“This is the first song for your mixtape….”

If I can stick with writing about every album by The Cure, then I think I can stick with this silly idea I had at 4am this morning.

However, I’ll probably realise it is beyond stupid and delete it.

No explanations needed for the songs. Basically every week (providing I don’t forget) I’ll link some tracks that I’ve constantly got on repeat and annoying my neighbours with. So…enjoy I guess?!

Drake-Take Care.

“You can’t like Drake because you lke bands such as The Cure and The Smiths.” Oh really? SHIT SON! I didn’t realise I could only listen to one specific style of music. I honestly didn’t know that I could only listen to music that’s like The Cure or My Bloody Valentine. Fuck off.

It happens a lot. More times than it should. People are small minded- from judging someone on their clothes to the colour of their skin. It’s entirely awful. But, I don’t want to rant about the errors of the human race. I want to tell you about how fucking AMAZING Drake’s new stuff.

Anypne who knows me even a tiny bit will know I don’t like Rihanna at all. I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but musically I’m not really a fan. HOWEVER, she’s done a track with Drake on his new album and it samples my hero- Gil Scott-Heron. It is also produced by Jamie Smith (from The XX.) This is a KILLER track. Her vocals are beautiful on this track. If you’re chasing someone who seems to be put off anything to do with anyone in a romantic manner, play this song to them. It’ll get your point across better than you will. If it doesn’t work then, well- keep trying? I don’t know. Nobody likes a stalker do they. The thing is, this track is fucking out of this world. It should make you lose your mind; that’s if you still have it.

So one of my biggest loves this year has been The Weeknd’s two mixtapes. I cannot wait for the third one. The Weeknd appears on Drake’s new album. Crew Love is just brilliant. The Weeknd is this underground guy who deserves to be so fucking huge. Seriously, he needs to be as huge a…someone that’s really huge. I’m lost for words right now. This album is so good. Best rap album of the year? Of course, no doubt about that. Drake and The Weeknd need to make an album together, but I honestly don’t think the world is ready for something like that. I don’t think they are ready for the Take Care album or anything The Weeknd does. I don’t care if you don’t like rap or Drake- you need to get this album when it comes out next week. Better than his other stuff? It’s just more grown, that’s all.

There’s production on the album from the likes of Just Blaze (his back catalogue is insanely impressive) and Noah Shebib. It’s honestly going to be one of THE biggest and best albums of the year. I don’t care what genre you favour, Drake needs a spot in your record collection. There’s too much good music out there for you to just limit yourself to one genre. Don’t be a small minded fool.