I’m not sorry for writing about Lana Del Rey….again!

17 10 2011

It seems a girl can’t post a video of herself singing without some fuckwit laying into her. It’s like, it’s cool to hate someone for no reason. Why? Why would you exhaust yourself in such a way? Why would you write such cruel, vile words about a person you do not know? What drives a person to do it? Probably the fact that they’re a twit or something.

Lana Del Rey has divided pathetic hipster blogs and credible (if any are left) publications. You have one side that see she is talented. Then you have the other side that just unleash so much hate. It’s extremely pathetic. They keep going on and on about her appearence and her mouth. Look, the only thing you should be concerned with in regard to her mouth is what comes out of it.

This week Video Games was released. Personally, I’m still obsessed with Blue Jeans and Yayo. I love the vulnerability in Lana’s music and voice. Her voice makes you tremble and just melt. Honestly, when I listen to her music I can’t focus. It’s like I shut down and I’m in awe of what I’m hearing. I know I’ve written a lot about her, but that’s because I’m one of the few who have NOTHING bad to say about her, and I believe everyone deserves a chance, y’know? Is she a gimmick? I don’t know nor do I care. To me, she’s evidently someone with so much talent and we’re just seeing the start of it. She’s going to be huge. You can ignore now, but she’s going to be huge. I don’t want to hear Adele bang on about her ex-boyfriend. It means nothing to me, it’s boring. We’ve now been blessed with Lana Del Rey. She’s got this presence that just draws you in; and you know what? I don’t think she realises just how talented she is. I hope she does, because she is truly wonderful.

It’s been a long time since a singer has had this hold over me. I cannot describe. Her music is like being in love. You feel it in your soul and nothing in the world can compare to it. I read an article recently where Lana said that the negative press does get to her and made her question why she put the videos up of her singing. This is just fucking WRONG. It shouldn’t be like this, but some people can only function if they are hating on someone else. I guess it’s because they are bored and feel the need to try shock others by being hurtful. Thing is, they’re not shocking anyone. They just come across as a massive wanker. Of course everyone is allowed their own opinion; but if you’re going to be negative do it about the music not what she looks like. It just proves that you’re an immature fuck who cannot form sentences when you focus on appearence rather than the sound.

There’s a lot of heart and soul in Lana’s music; that’s lacking in a lot of music right now. You may hate it, you may love it. Either way you cannot deny that she can bloody well sing. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

She’s the second most beautiful person my eyes have ever seen. Who’s the first? I can’t possibly tell you, that’s a secret.

Lana Del Rey.

9 09 2011

When an artist describes them as “Nancy Sinatra with a gun” you’d probably be quick to think, “Whatever dickhead, dream on.” Most of the time I guess you’d be right in thinking that. However this time, it’s pretty damn accurate.

When you expose yourself to one song by Lizzy Grant aka Lana Del Rey, you cannot stop at just one. You have to listen to every single song you can possibly find. Her music will scare you, you will firmly believe that she carries a gun around with her and is some kind of gangster. You know how Alison Mosshart uses that gun in the video to Treat Me Like Your Mother? You pretty much get the same vibe from Lana Del Rey- except she’d do it in a Jazz club or behind closed doors- not in the middle of nowhere. Nobody should make being a gangster attractive, but Lana Del Rey does. She isn’t really one, but I’m going to make believe that she is. For now. Until I get bored and just enjoy her music rather than this mystic creature I’m making her out to be.

This kind of music is much needed, especialy when the charts are riddled with awful manufactured shite. I do not need to name names. At the moment it’s just all thoughtless and entirely shallow. There is depth to Lana Del Rey’s music, Diet Mtn Dew for instance, she questions her lover if they will be in love forever even though she knows the person is bad for her. I guess this proves the theory that a lot of girls want someone who is a bit of a wanker and is bad for them. I don’t have it in me to be that way, which is why well, you know- the good ones end up with nothing. It’s alright- I’ve got books and records. One day that will impress a girl. Probably when I’m about 50 and I’ll HAVE to settle. Brilliant….

The only person who has ever mastered mixing Jazz with Hip Hop is of course, Amy Winehouse. Lana Del Rey is NOT the new Amy Winehouse. She cannot be replaced at all. Ever. Just no. Not going to happen. Lana Del Rey does combine the two, but in a different way to Amy Winehouse. With Amy, you could feel her pain and despair. You wanted to reach out and help her. With Lana, she makes you feel you’re part of the Mob in New York City or Chicago running and hiding for your life. There’s an element of danger to her songs and such sincerity to her voice. At times, you wonder how a 24 year old can make this kind of music. How many crime novels has she read?! She has a truly wonderful voice, well what else can be expected from a former Jazz singer.

When you listen to her music, you do not think you are in 2011. You think you are in 1950s at a Jazz club watching this enigma perform on stage. Her music creates this presence that part of you wants to get close to, but the other part of you fears it. A lot of singers create personas for reasons unknown and really, it just makes them out to be self-absorbed and all they have going for them is a gimmick and no talent (again, I don’t need to name names.) But with Lana Del Rey, you believe she is living out all she is singing. Except, she probably isn’t. But just let yourself believe she is, it;s better if you do. If you don’t- the gangster version of Nancy Sinatra will probably come get you! I presume you’d probably enjoy that.

I honestly cannot praise her talents enough. Her voice is powerful but not in a “I’m going to hit every note and it will sound like I am in agony” kind of way. It does something to you- it is utterly criminal, but in a good way. Trust me, if you listen to her music you will know what I mean. She is so beautiful, to the point where when you watch her videos you’re notpaying attention to what she is saying because she isso captivating. Your eyes will pop out of head, you will be covered in goose-bumps- you will be utterly hypnotised.

After listening to her music you will hate the real world. You will hate your world and wish to be part of Lana Del Rey’s. Just don’t start acting like a Mobster, it won’t start or end well.