13 09 2018


What do you know about Punk from Japan? You probably know more than I do. It’s not difficult. If you’ve never heard of Kobe’s finest, GŪTARA KYŌ- then prepare to get schooled.

Punk can be whatever you want it to be, right? Except for Pop-Punk- that shit needs to disappear forever. GŪTARA KYŌ are a bunch of noisy pals who’ll make you want to scream back every word at them until blood falls from you- no idea where from, I’ve not though it through. They’re the kind of band you play to impress someone, if you work like that. I’m not, but I could imagine some snotty kid going, “Yeah well… have you heard THIS!” and breaking out into some GŪTARA KYŌ. How cool would that be.

The band is loud, but not in an overbearing way. Their songs just have to be heard. It doesn’t matter where you are, just play their music as loud as possible. I know nothing about them, but I know that they are one of the most exciting and different bands I’ve ever listened to. They have this proper sleazy sound going on, and it’s really prominent in their song, Romantic. Maybe romance and sleaze go hand in hand. You’ll probably need a nap after listening to this band- their noise will tire you out, but in a good way. I always want a nap, mind. So I’m probably the worst person to listen to.

I love how they can take a classical Rock ‘n’ Roll sound, and just turn it into something so out there and way beyond anything you’ve ever heard before. The reverb is there to deafen you, then it goes right through you like an electric shock and you cannot keep away. Go is the song that definitely expresses this the most. I think that’s the song you need to make yourself listen to the loudest. The drums are the backbone of this song, and the guitar sounds like someone is being chased. The drums are a weapon smacking you across the head until you give in, and love this band.

I don’t think anyone could be prepared for their live shows. I can’t begin to even put down how I think it would go. I’m pretty sure the place would get trashed and people would leave covered in god knows what. The songs are so good. They’re not that long at all, but what they do in the short amount of time you have to get yourself acquainted with them is mind-blowing. They’ll just make you feel like no other band has. I love how loud they are, I love how utterly fearless they are and how they are obviously out to hunt down us all. It’s such a joy to find a band like this who are probably oblivious to how amazing they are. The way they play is delivered with such urgency. You feel the band are possessed by their music, and that just feeds right in to the listener. The songs will stay with you, and seep right into you. As if you would have it any other way.

I know nothing at all about this band, but I do know that they are probably one of the best bands I’ll ever write about. Again, I want you to play their songs as loud as you can- then go a bit louder. Take in the reverb, take in the fury, take in the ferocious sounds and just go apeshit.


13 09 2018


Here’s a band to properly smack you in the face- Brad Pot. They come from Melbourne, and they are loud. Insanely loud. A proper treat for the ears.

They make you want to throw your furniture out of the window, smash up some cars and be a nuisance.  There’s other ways you can do this that doesn’t result in getting a criminal record, of course. Just depends how far you are willing to go.

Brad Pot are a band that are ruthless with their sound and lyrics. They aren’t a band to make you want to change the world and protest- you don’t always need that. What they do is just cut out all the bullshit in the world, and make something you can just lose your mind to. Sometimes you just need to listen to something that just frees your mind, which then causes your limbs to work in an OTT fashion.

Brad Pot are the saviours we desperately needed, and will always need. They are so effortlessly brilliant. They just have this way of making you want to cause a load of trouble, and deny it all.

Something I adore about them is their way of giving off this real DIY sound. They are a band who do not care for overproduced and hyped up nonsense- everything they are is on their terms. They aren’t hear to impress anyone or whatever; they are doing this because they naturally can. I honestly cannot think of a band past or present that I could link them to. They’re a Garage Rock/Punk band, but genres are just pointless for a band like Brad Pot. They have a really rugged sound that is just meant to be heard as loud as possible. I’ve got them on as loud as I can on my dinner break at work. Their glorious sounds are sailing through my ears and making me annoyingly tap on my desk occasionally. I love these guys, and I just want to do nothing but listen to them.

I love that Brad Pot are basically sticking a middle finger up to all that is expected from bands and how they don’t care for what you think about them. I love how they can easily burst your eardrums within seconds but have you coming back for more. I love it when a band does this. I’ve not felt it often, but Brad Pot do it in a way that you cannot help but respect and basically, idolise.

Brad Pot are the kind of band you’d play at a house party- all through the night. Their songs are the soundtrack to any and everything. They make you want to trash stuff, they make you want to laze about at home and they make you want to wander around aimlessly for hours listening to them, and soaking up everything around you. Their songs ARE for the faint-hearted because they’ll just kick-start you right up. They are this brilliant ball of explosive energy that just makes you wish you could see their shows every night. Imagine that! Imagine just how wild their live shows are!

The band is a wonderfully hyperactive and chaotic musical explosion, and with one listen- you’re just totally hooked. Their music is an absolute pleasure to listen to, and I can’t wait to hear more from them. And I hope they only get louder and louder.