Some places in the world make really good music, some places are the hub of music that isn’t all that. It is all personal taste therefore this is just my opinion. I’ll choose The Jesus And Mary Chain over The Beatles any day. I’ll choose Morrissey over David Bowie. Again and again. People look at you as if you have two heads when you say things like to them. As if you you’re supposed to listen to and love The Beatles or Bowie. B is for bullshit kids.

Los Angeles is the home to a LOT of bands a love. Part of the reason I’d like to visit there, but I know I wouldn’t leave. I’d set up camp in a sweaty basement bar watching bands thrash about. Leaving covered in whisky and sweat from anyone/everyone. Small, intimate venues own my heart. They are the home to purity and unity within music. I struggle to think how you can connect with a band playing an arena. It isn’t for me, but it is for others. That’s fine.

So yes, L.A. Home to a lot of bands I love and such. As is New Yorks (but please don’t mention the Knicks to me at the moment..panic sets is when I check the league standings.) One band that I’ve recently familiarised myself with and fallen in love with is Roses. Three guys who make a lot of noise. I love The Fall, and they sound like how Mark E Smith would sound if he sung in a more conventional way. I guess what I am trying to say is that Roses sound like a band from Manchester in the 80s. Some would be insulted, but this is a big thing. It’s a great thing. Two amazing bands came from Manchester; The Fall and The Smiths. They have the thrashing quality that made me fall for The Jesus And Mary Chain when I was very young. You can just hear the fury in the guitarist; you can imagine his fingers bleeding as he plays like a feral beast.

As always when I find a new band; they don’t have much to go on. Personally this is okay with me because it means I can pay more attention to two songs rather than a demo collection enough to throw me off. They have a song that’s just listed as Untitled. It is stunning, it is beautiful and innocent. The singer’s voice really does sound as if he is truly reaching out to one person in particular. It feels entirely personal, and your heart just goes out to him. It may just be a demo for now, but I hope they don’t change too much. It is perfect as it is.

A lot of the West coast bands I love do have a certain vibe to their music, like you just know they are from there. It isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes you want more. If you want those who go against a typical West coast sound you have the likes of Crocodiles, L.A. Witch, The Long Wives and of course, Roses. Play them loud. So loud. I think I’m annoying my neighbour by playing them loudly, and on repeat. But the thing is, We Hate Our Friends HAS to be played quite loud and on repeat. I’m just doing what I should.

Sometimes you just hear a band and you try to fathom why you love them. What lured you in and why. Thing is, when you give yourself a headache over that, you don’t enjoy the music as much. So just listen to whatever you want. Don’t call someone out for being a fan of a band you dislike or for not liking a band you don’t like. If we all liked the same thing, then all music would be boring. And trust me, there’s some really exciting stuff out there. You’ve just got to look for it if you want it badly enough, and with that….VIVA ROSES!! DIG.

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