11 04 2014


We can shoegaze in my room,
So we can sing about our gloom.”


I’m currently in awe of two things right now; Kevin Costner’s mustache (Jimmy Fallon show from possibly last night) and a fine duo called Surf Curse. Now, I can’t give a proper opinion about Kev’s mustache, but I can write some words about Surf Curse- but that’s if I can tear my eyes away from the TV screen for long enough.

Surf Curse are based in Reno, Nevada but come from Henderson and consist of two guys who love music and pizza. They are two vital things most people need in life. Without pizza and music, life would be a massive bore. It would be a drag to get through the day. You think of your favourite pizza, and you’re okay. You think of your favourite song/band, and you’re alright. The ultimate dream is to eat your favourite pizza whilst listening to your favourite band. That’s sheer happiness there. For so long I have been tempted to start a blog dedicated to pizza. Going to pizza places, eating some pizza and writing about it. However, as someone who is finally losing weight- I can’t really allow myself to follow this dream just yet. I’ll do it one day. As an Italian (alright, HALF Italian) I feel it is my duty to take up this task. I’ll write about Surf Curse for now.

Surf Curse make music that if I was a teenager listening to them, I’m pretty sure I would have felt less awkward in my skin. As a 27-year-old listening to them, I think it is safe to say that make me feel at ease with what I’m uncomfortable with about myself. They’re a really fun band to listen to who merge lo-fi with a raw Summertime feel. hen I first listened to Surf Curse, I thought they were English for some reason, but no they are from Reno (Nevada.) They’re the kind of band that if you saw them live, you wouldn’t be satisfied until there had been a stage invasion to Skullder. Skullder is my favourite track. It is now my favourite word, and I don’t know what it means.

I really love their lyrics because they touch on the frustrations of love or the formation of lust that then moves onto lust. We’ve all been there; the thought of being with someone, but something holds you back. There’s always a reason for it. Sometimes the reasons hit you later on in life. Your feelings will never be sorry for being an inconvenience. Not many things will.

Forever Dumb is one song by Surf Curse that a few years ago, I’d have seen myself in this song. As I’m older (probably still careless and not much wiser) I can see the wrong I did. I can be sorry forever, but it’s no good is it. If you don’t move on from the damage you caused, you’ll keep doing it and you’ll hate yourself. I’ve spent a large chunk of my life doing just that. But I want to reinforce the idea that Surf Curse are a FUN band. Their sound is blissfully wonderful and their lyrics at times are sad. The way they talk about being hopeless and fucking up really hits you in the gut. Regardless of age, you can always relate to this.

Surf Curse again, just back up my idea that duos are the best. You can hear them play with such fury and determination. They make you want to grab your best friend and start your own band. Their song, Heathers is one to scream along to- as loud as you possibly can. You’ll feel liberated once you do that. Their songs are the perfect sound of Summer; whether you’re in love or you’ve shielded yourself away from it all. Their songs are the definition of love, lust, youth and are entirely energetic.

You can listen to their sun-kissed melodies right here:

ROSES-It’s Over.

13 03 2014



Last year I wrote about the magnificent LA band, Roses. I probably said they were the best band around right now from the West Coast. A year later (ish) and I still feel the same. Their EP, It’s Over pretty much backs my theory that these three handsome gentlemen make beautiful music together.

My favourite track off the EP is, We Hate Our Friends. It’s a fast and frenzied number that causes you to zone out to Juan Velasquez’s hypnotic and soulful grooves. This is a band that have managed to sound like they’ve been doing it for decades in just one EP. They’ve perfected a haunting 80s Goth sound with dreamy drumming beats. I know people are using “Goth” as a way to sound cool or whatever. No one is cool. The only person who was ever cool was Lou Reed. We can talk about that another time if you want.

Of course with every EP, you hate the fact that it doesn’t last as long as you want. Always hit repeat. But with an EP, you get a nice taste of what a band can offer. Roses have a lot to offer and why they aren’t taking over the airwaves and making seductive music videos, I just have no idea. Roses are easily a band that should tour the UK and dazzle the crowds with their talent and charm. I’m getting all of this from just an EP. I hope others do too.

It’s Over is a relaxed EP to just zone out too. If the outdoor heat is too much for you, then you can get your Summertime feeling by staying indoors and blasting out this EP. Unhinged is the one to really forget everything to. It’s got this gorgeous hazy feel to it. I think it is the perfect EP to play quite loudly at 10.15am. I’m not ready for anything too noisy just yet.

When I wrote about Roses last year, I said that they remind me of The Fall somehow. There is something about Marc’s voice that reminds me of Mark E Smith. Roses have an 80s/90s Manchester feel to their music, and this is probably why I adore them a lot. They sound like they’ve taken influence from it but not blatantly ripped anyone off. It is so easy to make music that has been done before, thankfully Roses haven’t done that.

I’m on my third listen of the Roses EP now, and with every listen there is just something else to love about it. The production is perfect. I’m pretty sure these guys are going to be lethal when they put a full length record out. We Hate Our Friends was the first song I heard by Roses last year, and to hear it on this EP is a delight. It fits in perfectly. It is an untamed number that will hopefully lure people in and to become fans of this remarkable LA band.

I’ve not got anything going on today, so I’ll probably just play It’s Over as the day passes me by.

You can listen to it and purchase it now from their bandcamp page: Be reckless this Thursday and buy it. The EP is out on Big Joy Records.