Cold Cave-A Little Death To Laugh.

“You give me half the love I need,
And no more.”

In my mind, eyes, heart, soul, body, everything; Wes EisoldĀ can do no wrong. If you want to be vague, call him just a song-writer. If you want to go to the very very core; call him a poet. A poet is what he is, but he is so much more.

My love for Wes, like most started with American Nightmare. Cold Cave became an immediate obsession of mine in 2009. Love Comes Close, hands down one of the greatest debut records of all time. I’m putting it on a par with Psychocandy. It means that much to me. It got me through a shit time, and now I listen to it; it just carries me through life. As does Cherish The Light Years. Wes’ lyrics describe everyday frustrations, vacant love and painful lust. Clinging and clinging with your blood-red hands onto something you struggle to recognise. It happens to us all, but people like Wes make us feel less vile about the whole ordeal.

A new single has just been put online by Cold Cave, A Little Death To Laugh which is inspired by the poet, Tristan Corbiere. One of the great French poets who died from TB aged only 29. Personally, I feel Wes writes like the true great French poets such as Corbiere to Charles Baudelaire (my personal favourite.) He manages to convey romance and darkness together in a way that just makes YOU want to pick up a pen and notebook, and set free your own feelings. I guess sometimes we need to do that. I do it everyday, but no one sees it. My lack of self-confidence in my writing stops me from getting my shitty poetry seen. Bedroom writer I guess.

A Little Death To Laugh will no doubt please Cold Cave fans everywhere. Hopefully it’ll get more people into the band. It’s about time. It is always time. Cold Cave are almost like a way of life. Wes projects your darkest and most inner thoughts in a way you strive to. He gets to the very heart of what is spinning around and around in your heart and head. A Little Death To Laugh is obviously a prime example of that.

I could honestly praise Cold Cave/Wes’ lyrics and general being until I turned blue in the face and my mouth dried up from talking too much. It is impossible at times to meet fellow Cold Cave fans. No one really knows what you’re on about, I think it’s about time more made an appearance. We’re a lovely bunch.

Anyway, you can pre-order the single here :

I’m totally fine with someone getting me one for my birthday. You’ve got just under two months. In the meantime, play the song loud and indulge in Wes’ haunting lyrics and vocals, as always. And forever more. I think this year my birthday present to myself will be a Cold Cave tattoo. It is time.