COLD CAVE: You & Me & Infinity.




Some bands stay consistently good, but there are a select few for me that are just always mind-blowing. My love for Cold Cave will be approaching its tenth year next year, but my love for Wesley Eisold and his words go back further. Cold Cave are a band that have always been a lifeline for me, and I can honestly say that their fans are the best. There is something so remarkable about Cold Cave fans, and I think it really does come from Wes’ glorious way with words. Yesterday they released You & Me & Infinity- a four song EP that has a similar sound to their Love Comes Close record.

You & Me & Infinity is yet again another brilliant release by Cold Cave, and is one I can say I will hold close to me. It is a combination of Wes’ words, the musicianship and the urgency and passion in his voice. The sound is dramatic but not in an irritating or bland way. It is deeply passionate and deeply moving. For me, and probably most fans of theirs- I regard Wes as a poet. His got the same way with words as Baudelaire and the eeriness of Poe. Musically, lyrically Cold Cave are beyond all I have ever heard. Cold Cave are a band that I can listen to irrespective of my mood, and they will stir up feelings like no other. There is so much hope, love and lust in the music but they aren’t afraid at all to touch on despair, rage and destruction.

This EP has four songs that just utterly reinforce my love for Cold Cave and it also shows how in the near decade of their existence that they have become one of the greatest bands ever. I know this is all my opinion and is obviously biased, but when it comes to Cold Cave I only know how to write one way- and that is with sheer love and devotion. For the past month I’ve been wanting to find a piece of music that sums up how I’ve felt about leaving a city that broke me to moving to a city I should have always been in. The move has been calm, and this record is calming. It feels like home. That’s how Cold Cave have always been for me.

Glory and Nothing Is True But You are perfect love songs. They are full of love and deep admiration. You can keep your generic flowers and sunshine love songs. I’ll stick to Wes’ words- they hit deeper and mean so much more. I feel like Cold Cave have been such an important part of my life, and I am constantly in awe of what they do. I love the relationship between Wes and Amy. I love how their love for each other merges into their music- it makes it easier to connect with and believe in.

The record ends on My Heart Is Immortal, and it is the best song to close the record on because it immediately makes you start the record all over again. The wonderful synth sound with hypnotic and the way Wes and Amy’s work together is nothing short of perfect and pure. There is something truly wonderful and magnetic about Cold Cave. I found a home in Wes words and my own take on peace in the music

I feel as if words do not do Cold Cave justice. I guess that’s why so many of us that love them have tattoos showing our love for them etched upon our skin. The love is forever, the music is forever, the words are forever. Cold Cave are eternal.

Buy and stream the record here:

COLD CAVE- Nausea, The Earth And Me.


There are many bands that express our disdain towards the world in a way better than we ever could. At times it does get frustrating when we cannot do it, but when we find those who can do it in a way better than our own- we cling onto them. We cling onto them as if they were some kind of religious figure. I don’t believe in a god, but you get my point. We cling onto them for hope, guidance and a way to pull through. Every single time I listen to Cold Cave I am reminded of just how powerful they are. How influential Wes’ words are to me, and have been for many years- regardless of which band of his it is.

This year I finally saw Cold Cave live. I saw them in what I felt to be the best place, the Electrowerkz in London. The venue is dark, sweaty and creepy. I couldn’t imagine seeing them anywhere else. I was in awe of Amy and Wes; how they transported you into a world where you felt safe and accepted. Of course when you go outside, this feeling isn’t always the case. But I’m old enough now to not want to seek acceptance or approval. I’d rather waste my time and thoughts on something else.

Nausea, The Earth And Me is 6 minutes of intensity and truth. Yet again Wes shows here just exactly why he is one of the greatest lyricists around. His ability to capture the feelings we try to push aside is just wonderful. A prime example of this is:

“Tell me how does strength make a difference,
When all I ever strongly feel is indifference.”

The bravery that you feel coming through on this song is a real source of comfort, you feel human again as you listen to Wes’ voice and take in his words. The boredom we feel when we are forced to hear people speak, when really they should just be quiet. Sometimes it is really exhausting to listen; switching off is easy and is sometimes for the best. The world can make you feel ill and can turn your stomach at the very thought of some people’s actions. It’s alright to turn your back. My back is probably better than my front, but only just,

Cold Cave have put out some really pure and passionate songs this year; Nausea, The Earth And Me is probably the most exquisite of them all as it just builds throughout. A Little Death To Laugh is constantly floating through my head, but there is something about this one that just cements the Cold Cave sound. A sound which unifies lost souls and tired bones.

“Tell me why am I even listening,
When you’ve never said a thing I want to hear.”

Wes’ words are from the heart straight to the soul. Without them, I’d see and feel no hope. They’re everything and beyond, for always.

COLD CAVE-People Are Poison.


One person can be the voice of so many; yet not many may be familiar with this person. The underdog representing the underdog, and evoking every feeling possible. Whether it is the purity of lust or the disgust in deceit. One person can sum it all up so simply and elegantly. One person can make you realise all that you are, and fix most parts of you that you never knew how to sort out. You start to line everything up and shoot down the problems. One by one- you get better. What else could work?

Wes Eisold is my generation’s Morrissey. Not his voice, not his music- but his words. His words echo everything a human being could want and seeks. He’s my modern-day Morrissey because he sums up the ugly feelings in such beauty. You’re missing out if you’re not familiar. I have Morrissey’s words running through me day after day. Every single day. Not a day goes by where a song by him doesn’t sum everything up. The same goes for Cold Cave and a small amount of others. People Are Poison is a prime example as to why a chunk of my heart is in debt (forever) to Wes.

I became a fan exactly the same time I became a fan of Crocodiles. I picked up their records one day when my heart was smashed and I just needed music. Within weeks I was fixed up. Within weeks I let everything go, and left the past alone. People flirt with their past because they have no idea how to cope with what they have now, and what they will become in the future. Some people really are poison. I know some who are. Maybe they know they are poison too. Fortunately for me and them; we will never meet again. That’s the beauty of packing up and leaving everything. Drop it and start all over.

People Are Poison is dark and have a ferocious feel to it. Delicately rambunctious on the ear. It is going to please most/all Cold Cave fans; because let’s be honest here, Wes can do no wrong. People Are Poison has everything I want a Cold Cave song. EVERYTHING. As I listen to it, I am falling back in love with them. When I go back to the gym later (twice a day..check my motivation!) I’m more than likely just going to blast Cold Cave in my ears. I won’t care for the sweat falling off my face; I’ll just be driven by one of my favourite bands ever. That’s how it is, that’s how I function.

The song is menacing, musically. But Wes’ voice, as always, just seduces you in the purest way imaginable. You can feel parts of you drift off to him, just knowing he is saying everything you’ve been building up over time. Time..time..time. It is frail and we take advantage of it. And time does the same to us. The heavy intro is carried throughout; which is also lures you in too. As soon as Wes starts to sing, the heart flutters..races. Pick up the pace. You realise that a lot of people are poison. Politicians for example. Authority figures. People you used to know. Do you think about the time you were at your worst? Were you poison too? Or did you just have it trickle into your bloodstream?

I’ve essentially not really told you about the song, have I? Well, you don’t need to read anything I’ve written. I just felt like it. Go listen to the song. Go buy it from as part of the Oceans With No End 7″.

Cold Cave-A Little Death To Laugh.

“You give me half the love I need,
And no more.”

In my mind, eyes, heart, soul, body, everything; Wes Eisold can do no wrong. If you want to be vague, call him just a song-writer. If you want to go to the very very core; call him a poet. A poet is what he is, but he is so much more.

My love for Wes, like most started with American Nightmare. Cold Cave became an immediate obsession of mine in 2009. Love Comes Close, hands down one of the greatest debut records of all time. I’m putting it on a par with Psychocandy. It means that much to me. It got me through a shit time, and now I listen to it; it just carries me through life. As does Cherish The Light Years. Wes’ lyrics describe everyday frustrations, vacant love and painful lust. Clinging and clinging with your blood-red hands onto something you struggle to recognise. It happens to us all, but people like Wes make us feel less vile about the whole ordeal.

A new single has just been put online by Cold Cave, A Little Death To Laugh which is inspired by the poet, Tristan Corbiere. One of the great French poets who died from TB aged only 29. Personally, I feel Wes writes like the true great French poets such as Corbiere to Charles Baudelaire (my personal favourite.) He manages to convey romance and darkness together in a way that just makes YOU want to pick up a pen and notebook, and set free your own feelings. I guess sometimes we need to do that. I do it everyday, but no one sees it. My lack of self-confidence in my writing stops me from getting my shitty poetry seen. Bedroom writer I guess.

A Little Death To Laugh will no doubt please Cold Cave fans everywhere. Hopefully it’ll get more people into the band. It’s about time. It is always time. Cold Cave are almost like a way of life. Wes projects your darkest and most inner thoughts in a way you strive to. He gets to the very heart of what is spinning around and around in your heart and head. A Little Death To Laugh is obviously a prime example of that.

I could honestly praise Cold Cave/Wes’ lyrics and general being until I turned blue in the face and my mouth dried up from talking too much. It is impossible at times to meet fellow Cold Cave fans. No one really knows what you’re on about, I think it’s about time more made an appearance. We’re a lovely bunch.

Anyway, you can pre-order the single here :

I’m totally fine with someone getting me one for my birthday. You’ve got just under two months. In the meantime, play the song loud and indulge in Wes’ haunting lyrics and vocals, as always. And forever more. I think this year my birthday present to myself will be a Cold Cave tattoo. It is time.

Cold Cave.

This band that I’m going to attempt to write about pretty much changed my life in 2009. I heard a few songs by them and just had to throw myself into their music. I was hearing something I needed. 2009 was a bit of a blur. A lot of it was made better by music, gigs and my best friend. However, this one band just did something to my brain and every time I listen to them; that same feeling comes back.

Cold Cave are on the same level as importance to me as The Cure and The Smiths, a big deal right? Sure thing. Songs off their debut album such as Youth And Lust (I need that tattooed on me), Love Comes Close, Life Magazine- basically all the songs; they’re just so dark, mysterious. The synth based sound isn’t something I really favour. I only like it if it has dark undertones to it, y’know? I don’t want to hear about how joyful someone is over a synth loop. I want to hear something gritty and a bit devilish over a synth based sound. That really speaks to me. That’s why I adore Cold Cave more than I can actually put into words.

Wes Eisold is one my influences from a literary perspective. His way with words has always been an obsession of mine. I think he should be held as highly as the likes of Morrissey, Robert Smith, Lou Reed, Dylan- the way he is with words is extremely hypnotising. It just leaves you in awe that someone, especially now, can be so poetic and open with what they say in their songs.

There is no glorified view on love, romance and relationships in Cold Cave’s music. Sure you’ll hear the odd hint of devotion but for the most part, it just echoes the fury and frustration one feels towards daily life. Your daily routine is slowly killing you- and you know it. You just don’t want to face up to it because you’d be lost if you even tried to change it. It’d fuck you over and you watched yourself become more and more fucked up. When I listen to their second record, Cherish The Light Years; I just hear everything that’s been hanging on the front of my mind, and on the edge of my tongue. It’s the kind of record, just like the first, that echoes all you feel- but you don’t want to hide from it because Wes does it in such a perfect way.

One of my favourite lyrics of Cold Cave is in Youth And Lust :

“You miss the neon lights.
It’s all plastic now.
A sympathetic world without end,
Hums a hymn of misdirection.”

It just makes me think of someone driving around a city without their friend, or whatever and telling them exactly what they are missing out on, and what has taken its place. I think the title of the song, Youth And Lust is beautiful too. You associate youth with lust because most (foolishly) think the young cannot love. They can; most just try to forbid it. Awful.

I don’t want to liken Cold Cave to anyone because they’re so much better than a lazy comparison. However, if you like Kraftwerk and enjoy Morrissey’s clever lyrics, then you SHOULD enjoy Cold Cave. Or, you should just listen to them anyway because they ARE one of the best around. They deserve so much more respect and recognition than most. Their music is on the level of saving your life- they are that good. They sing the songs that reflect your life and how you feel. Those emotions that are swimming around your head on a daily basis, that demon that won’t leave you be or that utter sense of euphoria during, I have no idea what- it is all there in Cold Cave’s music.

Wes Eisold.

Originally I was going to write about Cold Cave and how much I adore them. Then I realised, my love for Cold Cave is all down to my respect and admiration of Wes Eisold. I started to write about Cold Cave, and the opening paragraph would probably offend various people, so to do anything for a quiet life and to be no part of other people’s bitching and self-projection I’ve deleted it. Basically if you were someone who ONLY listens to folk or acoustic music and enjoys watching someone look like they are in pain as they sing the same song for an hour, using the same chords- you would’ve been offended. I can’t remember exactly what I wrote, but I stand by it. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy acoustic based music- but only stuff from the 50s to the 70s. Anything after that is utterly dire. You think Laura Marling is the one? Check yo’self FOOL. Go listen to Woody Guthrie or Townes Van Zandt.

Rant over, for now. I shall begin.

My love for Wes started when I watched a video of American Nightmare (or Give Up The Ghost, up to you)on the internet. I was in awe of Wes instantly. He words resonated with me so much. American Nightmare became such an important band to me, I just had to find out all I could about Wes and his lyrics.

As much as I love American Nightmare and Some Girls, I really cannot deny that my love for Cold Cave is greater than all the other bands Wes has been associated with. Cold Cave mix that dark 80s goth/electro sound with some painfully honest and dark lyrics. Wes is a poet and author, so it is honestly no surprise that he lyrics are going to be out of this world. I remember when I first heard their debut album in full, Love Comes Close and I was just enthralled- completely and utterly in what I was hearing. How could someone just say exactly how I feel in a way so poetic and just stunning to the very core? Youth And Lust is just the definition of wanting to drive at night, taking in the city lights and letting your mind just go with the song. But you know, focus on the road!

Wes’ words just do something to my soul- much like Morrissey and Bob Dylan. Wes is so underrated, he’s just so bloody magnificent. I know I’m possibly borderline obsessed with all he does, but regardless of where you start with the bands he has been in. Whether you start from Cold Cave and go backwards- or with American Nightmare onwards; you just become so taken in with what he writes and his voice.

The title track, Love Comes Close, personally is a favourite. I love every single thing about this track. The lyrics in particular are so accurate. “Love comes close, but chooses to spare me.” It’s just so true, without getting to personal and whatnot; I can relate to this song more than most on the record. It’s just brutally honest and dark disguised over this wonderful synth/electro vibe.

Wes Eisold is one of my inspirations/idols. Not because he makes this wonderful music that owns my heart and soul, but because there is no denying how much of a genius he is. If you read or watch any interviews he has done, you can see just how intelligent and particular he is about the music he creates. Every project he has taken on is different from previous. He’s not a one-trick pony at all. His words have got me through a lot- good and bad. So Wes, I know you won’t ever see this- but you changed my life. Thank you.

Oh and American Nightmare are doing some reunion shows- I hope they bring it to the UK.