Wes Eisold.

Originally I was going to write about Cold Cave and how much I adore them. Then I realised, my love for Cold Cave is all down to my respect and admiration of Wes Eisold. I started to write about Cold Cave, and the opening paragraph would probably offend various people, so to do anything for a quiet life and to be no part of other people’s bitching and self-projection I’ve deleted it. Basically if you were someone who ONLY listens to folk or acoustic music and enjoys watching someone look like they are in pain as they sing the same song for an hour, using the same chords- you would’ve been offended. I can’t remember exactly what I wrote, but I stand by it. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy acoustic based music- but only stuff from the 50s to the 70s. Anything after that is utterly dire. You think Laura Marling is the one? Check yo’self FOOL. Go listen to Woody Guthrie or Townes Van Zandt.

Rant over, for now. I shall begin.

My love for Wes started when I watched a video of American Nightmare (or Give Up The Ghost, up to you)on the internet. I was in awe of Wes instantly. He words resonated with me so much. American Nightmare became such an important band to me, I just had to find out all I could about Wes and his lyrics.

As much as I love American Nightmare and Some Girls, I really cannot deny that my love for Cold Cave is greater than all the other bands Wes has been associated with. Cold Cave mix that dark 80s goth/electro sound with some painfully honest and dark lyrics. Wes is a poet and author, so it is honestly no surprise that he lyrics are going to be out of this world. I remember when I first heard their debut album in full, Love Comes Close and I was just enthralled- completely and utterly in what I was hearing. How could someone just say exactly how I feel in a way so poetic and just stunning to the very core? Youth And Lust is just the definition of wanting to drive at night, taking in the city lights and letting your mind just go with the song. But you know, focus on the road!

Wes’ words just do something to my soul- much like Morrissey and Bob Dylan. Wes is so underrated, he’s just so bloody magnificent. I know I’m possibly borderline obsessed with all he does, but regardless of where you start with the bands he has been in. Whether you start from Cold Cave and go backwards- or with American Nightmare onwards; you just become so taken in with what he writes and his voice.

The title track, Love Comes Close, personally is a favourite. I love every single thing about this track. The lyrics in particular are so accurate. “Love comes close, but chooses to spare me.” It’s just so true, without getting to personal and whatnot; I can relate to this song more than most on the record. It’s just brutally honest and dark disguised over this wonderful synth/electro vibe.

Wes Eisold is one of my inspirations/idols. Not because he makes this wonderful music that owns my heart and soul, but because there is no denying how much of a genius he is. If you read or watch any interviews he has done, you can see just how intelligent and particular he is about the music he creates. Every project he has taken on is different from previous. He’s not a one-trick pony at all. His words have got me through a lot- good and bad. So Wes, I know you won’t ever see this- but you changed my life. Thank you.

Oh and American Nightmare are doing some reunion shows- I hope they bring it to the UK.

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