VIAGRA BOYS: An Ode To Sweden’s Finest.

25 12 2019



Foolishly, I haven’t written about Sweden’s finest Viagra Boys. They have been a band that I have been obsessively listening to over the past few years. I guess I assumed I had already written about them. Never assume. But I guess now is the right time.

Last year they released the exceptional Street Worms, which is one of the most solid debut records we will ever be given by anyone irrespective of genre. It’s got everything you could possibly want from a record. The dark humour and their take on the world, and how fucked it has become is incredible. For me, they are up there with one of my biggest loves- METZ. They’ve got this heaviness in their sound that just blows your mind with every single listen.

Viagra Boys make you want to break stuff, they make you want to pick up a guitar and smash up a stage. They just present the world to you how you see it, but the way they do it is something else. I cannot think of any other band who have this much strength and power in their music. What I love about the band also, is that their fans are so passionate about them and really appreciate the dark humour in the songs and how the songs just make you feel free. There is freedom in relating to your favourite band, and knowing others feel the same. The same goes for bands like IDLES and The Murder Capital. Dedicated fans who are just in love with the music.



Sebastian has such a distinctive voice. For me, it’s the song Baby Teeth that really cements the sound and style of Sebastian’s vocals. He’s got this effortlessly cool drawl that makes you feel like you’re listening to Lou Reed or Iggy Pop for the first time. When you find a band like this, you really know you have found something special. I can’t write about Viagra Boys and not mention the anthem that is, Sports.

Sports is such a cool song. It oozes coolness so effortlessly, and you cannot help but lose your mind when you play it and shout “SPORTS”! along with Sebastian. I love how the drums and guitar seem to egg each other on in this song to play louder, and to get faster when the hook hits. It’s an underrated anthem, but us shrimps fucking love it. It’s the kind of song that you cannot help but recite whenever you can. The sax hits, and it is the most glorious feeling ever especially when Sebastian is screaming “SPORTS!” as if he has been wounded. I absolutely love this song, and for anyone who has never listened to Viagra Boys- start with Sports and let your obsession be fuelled. There’s six of them in the band, and they are all so vital to creating a sound that is theirs, and theirs alone. They possess the wildness of The Birthday Party and the storytelling of the king that is, Mark E. Smith. These are just a handful of reasons as to why I adore Viagra Boys.

If you check out their live performances on YouTube, you’ll see just how wild they are and how powerful their shows are. You feel like you’re watching something from another planet, and it’s one of the many reasons as to why you should and will love them (if you don’t already!) You can truly see that they are band that put everything into their music, and the way it comes across in their live shows just leaves you in awe. Again, they are a band that will definitely influence the next generation to make something of their own and thank Viagra Boys for it.

Songs like Frogstrap, Can’t Get It Up and Upside Backwards are just incredible. The more I listen to them, the more I hear how they have truly created something that goes beyond Punk or Post-Punk. It goes beyond anything we’ve ever heard before. All you can do is listen obsessively because that’s the kind of hold they have on you. I wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?



Viagra Boys are on tour in June in the UK. I didn’t get a ticket to the Manchester show because I’m a twat and it’s sold out. Don’t mess up like I have and go get tickets to their shows, if they haven’t sold out yet!


17 09 2015

Built on a chaotic and destructive sound, Makeouts are one of the best bands around and you need to listen to them. The noisiest band in Stockholm for sure. They’ve got elements of The Damned in their music and the loudness of a gang of teenage lads causing trouble in school. They’ve got a sound of pure rebellion in them, and it’s something to fully embrace.

In all honesty, I don’t know much about them other than where they are from and how great they are. Their sound is a bundle of chaos that works so well, nothing here needs to be tamed. If anything, they could probably go a little louder and a bit more brutal. They make the kind of music you’d want to trash your room/house to. It’s a whirlwind, a riot and should be getting into the brains of the youth. They’ve been around for quite some time now so I think it is fair to call them one of the finest Garage/Punk bands in not just their homeland, but Europe. They’ve got something really rare about them and it makes you want to delve deep into their music.

Makeouts aren’t just for snotty nosed brats or those who are constantly bored, hell they can be for anyone, everyone. Their accessbile noise is what makes them so appealing and just a general treat for the ears. You just stick them on repeat and go off into your own world. I don’t know if they’ve ever played over here, but when/if they do, I’m pretty sure they’ll cause some kind of hysteria that leaves fans in a puddle of sweat and other fluids, just wanting more. With the trail of destruction they could potentially leave just by hearing them on record, I’m fairly sure their live shows are different levels of crazy.

Have we had a band as exciting as Makeouts come around? Maybe we have, but it is important to know that these guys aren’t wet around the ears no more. They’ve got a solid sound that needs to be played loud, you need to sing a long and listen as if your life depends on it. They have songs to go nuts to, to sing a long to at 3am when you should be asleep and not having another drink. They’re the right level of destructive and chaotic. It isn’t forced, it isn’t for show and they aren’t trying to impress you. You know all of it comes from a genuine place and I think that’s what makes them easy to approach and to just enjoy their music.

They’re that band you find by accident when you’re supposed to be doing something else, but you get immersed in their music and you just forget all you were supposed to be doing. That’s not always a bad thing and don’t let people call you out on it.

Play Makeouts as loud as you can stand and go break stuff.