about it with someone over cups of tea-so be it. You are human. You can fight some battles on your own. You may need a sidekick sometimes to get through it all. You cannot pick your battles, but you can sure as hell choose your protective gear. When someone tells you to “man up” kindly tell them to “fuck off.”

I don’t think I’ve successfully made my point here. Sometimes when I feel a lot about a subject matter I lose my ability to form sentences that make sense. Too much passion for things is always going to be a burden for me, I know. I know.

What I’m trying to say is, music is a wonderful thing to drag you through anything you face. For instance, today I was on the bus listening to Ceremonials and the sheer beauty of it just made me want to cry. I got a bit teary eyed. Thankfully no one saw. Imagine explaining that to a stranger. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just get really into the music and a bit emotional during certain parts of songs.” I’m a sadcase, I know this. You don’t ever need to tell me. Music can be that sheild, that protective gear you place around you when you want to feel invincible. Music can be the thing that makes you feel like you are a Superhero. Fuck it. Be a legend in your own lunchtime dear reader. Do it.

So, with that I am going to link you to some songs that make me feel like nothing or no one in the universe can touch me. Some of these songs I used whilst I was in Secondary School and was being bullied every single day. I don’t talk about it because it was over 10 years ago, and I’m better than those shitstains of society. These are the songs that gave me strength in the past, these are the songs that currently make me feel like I can do anything. They are my sheild, my protective cape. They all provide a cloak of strength and determination.


Spinnerette…play a song by…..

9 08 2009


I never ever thought this would happen, did you? Not to mention a bloody good song. Oh Glasgow, how lucky you were that night!

Spinnerette-Coral Fang.

Brody Dalle. (Influential Women In Music Part 1)

7 03 2009


Like so many (both men and women) I am in love with a certain woman named, Brody Dalle.

For a long time I wondered what it is about Brody that makes us fall in love with her, apart from her being ridiculously beautiful of course.

She just oozes strength and power. Yes, I do believe that there is something powerful about a woman who can play an instrument, especially guitar.

Throughout secondary school I was bullied and I used music as my way of ignoring the fuckers who hurt me (sometimes having your music blaring into your ears is acceptable) and The Distillers were one of few bands that made me think “fuck you, I’m not going to be some weak piece of shit that you can hurt.” To this day, City Of Angels can make me so happy even if everything has gone to shit.


Brody Dalle’s voice is unique, powerful and sexy. A few weeks ago, I saw her new band Spinnerette play. I never saw The Distillers, but seeing Spinnerette is easily in my Top 5 favourite gigs. The energy all band members gave off was beautiful. Everyone in the crowd adored Brody and every so often you’d hear someone shout out “you’re a sexy bitch.” I don’t know if using bitch was necessary, but you know- she’s still sexy.


Her voice sends shivers down your spine and makes you wish you could sing like her. Which, if you’re female (like myself) proves to be quite a difficult task. I sound like I’ve smoked a stupid amount when I try to sing like Brody, but in my head- I sound really good!

Coral Fang will always be one of my favourite albums. So many memories with that album, it never fails to bring a smile to my face. If I was stuck on a desert island, I’d survive listening to Coral Fang none stop. I suppose it’d be the perfect place to practice singing like Brody!


What I love about Brody’s new band, Spinnerette, is that you get to hear her sing properly now. She has such a strong voice, regardless of what she does with it. She screams better than most male singers and sings with such power. Anyone who fails to see the beauty and strength in Brody Dalle is missing a few brain cells.

Although most singers dislike being labelled as a role model, Brody is a positive role model for females to have. She is someone damn near everyone should admire. Some may say use the word “troubled” for her earlier life, but look at what she has achieved and has become.

Spinnerette’s gig the other proved exactly this. So many girls were emulating Brody’s early image from The Distillers from the mowhawks to the clothes- she is a massive influence and is quite possibly the most important female in rock right now.



1 02 2009

As we all know, Brody Dalle used to be in a rather excellent band The Distillers. Raise your hand if you cried when you were informed that the band you were totally in love with split up! I know I did. I adored The Distillers, and I class Coral Fang as one of the best albums my ears have ever heard.

But, we have to move on don’t we. New band, Spinnerette do NOT sound like The Distillers which I reckon is a good thing. I mean, if they were to sound just like The Distillers- why split up you know? A lot of fans of Brody seem quite pissed at her for what she’s created with Spinnerette. LET IT GO. Brody is ace at whatever she does.

Spinnerette are playing two shows in the UK this month. 23rd in London and 24th in Birmingham. I’m going to the Birmingham gig. I am stupidly excited. I never saw The Distillers live, but I don’t care- I get to see Brody Dalle. I wouldn’t care if she was fronting Coldplay..oh wait, maybe I would. But you get my point.

Have some songs :

Ghetto Love (video directed by Liam Lynch)

Valium Knights.

Distorting A Code.

Bury My Heart.