LANA DEL REY: Lust For Life.

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“Sometimes it feels like I’ve got a war in my mind
I want to get off but I keep riding the ride.”


I need to apologies for dismissing most of what Lana’s done since Born To Die. It’s my own fault; I didn’t really connect with the music like I thought I would. I remember ages ago finding her music and watching her home videos of Video Games and Blue Jeans. I was blown away. I was in awe of this voice that sounded like it came from another planet. For some stupid reason, I bailed. And I am entirely sorry. So here I am, about to write about Lust For Life because it is truly one of the most beautiful records I’ve heard in a long time.

I spent my morning journey to work listening to Lust For Life. The record opens with Love. When she put this song out, I was in awe. I felt like…I can’t even put into words how gorgeous that song is. It came out at a time where there was so much hate in the world, and she gave us this song to cling to. A song to play as loud as possible and ignore every evil thing in the world. There is so much hope in her voice now. You kind of picture her smiling as she sings these new songs, and to know she’s happy (happier) is a wonderful thing. Her smile on the cover of the record is just beautiful. To see her that happy is just a brilliant thing.

The title song with The Weeknd is this stunning body of vulnerability and openness that every relationship should contain. If this song doesn’t make you immediately think of the person you’re in love with, then you probably don’t love them. Or words to that extremity. I think most of us want Lana and Abel to do a full record together, and tour. And just make music together for the rest of time. Their voices are so perfect together. They are delicate and careful, and this emotion that comes out is just stunning.

Two weeks ago my Nonna in Italy died. These two weeks have been tough. I feel utterly shit, and I’ve not really felt anything other than complete sadness and emptiness. Grief it seems, hits me in a physical way. I’ve had migraines, headaches and constant stomach aches for the past two weeks. I’ve got my mind sort of, but my body is being a dick. Lust For Life is the record I have needed to extend a hand to get me out of this rut. I’ll get out when I’m ready. Music will be what I use, it always is. It always will be. There are certain songs on this record that are so fucking important. The most important song on the record is the last song, Get Free. Get Free is the best song to end this record on. You get this this comforting feeling from Lana that it is all going to be okay. Sure we all feel like shit from time to time. Some can manage it very well; others like me have to rely on medication. Medication and music.

13 Beaches and Cherry are nothing short of stunning. Sure there are “sad” moments on this record, but the way that Lana projects this sadness now is in a way that isn’t as intense. I love intense, and for me that’s a real strength of an artist for them to pour out such emotions. However, 13 Beaches is so painful but so fucking beautiful. It has this weight to it that leaves you in awe of her voice and her words. It starts off real sad but then hope fills. That’s the general feeling of the record- there is sadness, sure, but Lana overcomes it and lets it all go. We can all learn from this. Things take time. You just have to work at it.

For me, the reason why Lust For Life is such a phenomenal record is because it shows this side of Lana that has let go of something that she was known for and made something still as dark and not so much intense. Don’t get me wrong, there is still that Lana sound- but it comes from the music this time. Cherry has drumming that is akin to Born To Die. It’s such a strong song. I don’t mean this in a hipster bullshit slang way. I mean it in a way that it’ll make you feel tough.

It is so easy to ignore the good in the world when there is so much shit happening, but music is our glue. Lust For Life is this missing piece. I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t love this record. It is so gorgeous, gentle and full of love. Even the sad-ish songs have this wealth of love within them. It is such a hopeful record that has projected Lana in an even more relatable way. I just want to play this record over and over, and do nothing. It’s the kind of record that you create moments with that you’ll treasure forever. Moments you’ll create by yourself or with the one that you love.

Lust For Life is not only the finest record of the summer; it’s probably up there in best records of the year. Only a fool would try picking fault with this record. It’s everything you’d want and more.

Waste your summer days to this record. Do nothing, do something, and do whatever the hell you want to this record. Think of the one you love. Play it to the one you love and close off the world. Hold them close, and shut your eyes. Go to the place where only you two can go and let Lana be your soundtrack.

The song Change has a line that immediately made me think of People Have The Power by Patti Smith, “Change is a powerful thing. People are powerful beings.” The record is full of hopeful lines like this, and for me that’s what makes Lust For Life a gorgeous work of art that isn’t just a source of comfort; it is also a beacon of hope. And that is why music will always be the most powerful thing we can expose ourselves to.

Lana Del Rey-Born To Die.

It feels good to have this record finally in my hands, blaring in my ears. When you’ve waited so long for something, to finally have it is one of the best feelings ever. As someone who really cannot live without music- this is a pretty fucking good feeling I’ve got going on right now.

So, everyone wants to hate on Lana. Because Daddy is rich, because she may have had something done to her lips, because she doesn’t go by her real name, because of THAT performance- let me tell you something, none of this is relevant. It will never be important. Is it her dad that’s singing the songs? No. If you’re going to claim your hate for Lana because of these reasons- you are a right trollop. I don’t expect everyone to like her; I’m sure she doesn’t either. You cannot please everyone. Hell..I know that there are a lot more people that like me than do like me. I’m convinced those that claim to like me actually cannot stand me anyway- but hey, let it go. I’ve got an amazing record blasting out in my ears right now. Nothing actually matters to me right now. NOTHING.

I cannot write as a standard “Music Journalist.” I just can’t. I write as a fan. Which is why I’m probably far too honest with my feelings; making me sound like a vulnerable mess. I’m not a vulnerable mess; but music causes me to be open. Certain music just causes me to write in such an honest way. Much like how the lyrics on this record are honest. I’m not saying I’m like Lana at all. If you think that’s what I mean- stop reading and go read some blog that is so scene- it makes your face crease up and bleed; or is that too mainstream?

The album opens with Born To Die. Y’know, I think albums with the word die/death/dying are always good. I’m basing this on Biggie’s records- and Lana’s album. My comparison to Hip Hop will be discussed a bit more in depth in a bit. Stay with me on this. So, you’ve all heard the song Born To Die. You do not need me to tell you anything about it. If you’ve got yerr wits about yerr- you’ll know it’s a stunning piece of art.

Asd far as debut records go, I think this is one I’ll be listening to in 40 years time with a glass of wine, or rum, or maybe a cup of tea- I’ll be listening to it thinking, “I feel the same now about this record as when I first heard it.” It is instantly timeless. It has this nostalgic feel to it. I’d say “vintage” but I loathe the word “vintage” more than I hate my own face. Okay, so I don’t hate my face. I just hate the word vintage. It’s shite. This record just oozes so much passion, love, darkness and nostalgia. I was playing the record to my mum (who I have now converted to the Church of Lana) and we both said the same thing- when she goes for those delicate and slightly high notes- she sounds like the wonderful Kate Bush. As someone who worships the back catalogue of Kate Bush- this is just perfect. For someone else to hear what I hear makes me feel less mental.

Diet Mountain Dew was the first Lana song I heard. I loved the original, but this version on Born To Die, when I first played it I was a bit dubious. I thought “NO LANA NO!” But, after listening more closely, I can hear a hell of a lot Hip Hop influences in this. The drums just pour out New York. Hip Hop came from New York, and it is so evident on this song that you can really hear how much that genre played in this record. It’s just brilliant. I love both versions, I really cannot find any fault in the record; not like I was looking for any.

National Anthem is probably going to cause you to associate this with the one you love, or assume you love. Or something. The longing in you will take over, and this song will be “your life.” Possibly. Or you’ll just get fucked up on whiskey to this. I don’t care- do both. BE SAFE. 😉

I need to go into detail about Dark Paradise because it is my favourite track off the album. I want to listen to it until I stop hearing. I want to listen to it until all I hear is this song playing instead of other people’s voices. The album is a body of fragilty and purity. Listening to this song, I feel like I have had my heartbroken. I feel like I have just lost the love of my life. I feel like I have been emptied out of all the good in my life. It makes me feel exactly how Lana feels. I shut my eyes listening to this, and all I see is darkness. In my head, she is singing this on a beach in the pitch black with tears streaming down her face- but of course, she will be looking as beautiful as ever. The lyrics, my god. If you’ve recently had your heart thrown back at you in small pieces- listen to this song. At first it will seem as if someone is rubbing salt in your wounds, but keep listening. It will heal you. However, just don’t compare your ex to future lovers. If you do that, you stop yourself from truly loving. You owe it to yourself to love and to be loved. Don’t be so fucking cold now. It’s okay. Let this song get you through. Hurt for a bit; but you need to stop after a while. If I could convey properly what this song does and how it makes me feel- I would. I just can’t do it. She truly shines on this song. This song is just so utterly perfect and divine. I’m not just saying this because it is my favourite- it honestly is so raw. She really makes you connect with her here.

When she says “fucking” on Radio it sounds so damn sexy. I hate that word, but sometimes- some things/people are actually sexy. She has the face of an angel, and the mouth of a sailor. She’s real- this is why I instantly fell in love with her music. This doesn’t feel like a debut record. This feels like something. This record is full of dark moments that are twinned with sensuality. I read last week that this was a record to have sex to. After listening to it in full from start to finish- I have to say I agree. The way she sings on Radio and Carmen is just so damn sensual. The way she sings certain words, just carefully lingers in your ears for a while. It’s just so haunting and beautiful.

Million Dollar Man has a line that I love the bones of, “You’re screwed up and brilliant.” For me, that is better than an “I love you” kind of lyric. Who wants those standard 3 words? To see the brilliance in a person although they’ve got problems- you see through it, and love them anyway. This song is such a gorgeous dedication to a person you love. It’s so damn good. You know that, right? I cannot get enough of this song. I know Dark Paradise is my favourite- but this is so..oh man, I can’t even tell you. “If you’re going crazy, just grab me and take me. I’d follow you down,down, down.” I like to think, if I was with someone who was a bit troubled (aren’t we all ) and I loved them- I’d play them this to reassure them that they have my love and aren’t alone. It’s just beautiful.

Summertime Sadness although it’s about love; it is about loss too. That one love will stay with you, doll. It won’t go. The Summertime is when it grates you. The heat means nothing. But hey, with records like this- you’ll be just fine. A record can cure loneliness and that dreaded feeling you wish to never mention.

This Is What Makes Us Girls feels like a tribute to Lana’s teenage years- again with a heavy Hip Hop beat. I love it. I love the sounds she has created, and it all comes together on this final track.

If like me, you HAD to get the deluxe version- you’ll have Without You, Loita and Lucky Ones. I really do wish Kinda Outta Luck was on this record. Maybe an EP of unreleased tracks will come out? But for now, we have Born To Die. A fantastic debut record that, regardless of what any jumped up Music Journalist may say- this is an brilliant album. I hope this shuts up all the negative press Lana has been given. Your emotions will run wild after listening to this. Nothing will feel the same- and that’s a good thing. You may not be able to relate to all the songs, but that’s not important. What’s important is how you CONNECT to it all. With one listen, you feel as if you have heard this before- in a good way. Yet, nothing sounds like this now. Which is more proof as to why we need artists like Lana Del Rey.


Lana Del Rey(again..I know, I know.)


Now I’ve got your attention, I’m going to attempt to put into words just how much it pisses me off all this slagging off and playground behaviour towards someone with genuine talent.

As you all know, before she was Lana Del Rey- she was Lizzy Grant. OH FUCK ME HOW DARE SHE CHANGE HER NAME. I mean, Iggy Pop is clearly his real name. Ziggy Stardust was NEVER a made up persona. Lady Gaga was actually christened with that name, Pink is actually called Pink and Snoop Dog was also born with that name.

Get over it.

I watched a documentary about the Blues recently, and this old guy (very wise and interesting, I’m shit with names….) said this or similar : “They are called performing artists. The clue is there. It’s ART. Artifical. It’s an act, they don’t have to be themselves.” Like I said, that was basically what he said. And let’s face it; it’s true. Most singers create a persona. Some are a gimmick for the right or wrong reasons. So why on Earth is Lana fucking crucified for not going by her real name?

Are you mad because her dad is rich? Give a shit. That’s personal business. I care about Lana’s music. I don’t care about her personal life or what her family gets up to. I just love her music. You go on about how she’s had “work” done on her lips? So fucking what? Who cares if she has or hasn’t. I don’t think she has. I think she’s just got a wonderful pout. Some people pout (we’ve all got that annoying friend who has photos of themselves pouting on Facebook, pricks.) and I reckon Lana is a pouter. Again, who cares. Lana isn’t a singer because she wants you to pull her apart at every single chance. She’s a singer (and a signed one) because she has…GASP! HORROR! TALENT! Which is more than can be said for half the shit that pollutes the airwaves and the like.

Let’s mention SNL briefly. Have you ever had to do something, and you were so fucking nervous, and you just crumbled? Have you ever wanted to ask someone out? You build yourself up to it, and as you approach the person- with the words you want to say on the tip of your tongue and your heart racing, and you come out with “Hey..I err… I dig your elbows.” Then they laugh at you, and that’s it. You never want to speak your emotions ever again. It’s happened to us all. We’ve ALL folded under pressure. Lana is a human being; she’s not a robot who can just block out the fact she was being broacasted to millions of people. If it was me, I probably would’ve ran into a corner, pissed myself and cried for my mother. With no record out, she was the first to do this. That shit is nerve-wracking. Some were saying, “Oh if she was nervous, she shouldn’t have bothered.” Fuck off maaaan. Maybe she was fine, but as soon as the camera hit her- she fell apart. It happens. Let it go.

I read recently that she says people seem fascinated with her failing. She’s not wrong. People are expecting her to fail, but why? Why would you wish for somone to fail? You don’t go to school or whatever and think, “I hope my teacher balls up teaching us Science today!” or “I hope the taxi driver goes the wrong way or breaks down.” Fuck your bad vibes man. There’s so much suffering and shitness in the world, why would you waste your time on hating a person you do not know?

What drew me to Lana in May last year was how vulnerable she seemed. Her honest lyrics haunted you, and her frail presence just lured me in. I knew I was watching something so precious and perfect. It was Diet Mtn Dew that I first heard. Then I read up about Video Games. Her voice on Video Games always ALWAYS flaws me. I’ve never heard anything so pure. However, for me- it was Blue Jeans that did it. Personally, I love it more than Video Games. I can take or leave Video Games. It’s Blue Jeans that I adore. Now, some twerp has leaked the album. I haven’t downloaded it because I don’t want to be one of the tits that kill music. I listened to about 3 songs- then just stopped. I stopped because I wanted to have the record in my hands on Monday. I heard Dark Paradise, and I was internally freaking out. It is perfect. It is one of the best things I will hear all year, that I am sure of.

She has easily put out the best debut album of the year. EASILY. I know I change my mind a lot, but I’ll be sticking to this statement.

It just, I guess it upsets me because I love music. It is my life. And to see awful things such as the X-Factor being praised and artists with genuine talent being shot down. I just don’t get it at all. So what if how Lana dresses seems “manufactured.” I don’t think it does. I’ve seen her wear a leather jacket, jeans and trainers- how the fuck is that manufactured? It isn’t. She’s being true to herself. I’d take her over Gaga and Adele ANY day. I cannot relate to them at all. I can relate to Lana’s dark tales and vulnerable stories.

I kow the whole blogging scene (fucks sake) seem to LOVE to rip anything apart that gets a whiff of popularity. Just grow up and shut up. You’re not the one on stage singing songs from the heart. You’re not the one being pulled apart from what you say/do and how you look. You’re just sat behind a screen eating Wotsits- you probably don’t wash your hands after you pee. You vile, vile creature. I’ve written about Lana before- and I got hate for it- so I deleted it because I couldn’t be arsed. I’m just sick of people being so negative and ripping a person apart. There’s no need for it.

If you don’t like it- don’t listen to it. You don’t need to be a harsh, cold, cruel idiot. It just makes you look like a pretentious twit who has nothing better to do other than hate. What’s the point? I’m not saying you should like Lana, far from it. I just don’t understand why there is so much hate for a person who’s not even put her record out (Monday, it’s out on Monday FINALLY!)

I could go all Chris Crocker on this and just say..LEEEEEEEEEEAVE LANA ALONEEEE!!!! But, I’m trying to tame my madness.

So whatever, big deal she’s made up a name. She wanted to create a name that’s as beautiful as the music- which she has done. She’s not the first person to have gone by a different name. Life is all about changing and finding out who you are. Lana is just another 25 year old like myself trying to find her voice. She isn’t the only one; she’s doing it in a public way. That takes guts and heart.

I adore the line, “Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain.” from Born To Die. There’s something about it that just makes you feel and think as if you are in love. Her music and her lyrics are truthful; so beautiful. There’s more to Lana than people realise. They seem to be blinded by her past. We’ve all got a past. It’s not like she was a robber or mugging old people every Thursday just for kicks. All she did was put out a record under her real name. It’s not big deal.

Like I said, if you don’t like it- don’t listen to it.

Lana Del Rey-Born To Die (video.)

Basically, this is better than Video Games. Video Games is just a distant memory now. Born To Die is far better. I do like Video Games. I just prefer her other songs such as Yayo, Diet Mtn Dew and Blue Jeans. Then you have Born To Die; which is on a totally different level to anything she has done (whether as Lana or Lizzy Grant.) It’s just mind-blowingly (that’s now a word) GOOD.Good isn’t even the word I should use, but when something is so beautiful- you sometimes struggle to find words to use that do it justice.

What I love about Lana is that she has this ability to get to the very root of your soul with her songs. It doesn’t have to be the whole song that does this to you. It can be this one line of her songs that just send you into some kind of trance or whatever- causing every muscle to spasm. You freeze and cannot focus because she has, somehow, said EVERYTHING you’ve had on the tip of your tongue. Like most musicians, she says it better than you could ever imagine. The way you planned it in your head seems so irrelevant and not enough. Then you hear one of her songs, and all you feel becomes so clear.

So to Hell with if she is a gimmick or not. I’m sure a gimmick doesn’t have this much talent. She is so pure with her music and everso vulnerable with her words. She sums up that side of love you think you will never feel. You think you will never feel it- but then you listen to Born To Die, and somehow, you feel it deeper than anything else you’ve felt in a long time.

Lana Del Rey-Born To Die.

On January 30th the best album (and best debut album) of 2012 will be released. Like Anna Calvi this year, Lana Del Rey is evidently going to be releasing the year’s best album at the start. More than likely setting the standard of how music should be done for the year. I’ve been wanting Lana’s debut album since I first heard her as Lana Del Rey in May this year.

Her music has this wonderfully dark and cinematic feel to it. Her music makes you feel you are going through sequences of films. It transports you into a different world. A world that is fuelled by the heart. Everything comes from the heart with Lana’s music. If you don’t get it by now, then maybe you won’t. Or maybe just maybe, you will be sensible and buy her album on January 30th and have your world turned upside down; in a good way. You’re going to have to give in sooner or later. But I beg of you, please don’t be a fool who only loves Video Games. Please don’t be one of them. Go listen to Blue Jeans, Yayo, Diet Mtn Dew, Kinda Outta Luck- you know the songs. I’ve put them on here enough times!

Her voice and her lyrics are so powerful. Forget what you’ve heard before- this is what you need. This is what you want.

“This is the first song for your mixtape….”

If I can stick with writing about every album by The Cure, then I think I can stick with this silly idea I had at 4am this morning.

However, I’ll probably realise it is beyond stupid and delete it.

No explanations needed for the songs. Basically every week (providing I don’t forget) I’ll link some tracks that I’ve constantly got on repeat and annoying my neighbours with. So…enjoy I guess?!

I’m not sorry for writing about Lana Del Rey….again!

It seems a girl can’t post a video of herself singing without some fuckwit laying into her. It’s like, it’s cool to hate someone for no reason. Why? Why would you exhaust yourself in such a way? Why would you write such cruel, vile words about a person you do not know? What drives a person to do it? Probably the fact that they’re a twit or something.

Lana Del Rey has divided pathetic hipster blogs and credible (if any are left) publications. You have one side that see she is talented. Then you have the other side that just unleash so much hate. It’s extremely pathetic. They keep going on and on about her appearence and her mouth. Look, the only thing you should be concerned with in regard to her mouth is what comes out of it.

This week Video Games was released. Personally, I’m still obsessed with Blue Jeans and Yayo. I love the vulnerability in Lana’s music and voice. Her voice makes you tremble and just melt. Honestly, when I listen to her music I can’t focus. It’s like I shut down and I’m in awe of what I’m hearing. I know I’ve written a lot about her, but that’s because I’m one of the few who have NOTHING bad to say about her, and I believe everyone deserves a chance, y’know? Is she a gimmick? I don’t know nor do I care. To me, she’s evidently someone with so much talent and we’re just seeing the start of it. She’s going to be huge. You can ignore now, but she’s going to be huge. I don’t want to hear Adele bang on about her ex-boyfriend. It means nothing to me, it’s boring. We’ve now been blessed with Lana Del Rey. She’s got this presence that just draws you in; and you know what? I don’t think she realises just how talented she is. I hope she does, because she is truly wonderful.

It’s been a long time since a singer has had this hold over me. I cannot describe. Her music is like being in love. You feel it in your soul and nothing in the world can compare to it. I read an article recently where Lana said that the negative press does get to her and made her question why she put the videos up of her singing. This is just fucking WRONG. It shouldn’t be like this, but some people can only function if they are hating on someone else. I guess it’s because they are bored and feel the need to try shock others by being hurtful. Thing is, they’re not shocking anyone. They just come across as a massive wanker. Of course everyone is allowed their own opinion; but if you’re going to be negative do it about the music not what she looks like. It just proves that you’re an immature fuck who cannot form sentences when you focus on appearence rather than the sound.

There’s a lot of heart and soul in Lana’s music; that’s lacking in a lot of music right now. You may hate it, you may love it. Either way you cannot deny that she can bloody well sing. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

She’s the second most beautiful person my eyes have ever seen. Who’s the first? I can’t possibly tell you, that’s a secret.

Lana Del Rey (part….I’m not even sorry.)

Yes I love her and no I don’t car if it’s all an act. Truth is, she has an amazing voice. The kind that makes your whole body turn to jelly and your senses to just fail. It grips you and pins you against a wall. She sings as if she is singing to you and you alone. That every word is just for you, that you are the one that she painfully love. The kind of love that more than likely doesn’t exist in the real world; the kind only singers tell us about because we are too afraid to feel it for ourselves.

Before we knew her as Lana Del Rey, she was known as Lizzy Grant And The Phenomena. She didn’t sound so much of a 50s classy lass with a gun in her pocket then, but the seductive voice was just as strong.

It’s the perfect song to sit under a tree, embracing the shade on an insanely hot day. Her voice has this tone to it that just holds your heart. You don’t want her to let it go, ever. Song such as Disco just make you lose your mind.

Who gives a fuck if the Lana Del Rey thing is a gimmick- she has pure talent. Unlike all the others who use a gimmick to sell records. Her voice moves you; it’s just you and her. It is so powerful in a gentle way. It’s so passionate but with no fury.

As Lana Del Rey, well I think it’s obvious how I feel about her music. The last time I was this moved by a female singer’s voice was Florence Welch in 2007.


Lana Del Rey….AGAIN.

I’ve seen a lot of websites and blogs bang on about how Lana Del Rey is just a gimmick and has no talent. Shall we assume that those saying these things are just hipsters that think listening to really obscure music makes them so different and better than us all? Probably safer if we do.

I really cannot bring myself to care about any other female solo artist right now apart from Lana Del Rey. She has this thing about her that just draws you in. Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, you are drawn in and you become so attracted to her. Her voice makes you weak at the knees and you feel you’d do anything she told you to do. She has such power over you. You know when you’re really into someone, and all you see is them. All you want to hear and see is them; that’s EXACTLY what Lana Del Rey does to you. She has the grip over you, and you fucking beg with all you have that she doesn’t let you go.

You know what? I don’t care if it’s an act, if it is just a gimmick. I love her. I love her an unhealthy amount and I really don’t care. No female singer has EVER has this affect on me. I feel far too much towards her music. It’s insane, no singer should do this to you. She is so striking. You get lost in her huge eyes and powerful voice. You look at her and think, “You’d probably shoot me but I don’t care.” She has this danger vibe about her. She’s said she’s like Nancy Sinatra but gangster. It’s so true. I wouldn’t care if she backed me into a wall and beat me black and blue. So long as she was singing Blue Jeans or Video Games at me whilst she did it.

This is more than a music based crush. This is something to give your heart over to. This is something to give everything else up in order to believe in. I’ve honestly never felt this way about a singer before. I cannot but it into words. It’s mental, well and truly mental. I’ve never heard a voice like this before, and I never will. I don’t care if everyone rips her because of her “botox lips.” Fuck your shallow vibes. Have you heard what comes out of those lips? It is HEAVEN. It is a voice that breaks your heart into pieces. It is a voice that makes you want to fall in love with someone your shouldn’t and just ride off into the sunser; just leaving everything and everyone behind. There is so much pain,longing, aching, soul and passion in her voice.

I honestly would slap someone if they couldn’t see how truly remarkable her voice is. She’s like an enigma, she has something about her that makes you want to get close. But at the same time, stay away from her. She’s a no and a yes. She’s everything you want to have. She’s someone who would probably love you even if you were an awful human being because she’d probably see the good in you. Anyone who doesn’t seek for that in another is lying. When you listen to Blue Jeans, you want to find someone who’s good for you; but be bad for them. Because you want that uncoditional love that one rarely experiences. I never have, and I never will. But this song makes you want it. This song makes you want so much that the heart cannot handle. She makes you to go on the run with someone. Lay on a hotel bed with them, watching some awful Western film and every so often; you reasurre them that you won’t get caught. That you’ll protect them. She’s got such an overwhelming talent. If she doesn’t move you, then you are made of stone. You’re also missing out.

It’s nearly 3am and I’ve just come home from a night out. I will still feel the same tomorrow with a sober mind and heavy heart.