ROSES-It’s Over (video.)




Roses are red

Violets are blue

The video to It’s Over is going to hypnotise you.


Weak mini poem out of the way, LA’s dreamboats Roses have just put out their FIRST music video. I’ve had a mild obsession with them since late last year, and this video pretty much justifies my love for them.

Roses are a perfect summertime band who will just make you feel GOOD from the inside out. The kind of band you listen to and you just start to smile. The video was directed by the super talented Cassandra Hamilton. Go watch it and go frolic in a field afterwards.

If you’re lucky enough to live in LA/New York you can catch Roses on the following dates:

22/07/14 – Los Angeles – The Echo with Cymbals
1/08/14 – New York – Death By Audio with Future Punx, Darlings
02/08/14 – New York – Cakeshop with Outside World, Yin Yangs
03/0814 – New York- Silent Barn with Grand Resort, Chimes, Bueno

Roses will be releasing their EP Dreamlover (please let it be a little tribute to Mariah Carey!) on 5th August and you can pre-order it here : The t-shirt is amazing. I need that t-shirt.

Roses are evidently one of the finest bands on the West Coast.

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