Royal Baths.

29 01 2012

Brooklyn, Brooklyn….Brooklyn. So much to answer for. Look at you, throwing out such talent at us. Constantly. Certain places just ooze talent- Brooklyn is no exception. From Biggie to Friends (the band) to Royal Baths.

Royal Baths make you feel like you in the midst of a nightmare that is going to stay with you forever. You feel yourself falling further and further down into a black hole, or maybe you’re being chased and the moon has failed to guide you home. It’s dark. It’s ghoulish. It’s perfect. You all know that The Jesus And Mary Chain are my favourite band ever. So it is easy for me to claim my love for a band like Royal Baths because they give me that same feeling. The distorted and menacing sound that is balanced out with such distinctive vocals. This is the real deal. There’s no “Oh look at us trying to be arty so we fit in” kind of vibe going on here. This is pure, unapologetic brutal music. This is the kind of music that makes me glad that my hearing is the only decent sense I have left. I’m 25 and my body is falling apart! Okay..that may be a lie, but you know. Royal Baths give you that kick up the arse you’ve been needing. They wake you up and shake you. That brutal, raw feel The Kills have? Royal Baths have it too.

Have I sold them to you yet? I don’t care. Like them or not, they’re awesome.  I love them. I need to see them live. I want to be in the midst of this madness. Soaking up all the doom and gloom, treasuring it like a pleasurable romance. I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m not here to make sense. Just listen to them.

I have a feeling I’ll be the only person I know who will like them…does anyone want to be a fellow appreciater (is that a word?!) of Royal Baths with me? I’ll make you cups of tea.



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