They say “GUITAR MUSIC IS DEAD!” Bullshit I say, utter BULLSHIT. You see, if you’re forced to listen such tripe like Coldplay and you think it is guitar music- then alright, fair enough it is dead. But, there’s bands such as The Black Keys and my personal favourite The Chapman Family that are proof that it isn’t dead. You’re just being lazy and not seeking out the good stuff.

I always like to start with a rant, but it does tie in..somehow.

So, Forloco. They’re pretty damn good. Even if they weren’t Yorkshire lads, I’d still love them. My mum’s from Doncaster and she’s always told me that anything from Yorkshire is amazing. She isn’t wrong. Pulp, The Long Blondes, Richard Hawley. And now? Now you can add Forloco to that list.

Forloco aren’t just your average band with guitars. There’s something about their sound that makes YOU want to play an instrument and start your own riot. Originally, there was 3 of them- but now there is 5 of them. An expansion in band members has given them a grand sound that deserves to be heard.

In fact, I’ll help you. You don’t even have to go look for it. I’ll give you the link :

I love the hopelessness feeling that’s in No Future. If you’ve ever had a shitty relationship, and let’s face it- we all have; you’ll love this one. If you’re trying to pluck up the courage to dump a lover, play them this. I’d say make them a mixtape for Valentine’s and put this on it- but that’s a bit harsh isn’t it. Don’t do that. Nobody likes a bastard do they.

What I love about Forloco is that they have a brilliant Garage Rock feel to their music. They remind me of a tamer version of Thee Vicars. I adore Thee Vicars, so it’s a bloody good thing.

If you’re in the Sunderland area, you can catch them supporting Steve Cradock at Bar One on 5th March. It’ll probably be the best thing to happen in Sunderland in a long time.

I don’t need to tell you how great these lads are. If you love Garage Rock or just want something different that’ll make you dance- give Forloco a listen.

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