ROSES-It’s Over (video.)




Roses are red

Violets are blue

The video to It’s Over is going to hypnotise you.


Weak mini poem out of the way, LA’s dreamboats Roses have just put out their FIRST music video. I’ve had a mild obsession with them since late last year, and this video pretty much justifies my love for them.

Roses are a perfect summertime band who will just make you feel GOOD from the inside out. The kind of band you listen to and you just start to smile. The video was directed by the super talented Cassandra Hamilton. Go watch it and go frolic in a field afterwards.

If you’re lucky enough to live in LA/New York you can catch Roses on the following dates:

22/07/14 – Los Angeles – The Echo with Cymbals
1/08/14 – New York – Death By Audio with Future Punx, Darlings
02/08/14 – New York – Cakeshop with Outside World, Yin Yangs
03/0814 – New York- Silent Barn with Grand Resort, Chimes, Bueno

Roses will be releasing their EP Dreamlover (please let it be a little tribute to Mariah Carey!) on 5th August and you can pre-order it here : The t-shirt is amazing. I need that t-shirt.

Roses are evidently one of the finest bands on the West Coast.

ROSES-It’s Over.



Last year I wrote about the magnificent LA band, Roses. I probably said they were the best band around right now from the West Coast. A year later (ish) and I still feel the same. Their EP, It’s Over pretty much backs my theory that these three handsome gentlemen make beautiful music together.

My favourite track off the EP is, We Hate Our Friends. It’s a fast and frenzied number that causes you to zone out to Juan Velasquez’s hypnotic and soulful grooves. This is a band that have managed to sound like they’ve been doing it for decades in just one EP. They’ve perfected a haunting 80s Goth sound with dreamy drumming beats. I know people are using “Goth” as a way to sound cool or whatever. No one is cool. The only person who was ever cool was Lou Reed. We can talk about that another time if you want.

Of course with every EP, you hate the fact that it doesn’t last as long as you want. Always hit repeat. But with an EP, you get a nice taste of what a band can offer. Roses have a lot to offer and why they aren’t taking over the airwaves and making seductive music videos, I just have no idea. Roses are easily a band that should tour the UK and dazzle the crowds with their talent and charm. I’m getting all of this from just an EP. I hope others do too.

It’s Over is a relaxed EP to just zone out too. If the outdoor heat is too much for you, then you can get your Summertime feeling by staying indoors and blasting out this EP. Unhinged is the one to really forget everything to. It’s got this gorgeous hazy feel to it. I think it is the perfect EP to play quite loudly at 10.15am. I’m not ready for anything too noisy just yet.

When I wrote about Roses last year, I said that they remind me of The Fall somehow. There is something about Marc’s voice that reminds me of Mark E Smith. Roses have an 80s/90s Manchester feel to their music, and this is probably why I adore them a lot. They sound like they’ve taken influence from it but not blatantly ripped anyone off. It is so easy to make music that has been done before, thankfully Roses haven’t done that.

I’m on my third listen of the Roses EP now, and with every listen there is just something else to love about it. The production is perfect. I’m pretty sure these guys are going to be lethal when they put a full length record out. We Hate Our Friends was the first song I heard by Roses last year, and to hear it on this EP is a delight. It fits in perfectly. It is an untamed number that will hopefully lure people in and to become fans of this remarkable LA band.

I’ve not got anything going on today, so I’ll probably just play It’s Over as the day passes me by.

You can listen to it and purchase it now from their bandcamp page: Be reckless this Thursday and buy it. The EP is out on Big Joy Records.

Bands I Fell In Love With In 2013.

I had a lot of bands in mind with this, but there was one person in particular I was excited to write about here with pure respect and admiration. I read this evening that this person, The Child Of Lov had died. I’m a sentimental person, and for the most part I think it probably does more harm than good. The heart is still torn over Lou Reed’s passing; that’s something I don’t think I’ll ever get my head around. Anyway, this is dedicated t0 The Child Of Lov- with love and honesty, this one is for him.

There have been so many bands and singers that truly blew my mind this year. I don’t like to listen to one style of music, I find that to be pretty dull. I’ve never enjoyed the company of anyone who just listens to one kind of music. Yes my heart is in Punk, but I’m open to all kinds of music (aside from dance, I don’t enjoy dance music.)

I’ve attempted to shorten this to 10 bands/singers that really meant something to me this year. Some I found accidentally, and some found me. You’d have to ask them if it was an accident or not.

VIRALS- I saw them live twice this year, both times supporting Crocodiles. Shaun is an excellent frontman. He doesn’t speak much to the crowd, and I like that. I’m not one for bands talking a lot to the crowd, I’m not really sure why. Virals are a brilliant band who just have this massive thrashing feel to their sound. Their sound is the harsher side of summer. The side where you’re bored with everything and you roam the streets kicking other people’s rubbish along the way as you walk somewhere. Anywhere. So long as it is away from where you are. They were an absolute joy to watch live, one of the few bands that you just couldn’t get tired of watching.

Mikey & The Drags- I adore Garage Rock. I love how for me, it has that same brutality and passion as Punk had. Mikey & The Drags captivate everything that Garage Rock means to me. Their sensual grooves and a bite to their sound that just makes them tower above the rest, they make you wish you were in a band. In my dreams I am, ha. For me, this band are enough to make anyone who doubts the current state of music a firm believer again. Their songs are short (think Ramones) and make you want to thrash your body about- into walls, into people, deep into the music. They’re a band that need to be played louder than most just so they can set your body free.

Frank’s Daughter- Reinforcing my love for duos, Frank’s Daughter are spectacular. They formed in Brooklyn over whisky and wine, so it is no surprise that they were destined to make gorgeous music. Frank’s Daughter make music that is full of nostalgia, but not wanting to hold onto the past. They make you recall certain life events with a small grin on your face- content with moving on in your life and as a person. It is like they are guiding you through, holding your hand through it all when everyone and everything else has turned its back on you.

Savage Sister- I think I first wrote about them this year? All I know is that I adore their ethereal sound that glows in bands such as Tamaryn and Beach House. Savage Sister are that band you play late at night with the lights off. It doesn’t matter what is floating around your head- they just make it alright. Their name may sound a bit aggressive but their sound is anything but. They calm the soul in ways nothing else has really come close to. Savage Sister make music that is the soundtrack to those pleasant dreams that you never want to end. You could live in your head if you want; that way the dreams will never end.

Ancient Times- One guy making his own kind of noise. Another exceptional talent on the exquisite Soft Power Records. This Brighton wonder-kid is truly making his own scene, leaving a trail of baffled yet mesmerised listeners in his path. I likened George’s vocals to Morrissey’s this year when I wrote about him. I guess this would put small-minded buffoons off him, but I’m sure there are more that are attracted to this, fortunately! His vulnerable voice is what did it for me. When you can hear every word sung with pure emotion, that’s when you know you have found something truly special. Again, I hope 2014 is just as good to him as 2013 has been. He really does deserve it.

Roses- Another band from LA that cause me to occasionally be bored with England are Roses. However, Roses have that 80s Manchester feel to their music. Romance mixed with cynicism, best way to be at times. Maybe most of the time. When I listen to them, I try to figure out why I love them, but I just can’t. I think that’s part of why I love them. Roses have something about them that just makes you want to keep on listening. They make you forget all the bands you are currently into, and you just cast all your attention over to them. Although they are from LA, they don’t posses a “typical” LA sound, and for me, I think is part of the attraction. Roses are a band I’m excited to hear more from next year and beyond.

Girl Tears- Again, another excellent band from the Westcoast that blew my mind this year. I said they sounded like the Ramones and The Cramps having it off with each other. I still stand by that. They smack you in the face with their rambunctious and infectious sound, whilst freaking you out at the same time. Some bands try to do this, but they seem to be lacking something. I don’t know what, I just write about music I love. I stay away from music I don’t like. There’s no point wasting thousands of words on something I don’t like. Girl Tears aren’t afraid to be different, and their sound is so natural and bold. They make you want to throw stuff about. Throw your limbs about if you want, just to be safe. Yeah they are brutal but in a way that isn’t too “shocking.” They’re just a loud band that are extremely talented. Easily one of my favourites this year, no doubt.

The #1s- Playing with a sense of urgency that makes the listeners ears prick up immediately, The #1s are an exceptional band who are just a joy to listen to. When you listen to them, you straight away pick up on just how exciting they must be to see live. Their songs are fast and punchy. Hit repeat so it never ends; creating new moments each time. You scream the words back them until you feel your throat is beaten and scratched. They make music that is easy to relate to- for all those everyday frustrations that you just need to pour out of yourself; The #1s do it for you in a way you wish you could. Maybe one day you will, but for now you’ve got bands like this doing it for you. But hey, one day we must stop being lazy with our emotions.

Woman’s Hour- With all the brutal sounds I seem to enjoy listening to, I must balance it out. Woman’s Hour are another exciting band on Luv Luv Luv Records (listen to Only Real- he’s exceptional too.)Woman’s Hour are an exceptionally delicate band. They are fragile with their words and sounds. They carefully craft music that can break and mend the heart. They of course, do something to the soul too. Fiona’s voice is like Jessie Ware met Sade and went into the afterlife to bring Aaliyah back to us. Everything about them is so precious, and I think it is obvious that 2014 is going to be very good to them.

The Child Of Lov-  It’s hard to write about someone who’s music really blew you away, only to find out you’ll never hear anything from them again. The Child Of Lov made music to loosen your limbs to. He had that genius quality to his music that is found in the likes of Burial, Jai Paul and Kindness. He was just a joy to listen to. It’s hard to get your head around something like this. I listen to Fly, and it’s hard to imagine that nothing like this is going to come from him again. Of course what we have is beautiful, and of course notion of what could have been does come kicking in. We’ve got the music. It may only be one record, but it was one record that truly blew my mind this year. He had an alluring mystery to his music. You were (and still are) left with a sense of wonder and thousands of questions when you listen to his music. Obviously other questions now arise, but like I said- at least we have the music. He’s at peace now, and I guess that’s something we can take comfort in.




Some places in the world make really good music, some places are the hub of music that isn’t all that. It is all personal taste therefore this is just my opinion. I’ll choose The Jesus And Mary Chain over The Beatles any day. I’ll choose Morrissey over David Bowie. Again and again. People look at you as if you have two heads when you say things like to them. As if you you’re supposed to listen to and love The Beatles or Bowie. B is for bullshit kids.

Los Angeles is the home to a LOT of bands a love. Part of the reason I’d like to visit there, but I know I wouldn’t leave. I’d set up camp in a sweaty basement bar watching bands thrash about. Leaving covered in whisky and sweat from anyone/everyone. Small, intimate venues own my heart. They are the home to purity and unity within music. I struggle to think how you can connect with a band playing an arena. It isn’t for me, but it is for others. That’s fine.

So yes, L.A. Home to a lot of bands I love and such. As is New Yorks (but please don’t mention the Knicks to me at the moment..panic sets is when I check the league standings.) One band that I’ve recently familiarised myself with and fallen in love with is Roses. Three guys who make a lot of noise. I love The Fall, and they sound like how Mark E Smith would sound if he sung in a more conventional way. I guess what I am trying to say is that Roses sound like a band from Manchester in the 80s. Some would be insulted, but this is a big thing. It’s a great thing. Two amazing bands came from Manchester; The Fall and The Smiths. They have the thrashing quality that made me fall for The Jesus And Mary Chain when I was very young. You can just hear the fury in the guitarist; you can imagine his fingers bleeding as he plays like a feral beast.

As always when I find a new band; they don’t have much to go on. Personally this is okay with me because it means I can pay more attention to two songs rather than a demo collection enough to throw me off. They have a song that’s just listed as Untitled. It is stunning, it is beautiful and innocent. The singer’s voice really does sound as if he is truly reaching out to one person in particular. It feels entirely personal, and your heart just goes out to him. It may just be a demo for now, but I hope they don’t change too much. It is perfect as it is.

A lot of the West coast bands I love do have a certain vibe to their music, like you just know they are from there. It isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes you want more. If you want those who go against a typical West coast sound you have the likes of Crocodiles, L.A. Witch, The Long Wives and of course, Roses. Play them loud. So loud. I think I’m annoying my neighbour by playing them loudly, and on repeat. But the thing is, We Hate Our Friends HAS to be played quite loud and on repeat. I’m just doing what I should.

Sometimes you just hear a band and you try to fathom why you love them. What lured you in and why. Thing is, when you give yourself a headache over that, you don’t enjoy the music as much. So just listen to whatever you want. Don’t call someone out for being a fan of a band you dislike or for not liking a band you don’t like. If we all liked the same thing, then all music would be boring. And trust me, there’s some really exciting stuff out there. You’ve just got to look for it if you want it badly enough, and with that….VIVA ROSES!! DIG.