There are many brilliant things to have come from Japan, and Punk is definitely one of them. There are so many incredible Punk bands from Japan. There’s one in particular that I’ve become obsessed with, and they are called Pancakes.

Pancakes are a real underground gnarly band with songs that have the same attitude of the greats we all know and love. The snarliness of Stiv Bators flows throughout every song on their newest record, released via the always exceptional Kafadan Kontak Records. This is a proper raw record that sounds like they did it in one take in someone’s bedroom or basement. That raw sound is what makes you become obsessed with the music. Every song sounds like an anthem, and every song makes you wish you could go to Osaka to catch one of their shows, and live in that moment forever.

There’s no soppy love songs here thank god! Just a real ferocious bunch of Punk songs that you need to play loud. This is the kind of music that makes me miss going to gigs, and feeling like I’m part of something. This is the kind of music that makes you lose your mind in the most freeing way possible. You can just imagine beers being thrown about, bodies jumping around and into walls of people as the music kicks in. Pancakes are one of the most underrated bands around, but that’s okay because to the 5 of you who read this- I hope you buy their music!

The 6 songs on this record don’t hit the 3 minute mark at all- they’ve got that Punk sound nailed good and proper. It’s the kind of record that you just keep playing over and over, not because it is THAT good because it gives you everything you want from music, irrespective of the genre. These 3 friends make beautiful music, and to pick 1 standout song on this record is impossible. Which is why you just can’t help but play it over and over, almost religiously. The record opens with Trash which instantly makes you fall in love with the band. It is so loud, so obnoxiously rowdy- it is perfect. Honestly this is one of the best Punk records I’ve ever heard; I could happily put this record next to Rocket To Russia. It doesn’t sound like a record from now, or then even. It has something about it that defies time, and that’s what makes it so fucking cool!

If you’re in search of a band with fast, hard-hitting songs then Pancakes are the band for you. They’ve got something about them that just leaves your ears wanting more and more. Bands like this don’t come around often but my god when they do, it is a blessing! I Say Shit and No Future Boy are such great songs, all you can do is play them as loud as you can and just throw your body around. Seeing as we can’t go to shows at the moment, just trash your room and throw drinks around to get the experience of it all! Such a fantastic record, and I’m so excited to hear more from them.

They are noisy as fuck, and that’s part of the appeal. They have this real DIY feel to their songs, and you feel like you’re listening to a band go at in their rehearsal space- there’s that unfiltered sound that just makes you crave this kind of music. As I mentioned earlier, Japan is home to some pretty cool things and people.; Pancakes are probably the coolest. And best.

So if you’re looking for something to blow your mind and to play loud, then Pancakes are the band for you. Who knows if the band will ever make it to the UK with how things are at the moment, but for now, buy the records and enjoy.



What do you know about Punk from Japan? You probably know more than I do. It’s not difficult. If you’ve never heard of Kobe’s finest, GŪTARA KYŌ- then prepare to get schooled.

Punk can be whatever you want it to be, right? Except for Pop-Punk- that shit needs to disappear forever. GŪTARA KYŌ are a bunch of noisy pals who’ll make you want to scream back every word at them until blood falls from you- no idea where from, I’ve not though it through. They’re the kind of band you play to impress someone, if you work like that. I’m not, but I could imagine some snotty kid going, “Yeah well… have you heard THIS!” and breaking out into some GŪTARA KYŌ. How cool would that be.

The band is loud, but not in an overbearing way. Their songs just have to be heard. It doesn’t matter where you are, just play their music as loud as possible. I know nothing about them, but I know that they are one of the most exciting and different bands I’ve ever listened to. They have this proper sleazy sound going on, and it’s really prominent in their song, Romantic. Maybe romance and sleaze go hand in hand. You’ll probably need a nap after listening to this band- their noise will tire you out, but in a good way. I always want a nap, mind. So I’m probably the worst person to listen to.

I love how they can take a classical Rock ‘n’ Roll sound, and just turn it into something so out there and way beyond anything you’ve ever heard before. The reverb is there to deafen you, then it goes right through you like an electric shock and you cannot keep away. Go is the song that definitely expresses this the most. I think that’s the song you need to make yourself listen to the loudest. The drums are the backbone of this song, and the guitar sounds like someone is being chased. The drums are a weapon smacking you across the head until you give in, and love this band.

I don’t think anyone could be prepared for their live shows. I can’t begin to even put down how I think it would go. I’m pretty sure the place would get trashed and people would leave covered in god knows what. The songs are so good. They’re not that long at all, but what they do in the short amount of time you have to get yourself acquainted with them is mind-blowing. They’ll just make you feel like no other band has. I love how loud they are, I love how utterly fearless they are and how they are obviously out to hunt down us all. It’s such a joy to find a band like this who are probably oblivious to how amazing they are. The way they play is delivered with such urgency. You feel the band are possessed by their music, and that just feeds right in to the listener. The songs will stay with you, and seep right into you. As if you would have it any other way.

I know nothing at all about this band, but I do know that they are probably one of the best bands I’ll ever write about. Again, I want you to play their songs as loud as you can- then go a bit louder. Take in the reverb, take in the fury, take in the ferocious sounds and just go apeshit.