Drunken Sailor Records put out some incredible music, and recently they released the debut record by Swedish Punk band, Ditches. If you’re looking for something hard-hitting and wonderfully fast-paced, then this record is for you. As far as debut records go, this one is a killer. It’s got everything you could possibly want from your new favourite band and more! It’s got the makings of a real classic, and when all this madness is over (and you selfish fucks stop going out and meeting up in parks with your pals and having BBQs when we are meant to stay home!!) I’m pretty sure that Ditches will tour and blow the roof off every venue they grace with their talent. Until then, stay the fuck indoors and play this record.

 The record consists of 11 Punk anthems to get you through your day, and to play round your head as you gently sleep. I love every single song on the record, and I’m playing them loud enough right now to cancel out my noisy neighbours. I can hear way too much; I can hear them slam doors and cough super loudly. Thank god I’m not hearing anything too personal though. Stitch Me Up and Shelter go perfectly into each other, and I love how they feel like a Glaswegian kiss to the soul; violent but healing. They have got something really special about them, and I love how this record sounds like a band that are really in their prime. I love the loudness, and I love how perfect the production of the record is without it being over the top. There’s this beautiful rawness to the record that just makes you stop what you’re doing so you can really take in everything you are listening to. It is such a grand record, and as far as debuts go- this one is right up there as being a great one!



Ditches have a really powerful sound going on here, and it’s the kind of sound that makes you instantly know that their live shows will be what shows us what they are about even more. I love that fast-paced sound so much, and I love that aggression that’s in the sound too. The lyrics are hard-hitting too and are definitely worth paying attention to (Don’t Care being one of the strongest examples here.) It’s an effortlessly cool record that takes you back to how you felt when you first discovered Punk for the first time. That sense of wonder and thoughts of, “What is this?!” and before you know it, it’s taken over your life and no other music will do. It’s something that sticks with you, and when you keep finding bands that give you this feeling, then that’s it for life. I love how their sound reminds me a little of Hüsker Dü, and how they aren’t afraid to be sensitive and open with their lyrics. For me, Hüsker Dü were one of the greatest bands of all time and were exceptional at what they did. To hear bands now who remind me of them is really heartwarming because for some reason, I never expect it but when I hear it- I really get it.

 Will Fitzpatrick wrote this about the band on their Bandcamp page, and I think it sums up Ditches perfectly: “Meet Ditches, from Stockholm coming straight out the gutter and speeding into the part of your brain where all the catchiest melodies lurk for the rest of time.” This debut record has 11 songs that are played with such urgency and passion, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything else to grab you like this right now. Self-isolate and play this really loud!



Ditches debut record is out right now via Drunken Sailor Records.

BOOJI BOYS: Tube Reducer.




If you want something to listen to that sounds like a thousand cymbals crashing all at once, and electrifying shocks invading your body in an unapologetic manner, then you really need to get hold of the new record by Booji Boys. They are Canada’s finest, and will deafen you with their snarls and their thumping drums. Along with groove-filled bass and slick guitar. They are one of the most fascinating bands around, and what they’ve done on Tube Reducer is everything you’d want from a Punk record and beyond.

If like me, you regard the Dead Boys as being one of the greatest bands of all time- then you’re going to fall crazy in love with this record. The distorted vocals, the gnarly snarls and the aggressive music is something to really blow your mind here. The songs are short and right to the point; sure we want it to last longer, but there’s nothing stopping you from playing this over and over. The record consists of 15 mighty fine Punk tracks to your fry your brain. I was going to go to the gym to clear my head, but I’ve sacked it off to play this record loud. Tomorrow night I’m heading out to see Jacuzzi Boys but right now it’s all about my other favourite boys- the Booji ones.



The songs are fast and the kind you lose your shit to. New Replacement isn’t even two minutes long, but it sends your body off into a whirlwind, allowing your limbs to move freely and questionably. Is this one of the year’s best Punk records? Damn right it is. If it doesn’t turn you on, then that’s okay. There’s a whole bunch of brilliant Punk records out there but what Booji Boys have done with Tube Reducer is bring back that raw essence of Punk. They make you feel like you’ve gone back a few decades with their sound, but also blow your mind with this really refreshing sound. Songs like Nothing Good, Calling and Honeyboy are just insanely brilliant. Booji Boys are effortlessly cool, and you cannot help but love them for it. This is the kind of music that makes me want to write about music, even if most of what I write doesn’t make sense/is bullshit.

Tube Reducer has been released on Drunken Sailor Records which is the home to some of the best records you will ever own, trust me. They stock the best and are worth having no money over. Booji Boys are the type of band that you know would put a wild show on. Maybe not the extent of say, Iggy Pop smearing himself in peanut butter amongst a sea of bewildered people but they’re up there. They give you this notion that their live shows involve drinks being thrown (out of excitement not stupidity) and everyone just moving however they want to these incredible songs. Life As A Fed is one of those songs for sure that you can imagine the band going nuts to, and the crowd getting even more out of control. Part of you feels like you’re listening to a band who are playing this in a rehearsal space/garage, and the other part feels like you are listening to a band who are completely ripping apart a basement dive bar or something with their sound.

There is so much going on in this record, but in the best way possible. You cannot help but be in awe of Alex’s vocals and how Steve and Cody compliment each other with how loud they are. You’ve got Adam adding a subtle laid-back feel, but all of this comes together in the most beautiful and chaotic fashion from Justin and his insane drumming. This band truly know how to blow your mind, and they all do it in the most divine way possible. Using gentle words to describe such an annihilating record is probably wrong, but when you listen to this record you really hear everything that not only makes you love Punk, but music in general. It is really one of the most fascinating records I’ve heard this year.



Tube Reducer was made to be played constantly, and loud. It is made to be heard in whatever capacity you want. Play it through headphones or play it super loud so the whole world can hear this deviant and raw record. However you play it, just make it loud. It’s probably what they want you to do.




Something about the boring everyday lives we lead probably means we seek out something that has meaning. Or we just accept it. I don’t know. Maybe it’s one of those things that probably don’t matter as much as it could/should. Anyway, I’m all for escapism in all ways possible. There’s nothing better than finding a band that take you away from everything that’s going on for a few hours. By accident, I’ve found a singer that does exactly that.

Marvelous Mark is essentially a one-man band. One person who makes an exquisite amount of noise that can drown out all the things that irritate you. Besides, he’s someone you need to listen to quite loudly to really appreciate how great he is. Mark reminds me slightly of Wavves. He’s got that sense of boredom but yearning for something more in his songs, and I think a lot can relate to that. He just makes you want to pack everything in, and go on a trip somewhere. Just you and the road. Take a friend/lover if you want. Someone to talk about the music with.

I think he had a record come out this Summer and possibly at the start of the year. What’s really great about Mark is that his music just instantly makes you feel better. I’m not saying I’m magically cured of feeling less anxious/depressed (I’m on medication, I’m not just claiming to be it because an online quiz said I was!) but my brain isn’t going as fast and I don’t feel as sick as I normally do. Each symptom is different, and most days are tough. I like to find new music to make me feel better and to make life easier. It helps. Even though right now, I just want to lie in bed and stay there for a while. Mark’s music makes you feel like you’re on a sun-kissed beach in L.A just watching everything around you and taking in as much as you can stand. I love that he can create this beautiful warm sound in his music. He takes away the harshness of the world with his music, his words and his beautiful voice. He makes you wish you join his band and see the world like him.

Mark’s released his music on the effortlessly brilliant (and partly responsible for my [pay-day treats) Drunken Sailor Records. This seems like the perfect place for him to release his music as both are as passionate as each other about giving us some insanely great music. The more I listen to Mark, the more I just want to try deafen myself with his fuzzy sounding guitar style and rowdy vocals. But sadly, I can’t do that. When 4pm hits- then I probably will.

His music is truly worth delving into. Don’t start so loud and eventually build yourself up to go louder with the next listen. By the third song you listen to by Mark, you’ll probably be making your neighbours houses shake. Wake up the neighbourhood, disturb the peace- do whatever you want!

You can listen to most of Mark’s music right here: