Lana Del Rey-Born To Die (video.)

15 12 2011

Basically, this is better than Video Games. Video Games is just a distant memory now. Born To Die is far better. I do like Video Games. I just prefer her other songs such as Yayo, Diet Mtn Dew and Blue Jeans. Then you have Born To Die; which is on a totally different level to anything she has done (whether as Lana or Lizzy Grant.) It’s just mind-blowingly (that’s now a word) GOOD.Good isn’t even the word I should use, but when something is so beautiful- you sometimes struggle to find words to use that do it justice.

What I love about Lana is that she has this ability to get to the very root of your soul with her songs. It doesn’t have to be the whole song that does this to you. It can be this one line of her songs that just send you into some kind of trance or whatever- causing every muscle to spasm. You freeze and cannot focus because she has, somehow, said EVERYTHING you’ve had on the tip of your tongue. Like most musicians, she says it better than you could ever imagine. The way you planned it in your head seems so irrelevant and not enough. Then you hear one of her songs, and all you feel becomes so clear.

So to Hell with if she is a gimmick or not. I’m sure a gimmick doesn’t have this much talent. She is so pure with her music and everso vulnerable with her words. She sums up that side of love you think you will never feel. You think you will never feel it- but then you listen to Born To Die, and somehow, you feel it deeper than anything else you’ve felt in a long time.



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