MORON’S MORONS: High-Tension Situation.

The finest Polish band are back! New record from Moron’s Morons is ridiculous- if you’re wanting a Halloween feel 24/7, regardless of the time of year- buy this record. High-Tension Situation is the name, and it pretty much lives up to its namesake. The songs will have you on edge, but in a good way. The songs are everything you’d want from an eerie Punk band and they are unafraid to be completely and utterly mental on every single song. The songs are live a deep dive into some kind of psychotic lapse of whatever, but don’t let that put you off. The songs would be perfect in some Horror B-Movie that is made very cheap and probably quite questionable too.

The 12 songs on this record were made to creep you out in the best way possible, and they were also made to be played exceptionally loud. They’ll sure wake you up! The record only came out on Friday (24th) but it’s one of those records that you feel you’ve had in your possession for years! There’s this effortlessly weird sound on this record that makes you feel like you’re trapped in Moron’s Morons world and you don’t want to even try escape- why would you want to when it sounds like this?!

The songs are rowdy and hella fast- songs like Nightvisions you can really imagine being played live and the whole place just erupting. They’ve got this energy that makes you wish you could witness every song in a live setting. I’ve written about this band before, and I can’t tell you enough just how exceptional they are. This energy is something else. The songs are all over the place- like mania is kicking in and the band have just thought “Fuck it! Play louder! Play faster!” and what we’ve ended up with is some of their most daring work to date. They’ve got the edge of Misfits and the charisma of The Cramps, and all in between. They’re a band that are known for their fast-paced and rowdy songs, and it works. See, some may try this approach and it sounds forced but with Moron’s Morons it sounds natural.

Psychosis Diagnosis is my favourite so far, and sure the lyrics are questionable but I love that scary feeling the song gives you. The whole record makes you feel like you’re being hunted down by something or someone, like a sea-creature that has no name yet because no one knows what the hell it is. But my god these songs are something else. Is it their best work to date? Completely. I know bands try to improve with every record, but what the band have done here is stay true to their sound but also corrupt the listener in a way that previous releases led to. This is the record they were always meant to make. It’s perfect. It’s odd and it’s loud. It is perfect in every way. I think the cover of the record also sums up what to expect from the record; strange, will burst your eardrums and will blow your mind.

It may only be their second full length record, but it sounds like something a band would make 10 years in. It’s timeless and every single song needs to be witnessed live. I hope someone books them a UK tour because you just feel like they would put on a fantastic show that sticks with you for all kinds of reasons. Fueled By Hate, Free-Time Crimes and Headless Eyes all have this snarly tone to it- wonderfully obnoxious and you can’t get enough of it. Honestly, this band know exactly what they are doing and I can’t wait to hear more and more from them.

Every song on this record needs to be heard as loud as you can stand- but also make you want to push yourself to go louder. It’s one of the most fascinating records of the year, but what else would you expect from Moron’s Morons?!

MORON’S MORONS: Looking For Danger.



Moron’s Morons have put out one of the most exciting Punk records of the year. In fact, it’s one of the most exciting Punk records that we’ve had in a long time! It’s got this filthy, raw sound and will remind of the greats but also turn you onto something brand new.

 Of course, it goes without saying that the best way to play this record is loud. Stupidly loud. Get all the neighbours involved. One of my neighbours constantly sound like they are playing football with about 50 elephants, so it’s my turn to give them something to enjoy. The band have released a few records, but Looking For Danger is their debut full length release (they’ve previously released something via the wonderful No Front Teeth Records) and Looking For Danger has been released via one of the best labels around, Slovenly Recordings and that’s the record I’m going to delve right into.



Looking For Danger consists of 13 hard-hitting and brain-splattering songs. These are songs you’ll be playing at 2am whilst still a bit drunk, trashing your room as you try to find your way into bed. I can do this without any alcohol. I trip over my books and records a lot. I need to buy a bookcase, but I seem to buy more books and records instead of buying something to store them safely in. One day I’ll get there. One day. You Put Hot In Psychotic is not only the best named song of the year, I think it’s safe for me to call this as my favourite off the record. Imagine using that as a line on someone! If they smack you across the chops then they aren’t the one for you, dear reader. I love how this song then goes right into Noise Addiction with no time for you to catch your breath. Every song slams right into the next, and you have no time to do or think about anything. It’s a beast of a record, and if you’re wanting something really snotty and brutal- this is the one for you. If you’re looking for something gives you the same kick as Young, Loud and Snotty by the Dead Boys, then Looking For Danger is going to be exactly what you need.

 The whole record feels like a beatdown. After one listen, and not even in full you’ll probably feel by the halfway mark that you’ve been beaten up and your nose dripping in blood. As the taste of iron fills your mouth, you soak up every single song in its brutal glory. It’s a trip to listen to, and by no means can you get enough of it. Songs like Wonderlust and Garageman were made to be played so loud you think you’ll never hear again. The whole record is just a straight up noise fest, and I can’t praise it enough. The vocals are distorted in all the right places with the occasional vocals spewed out as a frustrating scream- beautiful!

 Looking For Danger is a fast-paced Punk record that is good for the soul. If you want something to mess with your head, or if you’re looking for something to just lose your mind to- then get this record. Buy all the copies you can. Hand them out to people you know and don’t know. Spread the word! But not in a preachy way- not about that here! It’s just a record that you cannot get enough of. When I listen to it, I get that same buzz I did when I heard KRAUT for the first time. They also remind me a little bit of Shady & The Vamp and DIE BÖSLINGE (one of the best and most underrated bands of all time.)

 It is such a pent-up record, and again they are one of those bands that you just KNOW are insane live. Nothing and no one will be the same once you’ve been to their shows, I can just feel it. I’d imagine it to be utterly wild with everything getting trashed and ripped to pieces on stage. You can really hear the raw energy on record, and it just makes you so certain that their live show is probably the same. Looking For Danger is a tough record, and it isn’t for those who want sickly love songs. This is for those who want something with a bit of bite to it. Truth be told though, it’s more like Tyson chomping off Holyfield’s ear.



Looking For Danger is out right now via Slovenly Recordings. You know what to do!