Eat Y’Self Pretty.

31 01 2012

I don’t like happy music really. I don’t go out of my way to find music that will make me happy. However- my idea of happy music is different to yours, probably. I find joy and comfort in The Jesus And Mary Chain and Morrissey. Why does it make me happy? Because it’s good to know someone can articulate those gut-wrenching feelings better than you can. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a miserable person at all. I just like music that has a lot of feeling and is dark. Very dark.

So why on earth would I like Eat Y’Self Pretty when I could quite happily sit here and play some Deftones or Bring Me The Horizon. That’s easy, because Eat Y’Self Pretty like Swim Deep are another brilliant band from Birmingham. Every city deserves its year to shine. Hopefully (and rightfully so) this year should see Birmingham getting the recognition it truly deserves. You know what? Fuck London and the Olympics. Sack it off, don’t bother. Go get involved with the Birmingham music scene. From rap artists to guitar bands- the city is just flowing with talent. Why is nobody picking up on this?

I suppose you want me to say who they sound like? I’d say they sound like Two Door Cinema Club; but I don’t want to insult Eat Y’Self Pretty. So I will give them a decent comparison, even thought I hate comparing anything to anyone. If you love Foals- give these guys a listen. They’re not as dark as Foals, but their sound will remind you of Antidotes. If you recall, that is a bloody good and solid first record.

If you would be so kind, please check out their sounds at :

If that gets you going, you can see them live at the following:

18th February-The Flapper (Birmingham.)

9th March-The End (Birmingham.)

10th March-The Wilmington Arms (London.)




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