Lana Del Rey-Born To Die.

30 01 2012

It feels good to have this record finally in my hands, blaring in my ears. When you’ve waited so long for something, to finally have it is one of the best feelings ever. As someone who really cannot live without music- this is a pretty fucking good feeling I’ve got going on right now.

So, everyone wants to hate on Lana. Because Daddy is rich, because she may have had something done to her lips, because she doesn’t go by her real name, because of THAT performance- let me tell you something, none of this is relevant. It will never be important. Is it her dad that’s singing the songs? No. If you’re going to claim your hate for Lana because of these reasons- you are a right trollop. I don’t expect everyone to like her; I’m sure she doesn’t either. You cannot please everyone. Hell..I know that there are a lot more people that like me than do like me. I’m convinced those that claim to like me actually cannot stand me anyway- but hey, let it go. I’ve got an amazing record blasting out in my ears right now. Nothing actually matters to me right now. NOTHING.

I cannot write as a standard “Music Journalist.” I just can’t. I write as a fan. Which is why I’m probably far too honest with my feelings; making me sound like a vulnerable mess. I’m not a vulnerable mess; but music causes me to be open. Certain music just causes me to write in such an honest way. Much like how the lyrics on this record are honest. I’m not saying I’m like Lana at all. If you think that’s what I mean- stop reading and go read some blog that is so scene- it makes your face crease up and bleed; or is that too mainstream?

The album opens with Born To Die. Y’know, I think albums with the word die/death/dying are always good. I’m basing this on Biggie’s records- and Lana’s album. My comparison to Hip Hop will be discussed a bit more in depth in a bit. Stay with me on this. So, you’ve all heard the song Born To Die. You do not need me to tell you anything about it. If you’ve got yerr wits about yerr- you’ll know it’s a stunning piece of art.

Asd far as debut records go, I think this is one I’ll be listening to in 40 years time with a glass of wine, or rum, or maybe a cup of tea- I’ll be listening to it thinking, “I feel the same now about this record as when I first heard it.” It is instantly timeless. It has this nostalgic feel to it. I’d say “vintage” but I loathe the word “vintage” more than I hate my own face. Okay, so I don’t hate my face. I just hate the word vintage. It’s shite. This record just oozes so much passion, love, darkness and nostalgia. I was playing the record to my mum (who I have now converted to the Church of Lana) and we both said the same thing- when she goes for those delicate and slightly high notes- she sounds like the wonderful Kate Bush. As someone who worships the back catalogue of Kate Bush- this is just perfect. For someone else to hear what I hear makes me feel less mental.

Diet Mountain Dew was the first Lana song I heard. I loved the original, but this version on Born To Die, when I first played it I was a bit dubious. I thought “NO LANA NO!” But, after listening more closely, I can hear a hell of a lot Hip Hop influences in this. The drums just pour out New York. Hip Hop came from New York, and it is so evident on this song that you can really hear how much that genre played in this record. It’s just brilliant. I love both versions, I really cannot find any fault in the record; not like I was looking for any.

National Anthem is probably going to cause you to associate this with the one you love, or assume you love. Or something. The longing in you will take over, and this song will be “your life.” Possibly. Or you’ll just get fucked up on whiskey to this. I don’t care- do both. BE SAFE. 😉

I need to go into detail about Dark Paradise because it is my favourite track off the album. I want to listen to it until I stop hearing. I want to listen to it until all I hear is this song playing instead of other people’s voices. The album is a body of fragilty and purity. Listening to this song, I feel like I have had my heartbroken. I feel like I have just lost the love of my life. I feel like I have been emptied out of all the good in my life. It makes me feel exactly how Lana feels. I shut my eyes listening to this, and all I see is darkness. In my head, she is singing this on a beach in the pitch black with tears streaming down her face- but of course, she will be looking as beautiful as ever. The lyrics, my god. If you’ve recently had your heart thrown back at you in small pieces- listen to this song. At first it will seem as if someone is rubbing salt in your wounds, but keep listening. It will heal you. However, just don’t compare your ex to future lovers. If you do that, you stop yourself from truly loving. You owe it to yourself to love and to be loved. Don’t be so fucking cold now. It’s okay. Let this song get you through. Hurt for a bit; but you need to stop after a while. If I could convey properly what this song does and how it makes me feel- I would. I just can’t do it. She truly shines on this song. This song is just so utterly perfect and divine. I’m not just saying this because it is my favourite- it honestly is so raw. She really makes you connect with her here.

When she says “fucking” on Radio it sounds so damn sexy. I hate that word, but sometimes- some things/people are actually sexy. She has the face of an angel, and the mouth of a sailor. She’s real- this is why I instantly fell in love with her music. This doesn’t feel like a debut record. This feels like something. This record is full of dark moments that are twinned with sensuality. I read last week that this was a record to have sex to. After listening to it in full from start to finish- I have to say I agree. The way she sings on Radio and Carmen is just so damn sensual. The way she sings certain words, just carefully lingers in your ears for a while. It’s just so haunting and beautiful.

Million Dollar Man has a line that I love the bones of, “You’re screwed up and brilliant.” For me, that is better than an “I love you” kind of lyric. Who wants those standard 3 words? To see the brilliance in a person although they’ve got problems- you see through it, and love them anyway. This song is such a gorgeous dedication to a person you love. It’s so damn good. You know that, right? I cannot get enough of this song. I know Dark Paradise is my favourite- but this is so..oh man, I can’t even tell you. “If you’re going crazy, just grab me and take me. I’d follow you down,down, down.” I like to think, if I was with someone who was a bit troubled (aren’t we all ) and I loved them- I’d play them this to reassure them that they have my love and aren’t alone. It’s just beautiful.

Summertime Sadness although it’s about love; it is about loss too. That one love will stay with you, doll. It won’t go. The Summertime is when it grates you. The heat means nothing. But hey, with records like this- you’ll be just fine. A record can cure loneliness and that dreaded feeling you wish to never mention.

This Is What Makes Us Girls feels like a tribute to Lana’s teenage years- again with a heavy Hip Hop beat. I love it. I love the sounds she has created, and it all comes together on this final track.

If like me, you HAD to get the deluxe version- you’ll have Without You, Loita and Lucky Ones. I really do wish Kinda Outta Luck was on this record. Maybe an EP of unreleased tracks will come out? But for now, we have Born To Die. A fantastic debut record that, regardless of what any jumped up Music Journalist may say- this is an brilliant album. I hope this shuts up all the negative press Lana has been given. Your emotions will run wild after listening to this. Nothing will feel the same- and that’s a good thing. You may not be able to relate to all the songs, but that’s not important. What’s important is how you CONNECT to it all. With one listen, you feel as if you have heard this before- in a good way. Yet, nothing sounds like this now. Which is more proof as to why we need artists like Lana Del Rey.




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23 02 2012

FINALLY SOMEONE SHARES MY ADDICITION!!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED your Review! I’m writing one myself (for a newspaper, so it’s more audience geared and not quite as long) but THISSSSSS!!!! This is everything!!! Lana is everything. You are such a talented writer, thank you for sharing. 🙂

23 02 2012

Stanley! Thank you so much for your comment. You’ve made my day. I do want to thump anyone who slags off Lana. There’s no need for negativity ever. And as for using her personal life as a way to belittle her, it’s just disgusting. I’m glad you share the love, and best of luck with your review! xx

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