Amen Dunes.

29 01 2012

I don’t need to know the insides and out of a musican for me to love them. Just give me the music, and that’s enough. I know NOTHING about Amen Dunes at all. Zero. All I know is that his music is giving me feelings I don’t know even if there are words for them yet.

I remember last year when I sat down and just listened to Youth Lagoon’s debut record, it did something. It emotionally did something to me. It’s like, it set something free. I feel in debt to Trevor for that. I don’t know him- but that record made me feel like something had finally clicked. That it was all okay. I’m getting the same feeling right now listening to Amen Dunes. It all feels like a huge wave of reassurance. We need that sometimes. We need that blanket of comfort to wrap itself around us, so we can carry on and face the next day, and the day after that. Baby steps. As you don’t have someone to hold your hand and guide you through it- music softly aides you through the day with its comforting sounds echoing delicately in your ear. You’re going to be just fine, kid.

New York- I swear you are the place I should’ve been born and raised in. The music scene there is beyond words. This shit right here is fucking incredible.

Listening to this, I feel like I am in a trance. My favourite so far is the song Jill. I feel like I’m listening to OM with a hint of Spiritualized. It’s just so utterly perfect and so damn hypnotising. I don’t want to snap out of this. Please do not wake me from what Amen Dunes’ music is doing to me right now. I care no longer for real life, I’m going to create my own world and Amen Dunes is going to be the soundtrack to it all.



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