Human Eye.

29 01 2012

I have no idea what I’m meant to say about Human Eye at all. Anything I say will not get across how raw and distorted this shit is. It’s so obscure and brutal. It’s like being chased by some kind of beast with no hopes of getting out alive. Fuck survival. If this is what death sounds like- I’m not fussed.

Human Eye are amazing. I don’t expect anyone to like them that likes delicate “oh woe is me here with my guitar acting like a folk singer and I shop in charity shops because I like to wear dead people’s clothes but don’t look at me because I’ll cry.” This isn’t for you. This will make you go back to your pretentious “I’m trying to be arty but I don’t understand anything” ways and sulk in a corner. If you’re like that- this isn’t for you.

Human Eye are for those that love the drawl of Tom Waits. The aggressive tones of The Black Keys. The rawness of Iggy Pop. They are for people who want music to make them feel so alive and invincible.

Their music will fuck with your head and make your body do things it maybe shouldn’t do. I’m sat down, so I’m okay for now. But if I stand up and listen to this- fuck knows what will happen. This is pure, brutal music. It’s like a riot exploding through the soundwaves. Go with it. Do not let this go. It just proves that Sacred Bones are putting out some of the best music around. It’s like it is some kind of movement that not many of us are up on. Thus, making it sacred. You need to get involved with this. If you ignore it- you’re a fool. You need this.

I listen to them and think, “Lester Bangs would love this.” Vocally they sound a wee bit like New York Dolls. It’s just perfect. It makes you think you’re in the 70s wandering around New York City waiting for something to happen. It’s now 2012, nothing like Punk will ever happen again. What do we have now? You say nothing. I say, HUMAN EYE!



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