COLD CAVE-People Are Poison.


One person can be the voice of so many; yet not many may be familiar with this person. The underdog representing the underdog, and evoking every feeling possible. Whether it is the purity of lust or the disgust in deceit. One person can sum it all up so simply and elegantly. One person can make you realise all that you are, and fix most parts of you that you never knew how to sort out. You start to line everything up and shoot down the problems. One by one- you get better. What else could work?

Wes Eisold is my generation’s Morrissey. Not his voice, not his music- but his words. His words echo everything a human being could want and seeks. He’s my modern-day Morrissey because he sums up the ugly feelings in such beauty. You’re missing out if you’re not familiar. I have Morrissey’s words running through me day after day. Every single day. Not a day goes by where a song by him doesn’t sum everything up. The same goes for Cold Cave and a small amount of others. People Are Poison is a prime example as to why a chunk of my heart is in debt (forever) to Wes.

I became a fan exactly the same time I became a fan of Crocodiles. I picked up their records one day when my heart was smashed and I just needed music. Within weeks I was fixed up. Within weeks I let everything go, and left the past alone. People flirt with their past because they have no idea how to cope with what they have now, and what they will become in the future. Some people really are poison. I know some who are. Maybe they know they are poison too. Fortunately for me and them; we will never meet again. That’s the beauty of packing up and leaving everything. Drop it and start all over.

People Are Poison is dark and have a ferocious feel to it. Delicately rambunctious on the ear. It is going to please most/all Cold Cave fans; because let’s be honest here, Wes can do no wrong. People Are Poison has everything I want a Cold Cave song. EVERYTHING. As I listen to it, I am falling back in love with them. When I go back to the gym later (twice a day..check my motivation!) I’m more than likely just going to blast Cold Cave in my ears. I won’t care for the sweat falling off my face; I’ll just be driven by one of my favourite bands ever. That’s how it is, that’s how I function.

The song is menacing, musically. But Wes’ voice, as always, just seduces you in the purest way imaginable. You can feel parts of you drift off to him, just knowing he is saying everything you’ve been building up over time. Time..time..time. It is frail and we take advantage of it. And time does the same to us. The heavy intro is carried throughout; which is also lures you in too. As soon as Wes starts to sing, the heart flutters..races. Pick up the pace. You realise that a lot of people are poison. Politicians for example. Authority figures. People you used to know. Do you think about the time you were at your worst? Were you poison too? Or did you just have it trickle into your bloodstream?

I’ve essentially not really told you about the song, have I? Well, you don’t need to read anything I’ve written. I just felt like it. Go listen to the song. Go buy it from as part of the Oceans With No End 7″.

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